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Topic: Technical Support / plz read i cant login my account

Please try contacting Kongregate for help on the matter, as has been suggested both here and in my response to your whispers. The community cannot resolve the issue for you.

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Topic: Technical Support / Complaints against KnowingEyes moderator


I have taken a look at your posts and they were inappropriate; you disregarded the behavior guidelines. They were hidden for legitimate reasons as far as I can tell. As far as it being closed, I don’t know. But it’s hard to get anyone to fight for your case to re-open it when this is your reaction.

If you have a complaint about a moderator, you should use the proper means to voice your complaints; which does NOT incluide making a public thread with accusations in order to get back at them. If you wish to have others evaluate whether a thread was inappropriately closed, speaking to other forums moderators or administration is wiser.

Please don’t make these type of threads in the future, as they are highly inappropriate; which is why I am closing it.

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Topic: CS Portable / Suggestion - Ranking System Overhaul

Sorry for the nuke of the previous page, but there were enough valid flags for thread hijacking and what-not to turn it into swiss cheese. Don’t take it personally.

Please keep the threads as on topic as possible, especially if others begin to complain. From this point on, definitely stick to the subject and direct your concerns about forum mod actions privately to the forum mods (including those in this thread) and game mod issues to the game developer. Thanks.

PS: Apparently there’s no forum mod badge for my account on this sub-forum, but I do have the ability to moderate the forums here when necessary. I am also not associated with the CS Portable team.

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Topic: CS Portable / Customer Dissatisfaction Thread

If there are official grievance channels for a game, they should be used. This thread doesn’t appear to be put up with constructive action in mind, but seems to be geared more towards tearing down others.

If there happen to be any personal complaints about individuals, creating a public scene about is generally frowned upon. This includes issues with moderation, whether it be Kongregate mods or game mods. Please keep in mind that just because someone moderates actions in-game, it does not mean they have any ability to remove posts on the forums. They are often separate teams with no special allegiances.

As a final note regarding content on the forums: everyone here should be free to flag a post that they feel is in violation of Kongregate’s behavior guidelines, without harassment from other users. If there is an issue with trivial flagging, the forum moderators or Kongregate admins can address it individually if needed. If there are questions on your own removed posts, mods/admins may be consulted; but others should not be blamed for the action of a forum moderator.

All that said, I think it’s best to close this thread. Please take your complaints to the appropriate persons, make sure not to hijack other threads and consult the “Using this forum” sticky if needed.

Note: I am a Kongregate forum mod; I am not associated with the CS Portable team.

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Topic: General Gaming / [deleted]

Your comments weren’t necessary and don’t really help the already poor situation.

It’s being fixed and has only been a short time and several moderators were actively banning the accounts for awhile. No need to have a stroke over it or resort to childish name calling; spam attacks happen, they are attended to, then they go away. The spam filter only works once it learns of something and there are always ways around it.

Report it an move on, don’t get your account banned by breaking the rules yourself.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

@developous: Comparing us is irrelevant. I am a moderator, I am doing my job.

I don’t think myself better than you when I state the same thing I would say to anyone else – and would expect the same to be said to me if I behaved that way.

I am not trying to PROVE anything; very odd you would say that. I’m not discussing the rule, merely your poor behavior in response.

You may have missed the point that you are hurting your own cause. I have no bearing on that; it would be the same if I wasn’t around.

But, so be it. You have stated many times that you don’t care about progressing towards a ban, or even a perma and seem to try and flaunt that, so you’ll get what you want.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by developous:

One more chance. I will listen to your condemnations of that recent game ON IT – not here. If it gets closed, due to DEFYING THE LAW… all you will do is make me make it again. But I will promise not to abandon and at least listen to your suggestions as long as its open.

You have no authority to give anyone ultimatums or make negotiations. This is your final warning before you get a week ban and start heading down the road to permaban.

Whether you are right or not, your methods of proving a point are completely and utterly ineffective and ultimately foolish. Even a small child would know to stop kicking their bare foot on a pyramid after a certain point in an attempt to move it. If you had a valid argument, it would be smothered by your immature behavior. You are the worse obstacle to your own argument.

Handle your complaints properly and stop harassing your fellow forum members.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Soy sauce literally means “sauce oil” in Chinese. Ironic that it’s neither a sauce nor an oil.

I dislike pretty much every type of sauce. Except soy sauce. But as said above, soy sauce isn’t a sauce.

