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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

The coins are too hard to get. I just spent 30 AP and didn’t get a single one.

That’s 7.5 hours worth of AP in a game where you can’t buy AP with creds or coupons..

I used 56ap and barely got the first two coins of chapter 1…

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Next item after Regalia

Not an item: like in the original KB, an enchant/improvement quest for improving equipments. Something like a wanted, but way harder, with multiple waves (3 at least), with the chance, when you win it, to improve a non-artful equipment you have to the artful version of it. Or to improve the regalia/ring with additional stats, if it isn’t possible with artful items.

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / NivalPublishing stop the Cheating

1. Neonic
2. WarlockRay
3. du_zinho
4. LeGhimp
6. Mustapha185
7. Miccs
8. Egisabeth
9. Nadvash
10. TheHolzer
11. dapeeve
12. Stratocumulus
13. Regnits
14. DandanUA
15. sokoexp
16. philvanwilt
17. Likewizedog
18. Artcp
19. Night_Mistress
20. ElPoro
21. MariaP33
22. Diabolicopupe
23. Muhupuhu
24. cceramic
25. theend1984
26. thorrr85
27. Viking1184

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / Money rewards of daily quests?

Btw, I’ve also tried raiding or dueling… yes, I get more money, but I spend equal or more money (and stamina) resurecting my fallen units, so it’s not a good business :-(

You should use the Rune of Health, your units will be resurrected at the end of the duel.

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Topic: Time World / Bugs and Glitches

Originally posted by hatemakingnames:

I have effect set to “none”. But when my page transitions (help links, switch planets, etc) the graphics often start to animate as if they were set to “normal”. The only way to fix this is to click off “none” (to normal or good) and then back to “none” but it always keeps flipping back to normal.

FYI: This isn’t a new bug…I just was too lazy to report it before and it’s finally annoyed me enough to do so. :P

I have the same exact issue.

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Topic: Time World / Helping buildings..

Originally posted by swcooper:

Seems to be capped at 2 hours whatever, not 5%. Can’t be bothered to re-read patch notes, but my CC36 is coming a whole 2 hours sooner in roughly 2 weeks time.

Patch notes says:
Time saved is between 15 minutes to 2 hours, depending on the total duration of the task. (5% of total time, with minimum of 15 minutes and max of 2 hours).

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Topic: King's Bounty: Legions / New creature!

It’s the Cyclops from KB: Legends.

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Topic: Time World / Visiting Chest Drop rate changes recently?

Not sure, but in the last two days I got 3x lvl1 hero card, almost 15-16 gems (most of them red and yellow), and today I got two blue items (two rings). I just noticed a massive (a chest on almost every planet I visit) increase of chest appearence after i used the 3 day VIP card i won on daily spin.

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Topic: Dream World / Level XP progression table?

I just turned 70, for 71 i need: 7.658.915.851.230 exp