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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] nooooooo! Don't shut it down!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] nooooooo! Don't shut it down!

agreed smite is so fun ^^ see you in the game my name is still loser4

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dueling Blades] 2v2

alright buddy you right all the coding, make sure there isn’t any glitches, fix the mechanics of the game, and make sure its not unfair

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / get rid of gear gap

Devs why would you ever even think about adding enchantments that increase stats? i would be fine if enchancements are like 5% chance to poison or something like that BUT INCREASING STATS??? this game isn’t even skill based anymore. I’m starting to believe this game is going to become just a money milker to make money not for the fun or fans.

the top 20 on the leaderboard isn’t even skill anymore, its just the people who bought the most diamonds and got ultra rare and all enchancement. ITS ALL BASED OFF GEAR NOWW COME ONN DEVS

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / fix pvp win streak cheat

no the cheat is if they leave before dying, they keep their win streak

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / fix pvp win streak cheat

direct photo please fix this

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / fix pvp win streak cheat

so i’ve noticed some high win streaks are kept by players who leave right before they lose here is one

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Design your ship

Knock out driven by a kangeroo boxer
Lots of defense and attack but little speed and turning.
Abillity to use giant fist to knock away foes in directions or bring them toward you
Main: uppercut: straight shot punch forward punchs away anything coming at it including ships or rockets/bullets.
2: Side hook: shoots 2 punches one going an arc left and the other going an arc right
3: grap: graps enemy toward your ship
4: 5 hit punch: punchs 5 blows right infront of you ending with an uppercut on the last one.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Competition] Vorp Cup #1

tao you should release the list of current leaders and their scores because a week to go so not as much spam pics are put in.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] turret idea

The turrets should be wolf lasers that way no more hiding behind walls so no rushing at level 2 for clanks

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Heard the devs stopped supporting the game

devs still working look at website in upcoming stuff. they working on grunts of your pilot when you die lol

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Topic: General Gaming / [Competition] Vorp Cup #1

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Topic: General Gaming / [Competition] Vorp Cup #1

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Topic: General Gaming / [Competition] Vorp Cup #1

this is a very inaccurate way for a contest… it should be brackets where you stay with the same team not getting lucky that the opponent is full of noobs

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Design your ship

“snore” alot of these ships are just repeats of other ships attacks. be more creative like make up new things that are not copies of other ships attacks


fast ship,good handling, lots of fire power
low health
Specialty infecting ships and holding on to other ships

infection shot
Shoots biochemical bullets that cling on to enemy and cause damage over time
If the ship hit with a bullet on it bumps into an ally, the infection is passed on to that person and time resets
(over 5 seconds> 100>200>300)
2:sticky poison bombs
shoots out 3 bombs that stick to an enemy and blow up over a course of time inside the enemy ship literally killing them from the inside out. while stuck with them you take passive equal damage until they blow up leading to a burst of damage. bumping into an ally causes the bombs to be passes on to that ship. (blows up after 7.5 seconds passive 100>150>200 explosive 200>300>400)
3: Cling
minor speed boost then clings to an enemy ship. It attaches on the what ever side it hit and is able to still use load outs while facing that ship. no damage done. Can not cling to a turret. If on a ship and that ship bumps into an ally, you attach to that ally and your time clung restarts.
while on an enemy ship it takes half the damage it would from an enemy and the other half affects the host ship UNLESS the host ship uses the attack (prevents them from ramming into a fire turret to kill you.) Pressing this again detaches you or after 10 second you detache

4: Absorb Passive
gains (1/4>1/3>/1/2) of the total ships health that it kills

we need another heal ship


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] archieves for any jerks on vorp

heres a little chat we had where i kicked his butt in a debate just posting to keep as a reference if i need to go back and restate what he said

loser4: it takes no skill to kill turrets

AndyMan4: loser, good defense makes it hard to hit things

DiabolicalMech: assuming your gonna to attack them*

loser4: it takes more skill to be a crazed gun men

AndyMan4: it does take skill whent eh D is tight

loser4: it takes more skill to be an assassin

AndyMan4: false, being a gun man is uesless

AndyMan4: at the end of the day, batteries and coes matter more

rick2411: Andy

AndyMan4: pay attention

loser4: but they don’t shoot back

DiabolicalMech: defence is nice

rick2411: You had 3 structure kills .-.

rick2411: not 9

rick2411: Your KD was 0.50

loser4: whats the skill at shooting unmoving undangerous targets

AndyMan4: loser, yes they do shoot back

rick2411: 2k/4d

AndyMan4: rick, do you wanna see my acheivements

loser4: not really

DiabolicalMech: not if you can RANGE them

rick2411: No, not at all

DiabolicalMech: andy your in the ant

loser4: all you need to do is hug a wall

AndyMan4: 3 structures = batteries and emitters

AndyMan4: not turrets

DiabolicalMech: or hug a wall

AndyMan4: or get madfags because i won

AndyMan4: and took our all your shit

AndyMan4: and core

rick2411: The core was taken by carney

loser4: i got base hunter .

rick2411: You were shin, right?

loser4: yep

rick2411: We had some tense moments right there at the end lol

AndyMan4: yea, but who did over 3k damage?

rick2411: By the core

AndyMan4: ALONE

AndyMan4: 1v4

rick2411: Not you!