Why do you say its not a sauce?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Capella OOC [just making for enjoyment's sake, ready]

According to our records, Rikarra is connected with developous account. So most likely he is lying to try and harass this forum; which is an even bigger low. This is not autism or any other excuse he hides behind, it’s simply immaturity and selfishness.

Either way an account used in this manner, either by the person or by anyone else, is clearly an abuse. It is banned and up for a likely perma. That should be a lesson for anyone in cases where a claim to help someone else was true. No account has the right to do whatever they want, even if acting as a proxy for someone else. Doing so puts the account used at risk. In this case, I’m not concerned about another person; the account was just made today anyway solely for this purpose.

If any of you see an alt re-posting dev’s games and they are in violations of the guidelines, please just ignore and whisper myself of zshadow.

@dev: All you are doing is digging yourself in a deeper hole. This is a foolish way to protest, it actually hurts your arguments even more.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

I think we’re in a better position to speak about our own time than you.

We are not having you pick others to decide matters and we have given you plenty of time and attention with this last rule addition. If we feel help is needed, we will do as we always have done and find other qualified individuals to help on our own terms.

Regarding the rule violation, if you see a thread from dev’s main or alts before the middle of next week, ignore it and whisper me directly.

While I don’t live online, every one I see will ultimately be locked when I get the message; so there’s no point in arguing with him about it. He can freely waste his time posting games that can’t be played if he wishes to be that way while knowing the consequences.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by Zzzip50:


I did not notice it at first, although apparently its the entire worth, but their is no worth in just waiting, doing nothing, until 1 week is up if you have the support of a large group. If the idea is appealing enough, and recieves a large enough support, then why should this member be denied the right to create one additional game?

It’s not like we would be able to create additional amendments from the Council. Who brought up that idea?

No, did you see my strict entry requirements? It is to ensure a more trustworthy and mature medium in which to make judgements, on these specific kinds of issues.

And really, admins/mods do not have the time. Dev’s alts get banned 2 days late, even sometimes weeks. Flags are responded to days late. The rate in which admins monitor here are like every once 5 days.

The new rule was not our idea, it was requested by you guys. If you didn’t like it, you should have spoke when the last call went out. Either way, it’s time to test it.

I don’t know what dev’s alts have anything to do with this. Your preference on the speediness of banning someone that you think should be banned in the time frame you decide doesn’t have any relevance on forming a ‘council’ or this rule change; so I’m not sure what your point is other than to complain or try to undermine moderation.

And FYI, there’s only currently 4 unresolved flags and none of them are from the FGF. Flags are getting taking care of as well as I’ve ever seen it.

Originally posted by Zzzip50:

And btw, if you haven’t noticed from previous discussion, Dev’s violating the rules again.

So then, point it out.

[EDIT] NVM think I found it. If there’s any more, whisper me and feel free to whisper me in the future.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by Zzzip50:

No in fact, I tried to discuss an amendment to Rule 12.

It is as follows:

A regular would be able to create an additional game, if 1 week is not up, but it will require the approval of 5 regulars. This is not the same as applying for additional games after week 1, as those require 3 regulars.

That’s exactly what I’m talking about.

We are not changing rule #12 at this point anyway, I already said we had plenty of discussion on it and that it should be given a try first. I don’t see what the point of making the rule just to basically remove it is worth anyway.

Originally posted by Zzzip50:

I would actually prefer the Council again.

The beginning seven members of the council can be decided by the admin/mods.

A new member would require the acceptence of 6 regulars, along with 3 Council members.

These Council members will deal with requests, and what I said above.

Unnecessary. I don’t see why you need this except to be able to get rule amendments that you want without moderator approval. We just approved a new one through your requests and after letting you all have your say, but that’s not enough?

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by developous:
Originally posted by therealsirmark4:

But in reality, you know too little.

Wrong. I have seen all the control and force over the internet. Not one person has changed my beliefs, even reasoning with me. I have faced countless areas with problems even worse than this area, and not one has changed my sense of independance over law and authority, even with reasoning. I earned my status as a renegade. So dont tell me I dont know. I am just a terrible persuader.

Ergo, why it’s a waste of time for anyone to discuss these matters with you.

Why is anyone trying to argue the rule with him? He has no authority nor say and his threats are pointless. He just wants your attention and once again this thread has turned into being about his.

