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Topic: Contract Wars / Frag Video Contest - Anti-Gravity April

Does killing someone while mortar is falling still screw up the gravity in ragdoll? :p

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How did I receive a game message for this…

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Topic: Contract Wars / 1337 Elite Recruitment

Hey anyone know where lancer has been for the last 2 months? :o

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Topic: Contract Wars / Has anyone had a "EPIC FAIL"/*cricket chirp* moment?

When I decided to spray at a group of 3 people standing 10-15 meters away in evac (I think with a scar-l, been too long). Then they notice me and we’re just standing there shooting at each other until we are both in the middle of reloading (no one has died yet) then I decide to actually take cover. Pretty sure only 2 bullets hit me and not sure how many actually hit them. XD

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Topic: Contract Wars / Promo Code (Need it)

I don’t even… *sigh * *facepalm*

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Topic: Contract Wars / Question on Durability.

Originally posted by UnknownBrother:

I think that every 20 rounds fired from any gun is 1 repair point, but I’m not 100% sure.

This. Also all guns except Scar-H and possibly newer guns should follow a specific formula for repair cost which you can find somewhere on the forums.

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Topic: Contract Wars / help me with armor

20 armor – chest
60 armor – chest + abdomen
100 armor – chest + abdomen + shoulders

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Topic: Contract Wars / What is in the vault in the map old saw mill?

It’s not a vault, it’s an emergency exit for a secret underground base/laboratory below old sawmill. This is why you plant the beacon at the door to blow it up and either cave it in to seal the exit or blow a way in.

Originally posted by Nqss:

List of objectives for U.S.E.C. to protect and thier meaning for them.

BAY 5 – Main naval dropzone. One of the strategic transport points.
TERMINAL – Cargo zone. Holds strategic and secret cargos for laboratories.
LIGHTHOUSE – First degree dropoff zone.
FACTORY – Strategic region, used as force deployment base.
INSERTION – Key scientists.
INTERCHANGE – Connection to the trainstation. One of the strategic transport crossroads.
AERIAL – Corporate offices, documents and high ranked employes.
STREET WAR – Underground laboratory №21.
PARKSIDE – Cooling canals of the №14 laboratory‘s reactor plant.
PRIVATE – Supervision over administration of region 30.
EVAC – Blocked evacution zone.
OLD SAWMILL – Emergency exit from underground complex.

Map of Tarkov , not translated yet

blue names
ЛЕСОПИЛКА (sawmill) – Old sawmill
ЭВАКУАЦИЯ (evacuation) – Evac
ПАРК (park) – Parkside
РАЗВЯЗКА – Interchange
ОЗЕРО СВЕТЛОE (lake Svetloe)- Lake
ТЕРМИНАЛ (terminal) – terminal
ПОРТ5 (port5) – bay 5
МOCT – bridge
ПОРТ7 (port7)- bay7
White names
УЛИЦЫ ТАРКОВА – Tarkov Streets
ВЫСОТКА – Aerial
ЧАСТНЫЙ СЕКТОР – Private sector
ЗАВОД – Factory
МАЯК – lighthouse

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Topic: Contract Wars / Hitler rants: CW edition

Originally posted by main_gi:
Originally posted by Lipton_Tea_Bags:

So,I just hopped on Facebook and saw that the spawn shield was just a mistake

It wasn’t a coding error, though. If it were, it would probably be 15 seconds because 1.5 seconds and the removed decimal place.

That means the devs either royally screwed up the code (how did you make 1.5 to 5 without a compile error?), or one of the devs thought that 5s spawn protection was a good thing and accidentally forgot to revert it.

Or they accidentally enabled the untouchable careerist skill for all players. Sometimes weird things happen even though the code wasn’t suppose to do that. Though that would mostly be unity’s fault.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Hacks?

Originally posted by Player_5_:

I have seen Spaky 2 days in a roll in a lvl 39-59 HC evac Match. i am not sure if he hacks it, or exposing a glitch. Either way he should be punished for using that glitch to his advantage instead of reporting it. BTW Spaky is lvl 64.

If you buy HC early access, you can enter any HC match even if you are a higher level. It’s not a glitch and has been around since the feature was even in.

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Topic: Contract Wars / A Fanmade Contract Wars Story

Now all you need to do is put it all into a “choose your own story” or “text-based” game maker.

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Topic: Contract Wars / YouTube?

You don’t need to bump it every few minutes (first 2 posts) and every few hours (last few posts).

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Topic: Contract Wars / New guns that CW needs (Changes too!)

You must have missed the “:P”. I wasn’t really being that serious but if the devs really want to push the boundaries and add certain parts of “realism” they can do that. Afaik no game actually has mechanics that go that in-depth with a mobility system aside from MMOs.

Even small details can make games better. Not so sure about this game though. The devs had put in some different injuries in hardcore which is nice though. Even then they have many more important things to finish first.

