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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Clash of the Dragons] Monthly reward - Promo card

Originally posted by Teranor:
Originally posted by Schabernack:

seeing the new overpowered and overprized promocard….

Overpriced, possibly, but only because imo the card is not overpowered (and that makes it not worth the price=overpriced). And yes, I own the new card, Fairy’s Delight – but only as a side effect of getting some of the previous promo cards I missed.

Lotus Fist is similar but much better imo as there are various “permanent +1 damage melee buffs” (Marcellus, Blades of Glory) to multiply (theoretically to infinity) the “damage can’t be blocked and it heals for what it damages” effect. And Lotus is available in drafts although that puts the chances of acquring one at the mercy of random luck (but achievable for “free” given some combination of time/patience/luck in exchange).

As far as I can see, there is no similar thing to infinitely pump Fairy’s Delight, a magic attack. Granted you could cycle 4 of these into an infinite damage/heal loop – but same with Lotus Fist. If there is a permanent magic damage pump for Fairy’s Delight, someone please let me know so I can acquire that card and then I’ll take back my assessment above :)

Elyssa, Suicidal Charge, Spirit Ward, and even Torment have won me more games/brawls then Fairy’s Delight has.

So Lotus Fist is equal or greater than Fairy’s Delight in power, however:

Lotus Fist = free, but needs time/luck to acquire (and you can speed up the time needed by spending money)
Fairy’s Delight = Pay, but no time/luck involved. Straight up buy of 6 promo packs gets you one.

Since Time = Money, I say it’s balanced about right.

If you have money and no time, spend it for a slightly inferior card. If you have time (regardless of money), go for the superior card. If you have neither time nor money, you probably aren’t reading this post or playing this game anyways….lol

Archmage, Cleric of Rensha, Paxon all increase your damage when depleted. Extremely useful in a cycle deck, even moreso with a dark resurrection. Cleric’s also a lot easier to get than barbarian, the weapon equivalent.