Let him respond to the guidelines as he wants and let us know when he defies it.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by devourer359:

I hope the mods know that you can read up on every deleted post they do…

XML is fun to read, huh, Z :P?

REALLY? REALLY? No kidding!

This was addressed going on years ago I think; whenever we first implemented this feature. As far as I can remember, it was left alone because remove post is not generally used to protect sensitive information and that if someone wants to go through the difficulty of finding the info for now, so be it; until a time when it’s worth the engineering effort to address it.

Like anything else though, if it’s abused, it will get addressed. A person can still be silenced for re-posting or not following mod direction on the guidelines so I don’t think things are often as much of a worry as some believe them to be.

If we really care about sensitive info being removed (most of the time not the case) then the post can be edited or deleted. So you’re not accomplishing anything unknown or getting by something that is cared that much about.

But, if I were you, I’d keep it more quiet about it; otherwise it could get pushed through one of these days.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Of course it would be considered.

But at the same time, plenty of discussion has been had, so nothing is going to change for now based on the same objections that are being recycled. It’s time to give it a rest and attempt to see how things go, instead of trying to break it down.

Don’t misinterpret my sarcasm and joking in those messages though.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Didn’t realize you were being one. I’m too hungry right now to think of such things.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Originally posted by devourer359:

Really? Just like a troll discussion, I find some of dev’s arguments to be mildly entertaining to read.

Yup, really. Bores me to tears so honestly I just ignore most of it now…but then I have countless whispers of these arguments which wore me out.

Feels like a bad street magician waving his hands trying to distract you from his trick; which ends up entertaining a few but annoying those who see through it.

If you can prove to us why a law is unjustified, and we subsequently join you to convince the admins, then the law might be changed to fit your ideals.

Doubt it. I immediately vomit and break out in a rash when I have to read over the hogwash. One can only take so mean headdesk’s and facepalms per day.

Don’t feed the termites!

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Arguing with developous about this is pointless (besides the amusement it grants Captain_Catface)

We’re just going to hear the same poor reasoning and blame game as usual. I’d be less bored with it if there was actually anything new to hear; instead of being recycled.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Rule Suggestion: A reasonable limit on game creation. [FGF Related]

I don’t mean to bump this without other participation, but zShadow is reviewing this as well and I’d like some final confirmation that my flow chart made sense from anyone who missed it or passed up the chance to give feedback.

If agreeable, its possible something like this will make it into the guidelines thread, so I think it’s important to be sure about how your opinions were interpreted.

This may be your last chance to state any concerns that have not been stated already before it gets implemented.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Master Thread

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Look at this hypothetical situation. Someone in my game godmods, and severely derails my game’s plot. And some of the other players act as though what the godmodder did was completely legit. What else can I do, other than ignoring the posts of everyone involved in this godmodding incident and flagging them? I don’t think you really understand what I mean by “people have to edit their posts when I tell them to”. I fully realize that I do not have the power to force people to edit; it’s just that they have to edit if they don’t want me to ignore their posts. Again, it’s completely up to them.

The point of the Nexus is that all games within it take place in the same setting, which makes potential crossovers possible. However, this also makes the entire setting much more vulnerable to godmodding. For example, let’s say that in another game a player does something that destroys a large part of the entire Nexus universe, including the location that another game, possibly my own, takes place in. What choice do I have other than ignoring the godmodding and flagging it? If they want to interact with my game, they will have to edit until their posts are acceptable in my eyes.

The main point is that the only power I have over others is ignorance. I cannot force people to do anything; all I can do is choose to not respond to those that I deem unacceptable.

I am fine with that, for the most part, in your own game. ‘Game’ being your own thread, not a genre or collaboration of games. You can ignore posts if you want, but often times its not that. There is a fine line between one thing and harassment or jerkish behavior and it’s a difficult job to deal with others crossing that line.

So understand that I’m not absolutely condemning or promoting one thing or the other or looking to shake things up; I’d just like it remembered that there is a limit here and the average user is equal to the others; OP or not. Complaints and flagging is something that generally should be done in private, not publicly, not rallying others to do so when it’s not critical. Anything beyond that is NOT a right; what is granted here is done so abnormally, at the grace of moderation/administration. If it’s abused, it will not be supported. In any case it never supersedes forum moderation…ever.