I wonder if the devs will ever change the GUI. Though weapon selection in the main menu/first screen you see is a good difference from other games.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Hacks?

Can’t rule out that it’s a bug. Sometimes weird things happen like that for absolutely no reason. I remember getting a random killstreak out of nowhere after dying 2 times without any clanmates in the game. Nothing wrong in the console and it couldn’t be reproduced. lol

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Topic: Contract Wars / FINALLY! Itz da VSSK Vikhlop in the fooking depth rEvIeW!

Originally posted by main_gi:
Originally posted by Thenumbers:

I wouldn’t call it slow

Also at (very) long ranges you have to aim between the crosshair and the 1st bottom circle thingy to get longshots.


Have you forgotten the different fire modes of each weapon?

Fully Automatic: Hold down the trigger to fire shots consecutively by the firerate.
Semi Automatic: Press the trigger to fire one shot. Cannot be held down. Limited to firerate.
Single Barrel: Same as semi-automatic. Special for IZH.
Double Barrel: Shoot two at the same time. Special for IZH.
Pump Action: Same as semi-automatic. Special because these won’t get affected by firerate skills. Firerates on these weapons are inaccurate.
Bolt Action: After a shot, click again to play another animation which can be skipped. Reload skips as well. Otherwise identical to pump-action.

Pretty sure he meant the mobility which ak47frizzle said was slow like tkpd.

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Topic: Contract Wars / New guns that CW needs (Changes too!)

If any changes are going to be made to mobility of armor, may as well change the mobility system so you aren’t suddenly lighter when you switch to your secondary. Also it should be more ammo = lower mobility depending on ammo type. :P

You can even expand on this by having the ability to drop or throw away a weapon in combat to have higher mobility.

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Topic: Ballistic / Connected Yet Cant See Anyone

Had the same problem. I can only see grenades and I seem to be able to directly affect capture points which is very broken.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Frag Video Contest - Flying High February!!!

Originally posted by skullhead51:

But you didn’t do a 360 no-scope longshot across lighthouse while jumping off.

Still waiting on this….lol

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Topic: Contract Wars / Bugs and glitches

Seems that dragging your mouse on the screen while holding LMB or RMB on the clan tab will speed up the clan message scrolling by. Similarly the roulette animation also speeds up if you try this. (there was forum thread about how it can manipulate roulette results which is false)

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Topic: Kongregate / [New Feature] Introducing Kongpanions!

That moment for me when I read the quote “Four legs good, Zero legs better” and realized I had just read the exact book relating to that a week ago. lol

If you don’t know it, it’s “Animal Farm” or “Animal Farm: A Fairy Story” reflecting the Russian Revolution.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Update

Originally posted by MushCW:

The Saiga FA task is 5o Rages, the task name is Saiga Zombie Hunter

Is it suppose to be named after a clan? Because you can clearly see the “Zombie Outbreak Response Team” and “CHAOS” words on the gun.

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Topic: Contract Wars / new guns?

Originally posted by SpectreSixTwo:
Originally posted by CinnamonWind:

Also, if you think that we should have all those guns, then we need this:

If a laser is already a long steady beam, why would you need it to be gattling?

Clearly to reduce the amount of heat build up in the barrels. lol

I remember the thread when will kept posting bigger and bigger weapons. XD

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Topic: Contract Wars / password recovery

I wasn’t trying to be hostile though I was defending the game and devs since it looked like you were laying the blame on them…

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Topic: Contract Wars / Level 59 Account give away

Originally posted by userwithnoname:
Originally posted by MP201:

Violates kong and cw rules

go through with this and we’ll just perm ban your account

1) He’s NOT selling his account and for what I see, he just don’t want his account anymore or he’s trolling. I am giving away my account since I wont be able to play anymore

2) If this violate any kongregate rules let me know and i will cancel this giveaway. “Excume Mr. mangu4kill, I have to say that trying to sell, scam or share your account for your self-benefit is against Kongregate and CW rules and your account can be permanent banned. Please, consider this and as a recommendation, I would say to stop this account give-away or I’ll kick you in the ass for the good of the community.” You don’t have to be so rude and try to ban everyone.

3) You should join us and say: “Don’t give your account to these idiots, I deserve this account ‘cause I’m cool.” LOL just chill man. Like I said, maybe he’s just trolling but put an eye on him if he’s trying to scam someone.

You’re looking at the wrong section. It should be this:

Originally posted by skullhead51:

Well it is not allowed but unless you post it out here publicly no one will ever know.

Under kongregate terms of service.

Account Information: You may not share or transfer your Account or your Account password or other access information with any other party, temporarily or permanently. You shall bear sole responsibility for all use of your Account and for the confidentiality of your password. You represent that all information submitted to create your Account is accurate and truthful.

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Topic: Contract Wars / Kong leaderboards

Why does it matter? There are tons of hacked scores on kongregate and they don’t affect the games. Also way spread around someone’s facebook that could be a random guy and soon to be victim of a bunch of hate spam. lol