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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Glean 2] Suggestions

As a first-time player, the fact that dynamite requires Aberrant Matter, yet is also often the only way to acquire Aberrant Matter, is a source of much late-game grief, as you remember all the dynamite you wasted on removing the occasional boulder, just to make the game play go smoothly. When you get to the high-end items, and components needed for upgrades suddenly start requiring 10 or more AM to complete, with no warning that his is going to be the case, you quickly realize that the ONLY justified use of dynamite is to get more AM that can’t be harvested any other way. (No, not even to get viscera on an air planet. It’s just not worth it, you’re better off just getting viscera from the other two planet types.)

Also, while I don’t mind having to get to the bottom of the screen to teleport off of air-planets, I REALLY hate the fact that falling faster burns fuel. Hitting the down button should be free, gas-wise, on such worlds.