So if you want to apply your terms to your thread…still pretty stinking controlling (search for the word “must” in your posts)…but not as bad as spreading outward. But I don’t want to see a bully type mentality or what can be perceived as such spreading by the public condemning or ‘punishing’ of others because they don’t do what you want them too. The language you use can get pretty harsh and whether you think I’m perceiving differently or not, you are coming off that way and you generally do come off that way. It would be poor moderation just to overlook and not express concerns about things getting out of hand. This is not a one time thing, history is taken into judgment.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The General Thread

Yes, I was being sarcastic.

Originally posted by Minnakht:

Wasn’t ADHD the ‘get distracted all of the sudden’ syndrome?

Anyway, what I mean was – this forum looks to me like it’s mostly community bickering on this thread and nothing much else going on aside from people getting set on fire by Dev.
And I do participate in a few games, while aC’s view must be even more biased in the aforementioned direction, seeing how he comes only when the two happen.

I’m familiar with what I do and don’t read and am aware enough of that to fight forming a bias from it. I’m not painting a picture of the whole forum here and I hope my joking is not over dramatized.

I think what I said is being taken too serious. Partly my fault, since you guys don’t often get to see the non-serious side of me. SO YOU ARE TOTALLY BIASED. Kidding..

Originally posted by Blood_Shadow:

Ugh, I’m having a fever again. Is it because of the inflamed gums? But rigt now the only inflamed bits are the parts with stitches…

I’ve had that happen, but never had a fever. If you have a fever and inflamed gums, be careful. Infections in the mouth can be pretty serious.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Master Thread

Zzzip50, I think you’re trying to pick out the words you can use to fuel an argument instead of hearing the other things I said.

As I said though, give me a chance to soak it in. I will promise to sleep on it and always make an effort to see both sides. Please understand my reluctance by trying to picture from someone else’s perceptive.

I’m going to leave it be for now as the discussion hasn’t really helped so far…it just made everyone get defensive about their viewpoints. I didn’t close the thread so there’s no need for it to be overly worried about yet.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Master Thread

Why not?

You don’t have the right to on this site, that’s why. People can freely join and freely post and are to follow administrative direction; they do not have to edit their posts because other members want them to…whether they are in someone elses thread or not.

The FGF is a little unique because we allow you to be a little pushy. But look anywhere else: the OP doesn’t have the right to say who can and cant post and what they can post. You make it a public thread and you give up that right. If you feel something is wrong, you must follow the steps that everyone else takes and use the moderation team. It will be up to them.

Again, in FGF we are giving you a little self moderation. But because we do doesn’t mean you have that right or should push it further. If you do, self moderation could be taken away.

BTW, godmodding is against the FGF guidelines, so not a very good example.

think Zzzip already explained this one above.

Then if the answer is yes, then no you can’t have authority over other threads. You can choose not to list it in your thread, but you can’t harass, punish or otherwise do anything that would cause them trouble for it. As I said, even what you have in your own threads is more than normal.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / The Master Thread

Zzzip50, nothing you said changes a thing.

Players being able to choose does not automatically make it ok. I’m not sure how old you are, but try buying a house in an HOA. Things that have reasons behind them don’t make them ok. Good intentions or not, it often gets out of control and I’m not going to stand back as the same type of thing is attempted here. There are plenty of other life situations where lawsuits take place because of the goading of others into these types of things; which often serve as starting points for something worse.

There is no reason it cant proceed without a dictatorship for starters. I’m not sure why you’re so intent on raising him up, but for B_S sake, I suggested you not try to argue his case anymore as you’re only making it worse. There’s more to the determination than the couple things you think regarding it anyway; moderators look out for more than just a couple people, including others who may want to come here.

Play the game without the dictatorship. A one man “I own this” is much harder to be considered fair and sensible than other options.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [SETTING] The Nexus [ABANDONED]

Banning someone from your game is questionable; we allow you guys to self manage your threads for the most part at the time but can’t give you a ‘yes thats totally ok’. Out of everyone I see, you go the furthest in being controlling her and that is part of what pushes it.

If we’re talking about your own THREAD, I don’t mind allowing for some authority. But you cannot force people to edit their posts or do whatever you state because it’s in the terms. Haven’t we learned anything from crappy business and their TOS’s?

If we are just talking about your thread that you create, there’s not as much of an issue. But what I’m hearing is that this encompasses multiple games. Is that incorrect?

PS I’d rather have this discussion in one of the stickies, unless it doesn’t bother you to have it here. Otherwise, if it really gets off and it’s decided you want to go ahead then I’ll be fine with you remaking it.