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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Switched from fighters to ms and the raid started in the middle of the switch :P
Feel free to remove, otherwise I can salvage.

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Topic: Time World / predictions on new content

whoa, whoa, whoa, sorry about off topic, but what happened with yushi and padex?

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Topic: Time World / Command over 400 for MF

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

Mobile fortress…T6 ship which needs lab 26 and 400 command…….also, this thread is 3 months old and has next to nothing to do with your question

ahaha 3 months, try 15 months

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Topic: Time World / Item drop

Originally posted by stalliga888:

If you spent 15 days doing nothing but visits and lets say had 58AP to spend assuming you’ve completed chapter 14 and on VIP you’d do 870 visits. + if you did all 10 visits a day would be another 150 visits which is 1020 visits. Which 100’s less than i have done. :).
Anyway IMO we should have a drop rate tech like construction or production that increases the chances of getting a certain level item drop.

visit uses 1 ap, 1 ap takes 15m to generate
96 visits per day, 1440 in 15 days

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Topic: Time World / Opinions On New Hero Skills

New Hero Skills
Added two new hero skills (average rarity)
Cloak: Passive, reduces attackers hit rate. (different from dodge which ignores attacker’s hit rate).
Pierce: When activated, completely ignores all defending fleet’s defenses (techs, hero skills, buffs).

Are these skills worth getting? What is your new ideal MF/MS skill setup?

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Topic: Time World / WHY L80 heroes are completely unobtainable

Originally posted by Krazycat:
Originally posted by nvillian:
Originally posted by playmage:
Originally posted by Krazycat:
Originally posted by playmage:
Originally posted by nvillian3:

1ap is equal to 15 minutes so that’s 702,315 minutes. This breaks down to the following:
175,578.75 hours or
7,315.78 days or
20.04 years

There are more than 4 minutes in an hour. If you were thinking that there is 4 AP in an hour, then there is no need to multiply by 15 first.

Is this the bullshit you got out of this thread? god.

I am just pointing out the calculation is off, by a factor of 15X. We also have received evidence that this miscalculation maybe deliberate as nvillian has told us he will destroy the game by convincing players to quit.

Also, this doesn’t yet factor in P7 rewards 4X more exp than P6, which means as more players get 7th planet, this calculation is off by factor of 60X.

Btw, the required exp requirement per increase does taper off and definitely not at 1.28 ratio. Between 69-80, the increase each step drops from 1.11 to 1.08.

Ok, I was off, unintentionally, as I was thinking 4 ap = an hour, sorry about that. I fixed my error, I was rushed. So i still breaks down to 2.23 years of spending EVERY possible AP on p6 raids or half a year of spending every possible ap on p7 raids, assuming 32m exp

at least we know it’s possible for lvl 80. just need commitment into it.

Not possible imo, as how long do you think the game will last on its current trajectory?

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Have the shipyards limit all ships instead of just unequipped ships. Raise the ship limit to compensate for this change.

Then we wouldn’t have to deal with this juggling bs when rebuilding ships.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Not a glitch, but I accidently leveled my hero, Rita, with command as main. I was wondering if it would be possible to move 2 points in comm to war rather than spend 100g+ to fix it. Thanks!

playerid: 44651

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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

Player ID: 45017721

Misclicked and a used 3 star gems to raise the defense of my Lithosaur. Is it possible to revert it?

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Topic: Time World / Backpacks and temp storage, ask to overwrite interesting items?

I think an infinite backpack would protect a fool pretty well.

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Topic: Outernauts / "Add me" topic

Add me!
How does this neighbors thing work?

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Topic: Time World / Attack Up Skill


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Topic: The Grinns Tale / What is max # of Heroes?

kinda off-topic, but why would you ever need more than 6?

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Need help with floors 28-37

Well, knight is completely ineffective.

Try hasted zerker with knight’s life steal.

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Mine / Logging camp upgrades

seems kind of moot to me since it’s so easy to max a building in this game

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Topic: Time World / return on investment, ore mine

what do you mean “nobody knows”, I think it’s general knowledge that it’s multiplicative:

pillar/lv30 productivity/vip
floor(base * (1.5*1.3*1.3))

approx. x2.535 bonus

discrepancies will come from the display value lagging behind the server value and rounding down across multiple production buildings

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Topic: Time World / MF or MS

fire her, it’s too powerful for anyone to have

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Topic: Chronicles of Herenvale / Daily Reward Combination Thread

You received: 1 Ally

Share your combination to give your friends a chance at the same reward!
Your combination is: 12345. It expires in 120 minutes.

Book 1

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Make it so that rogue displays double attack value before the first attack, similar to berserker after an attack.

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Topic: Dream World / Is this game made in Flash?

Originally posted by dna0008:

why do i need flash install, to play this game?

The kongregate chatbox is flash.

Interesting use of comma btw…

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Topic: Tyrant / Draws, not Defeats

It’s considered a defeat because you have the first move advantage. You lose if you can’t kill the commander by turn 50.

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Topic: Dream World / Official Suggestions Thread

Why does DW have a time-out? Am I the only one that finds it annoying?

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Topic: Tyrant / Mission 66

It has the best gold/energy ratio, but it’s only good for farming if you can win most of the time.
So I was wondering if anyone had a deck that could win 90%+ of the time?

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Topic: Kongregate / Post here if you need a blue portal shooter or orange portal shooter.

Need Blue, Shooting Orange

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Topic: Dream World / New classes and skills - where are they?

I want to see some facepalms later :P