AndyMan4: it was me tough

AndyMan4: though*

rick2411: 3k damage and 2 kills

rick2411: You’re nutty

AndyMan4: i shot a lot, then spammed missles and mines

rick2411: Good night all

AndyMan4: good night, save the tears in a jar

AndyMan4: so i can drink

AndyMan4: QQ MORE

rick2411: I’ll save you my morning pee too, yes?


rick2411: Strrrrrong

AndyMan4: get mad

AndyMan4: you suck, i won

AndyMan4: good job, kdr is important ya know rolls eyes

AndyMan4: kdr i completely useless

loser4: your kdr is .68

Leivite: when i buy a pilot do i get to use it no matter what my team mates use?

AndyMan4: nope

AndyMan4: yup, kdr is stupid

AndyMan4: i get turrets and batteries and win!

loser4: ok let me ask you this

loser4: why is winning more important than killing?

AndyMan4: kdr is for ppl who play XX or shin or Jabb

AndyMan4: because i like winning

AndyMan4: no other reason

loser4: optional then

AndyMan4: also because its what control ELO ratings

AndyMan4: winning and losing alone controls ELO

loser4: ok we’ll say that

AndyMan4: its true!

loser4: but whats the point in having a good ELO if people are gonna look at your K/D

loser4: and say you suck anyways

AndyMan4: according to ENDGamesChris

AndyMan4: because i dont suck if im on leaderboard high

loser4: you can have 9999 elo but -600kdr and no one will think your good

AndyMan4: no

AndyMan4: because if you win all the time, it means youre good

loser4: ok so let me ask you this why is having a good ELO important?


Wicky3d: hey

AndyMan4: ELO is what keeps me playing this game

loser4: optional

loser4: opional

AndyMan4: what is the point of this game?

AndyMan4: to make ppl think you are good?

AndyMan4: or to play and win

loser4: to have fun

AndyMan4: teamwork

AndyMan4: and win

loser4: winning doesn’t equal having fun

loser4: i

Sangophage: winning is not mandatory for having fun

AndyMan4: i have shit tons of fun if i win

AndyMan4: so it does for me

loser4: i’d be pissed off if i went 0/100 but won

AndyMan4: not me

loser4: thats an hour waiting to respawn

AndyMan4: yup

loser4: so do you have fun waiting to respawn?

AndyMan4: you clearly never havefun if you are worried about stupid things like kdr

loser4: hey answer the question

AndyMan4: winning i the goal of this game so taht should be main focus

loser4: i’m about to beat ya ass

AndyMan4: is*

loser4: so do you have fun waiting to respawn?

AndyMan4: yea, i make popcorn and get more soda and shit

loser4: hows that fun?

AndyMan4: fun stuffs

AndyMan4: i liek soda

AndyMan4: and getting soda makes me happy

loser4: ok kinda no life

AndyMan4: therefore the act is fun

AndyMan4: says the loser

loser4: and how does focusing all on winning any better than focusing all on kdr?

AndyMan4: i have no lifem loser? you brony piece of crap,go die

loser4: hey answer question

loser4: i

AndyMan4: no, idont talk to ****s that watch ponies on tv

loser4: this is proof that i’m kicking your ass

AndyMan4: get a life fggt

loser4: lol ok case closed andy is a noob

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Shinobi Death Mark and regeneration

eh death mark is useful for keeping there regen down BUT iaido slice is still your main upgrade. death mark should be upgraded after you get slice maxed out

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Game Mode Ideas


2 teams face off but instead of a core, one team has to plant a bomb inside the other teams base, and the other team has to defend. There should be 5 bomb sites and a switch sides in after 10minutes (starting levels over) or when all bombs are gone whats makes this game unique is there is only 1 base and only the defending team gets a mini map of the base. bombs take 1:00 seconds to explode and 60 seconds to plant/ deactivate
you can not shoot while planting or deactivating a bomb, and the other team is notified when you are planting the bomb/ deactivating.


everyone starts at level 5 but the infected starts at 7. 1 person starts as an infected. every time the infected person kills someone, they turn into the other team. the infected person only has half as much energy as they should have though throughout the game. There are no bases, turrets, or depots.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] [MOD EDIT] Un-Official Hacker List

heres another hacker UltraD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Flight Guide: SS Venture, with your pilot, Bolt Vanderhuge

Originally posted by blodia:

i was just watching tv and “the lost world:Jurassic park” was on and i noticed the name of the ship that carried the t-rex was called “ss venture”.

i thought the ship was from Wall-E x. x

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] [MOD EDIT] Un-Official Hacker List

Originally posted by skullhead51:
Originally posted by Rodoboca:

fixed. I lag a lot on this game, yet nobody yells things like: STOP TELEPORTING, or WTF HOW U GO SO FAST. So i think they are NOT lagging, they hack but use lagging as an excuse. (15 dude doesnt lag when he isn’t threatened, i even went close to him, he moved correctly, without anything weird…until i shot him, same with jhonny).

Possibly lag in battle. I know i start lagging with my older computer (not that old) when everyone is shooting (4 or more + AIs)

yeah lag doesn’t make it so you can go in and out of the fire wall with no affect and lag doesn’t make it so when you shoot them they teleport into a wall and out the other side.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Circe..worst than Free Ships

New boost on CIRCE!!! its not useless anymore guys

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Vorp!] Angel Fire OP

the thing that is OP on angel fire that needs to be fixed is its ventilate since its the second fastest ship ventilate basically gets you going no where if chased

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Pride of Taern] Bugged Quest

I do admit though some quest are not specific enough like i’m on the quest Public Service where you have to find a bandit but it doesn’t tell you where they are and there is no X on the maps …

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Afterwind] Best Strategy

O: you guys aren’t thinking of the best strategy, NAVAL COMMANDER :D