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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / THE KENDO STICK CHALLENGE

I think you’d need to be lenient with the whole solo bit, considering how many people run godlands dry in any given realm nowadays. (Not to mention the clingy newbies who follow anyone who looks like they know what they’re doing)

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Topic: Ninja Warz / ninjas going down levels

There apparently was some sort of rollback.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / TO KABAM

Just to say my part here, when the forums came back up, Kabam stated that a rollback occurred to restore any character above level 1 who had been killed during the time of the hacking. If your character(s) had not been restored, you should send in a support ticket.

They will most likely not see it here, I’m not even sure if any Kabam employees even look in these forums.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / About SwatSec, the nexus hacker

Strange, we were told his motive was that he wanted to “hold the game hostage” until untiered items were no longer soulbound. EDIT** Sorry, this was the guy who released the botmaking script.

Anyway, he hacked the forums first, got an admin’s login info, then used that to spawn a bunch of bosses in several servers’ Nexus. The forums were shut down, a rollback occurred and now the new forums are also down for a reason I’m not currently aware of.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Doctor class?

Originally posted by Nicostar:

Why would the docter have a knife.

Probably to resemble a scalpel.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Kong(Kabam?) Owes Me An Ammulet (lag Spikes)

It’s a problem with Realm, not exactly Kongregate. Not only will you not get refunded amulets (no one is forcing you to play with the lag…) but it will most likely be around for a while. Realm is getting to be a large game and the current setup, obviously, cannot handle all the strain. Kabam will have to find a way to fix this, which could be soon, or could be a very long time.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / training ninjas with gold

If they ever do it (I doubt it will ever happen) it would be very high, since it would basically be converting to the currency they make money off of.

I’d say 10m for first five levels, 20m the next five, etc. per ninja.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Weak Players-Farm List

EDIT** I’m done with the achievement, so attack me at your own risk!

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Which minigame do you hate most?

Originally posted by epatrick:

They all suck except for balloon invasion.

Agreed. The balloon invasion minigame is the only one I consider fun.

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Topic: Ninja Warz / Bugs and Problems

Same as above… I got to level 6 and was immediately attacked 5 times by a level 16. Same happened at 9.

Also the zombie glitch – It gives you the amount of HP that you had when you came back from your last action. So after you come back from a battle (tournament included), the HP you have is what you’ll go into the zombie fight with, unless you use the hospital.

Also, the Konami achievement is giving me two of the same relic. I can’t do anything with the second one though.

EDIT**Just as a test I’ve been resetting my account, and I get attacked every single time I hit level 6. I don’t think that’s coincidence.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Best ROTMG Player that uses Kong?

It’s probably Kable.