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Topic: General Gaming / Kingdom Hearts 2

My favorite character is Axel, suprised no one said this.

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Topic: Off-topic / BATTLE OF THE SMILEYS!

Step aside ladies. The real smiley ------------------------------------- (<^_^<) (>^_^>)
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Topic: Off-topic / Make an anagram out of your username!


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Topic: General Gaming / Epic war

Epic war 2 is my favorite game on kongregate. I had high expectations for epic war 3 and 4 but was let down. Epic wars 3 and 4 are not epic in my oppinion. I miss having 40 pallidans combat a huge group of elf protectors. Now there is only a limited amount of units on screen and many restrictions were added. From the looks of epic wars 3 and 4 it seems like Rudy wants it to be a strategy game (I’m not against this at all) but by doing so you take so much out of epic war 1 and 2. It takes a lot of elements that were enjoyed and popular. If he is going to turn epic war into a strategy game then by all means go for it. I would like to give some tips and ideas for making a strategy game.


Give each unit and hero an attribute. For those of you how don’t know an attribute is a way to classify an object (correct if wrong). For example a goblin can have a light attribute while a heavily armed pallidan will be considered heavy or armoured. These can be altered to fit the lore of epic war.

I’ll try to list realistic attributes for some units.

Centaur archer: Light
Arch angel:Divine, armoured
Flame devil:unholy, Elemental, armoured?
Quick side note: You could say that the flame devil could be fire instead of elemental but I would reserve that for a damage type.
Elf protector:Armoured

You get the idea.

Now that you can classify each you can make it so that different weapons deal more damage to a certain attribute. For example.

For example Pallidans are heavily armed units and likely armed with with professionanly crafted armour. So maybe they would take less damage from physical damge such as goblin attacks. Making them good frontline soldiers. However their armour may not be enchanted to resist elemental damage such as ice and fire damge. So they take more damage from those attributes.

Implementing this will stop players from making only expensive units. Here is how I see it.

Tier 1: very weak unit
Tier 2: Weak unit, dominates T1
Tier 3: Normal unit, dominates all tier units under
Tier 4: strong unit, dominates all other units under.
There is cleary no point to make lots of tier 1 soldiers when you can afford a single higher tier unit.

I’m not saying an expensive unit shouldn’t kill a cheap one. However there should be times were you shouldn’t make strongest unit in your aresenal. Example, instead of trying to kill pallidans with a stronger unit like an archangel maybe you should use a unit that deals elemental damage. They will lose 1v1 but it will be more cost effictive then buying an archangel.

My next recomendation is to use the environment. Players should be able to use the environment like build structures to fortify their position. I’ll make up a quick structure.


Attributes: Armoured, fortification

Role:To allow ranged units to climb up to the top of the tower and gain a good range and damage bonus while shielding them from damage.

Abilities:You can send ranged units such as archers to the tower so that they can get a range and damage bonus(less range benifit for spellcasters and no damage benifit. Units within the tower are unharmed by most damage types and abilities until the tower has been destroyed by the enemy.(units within the tower die if they are in while the tower is destroyed)

Strengths: Can be used to as a defensive structure to help ward of waves of units.

Weakness: This structure is very fragile to siege units and and bombs.

More updates coming!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Julian Assange, the mastermind of Wikileaks.

There is a thread about me!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / If You Could Undo One Historical Event...

If I could undo one thing it will be.


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Topic: Battle Dawn / How Active Are You?

I try to check on this after I check my facebook in the morning (6:45-720am). When I get home I check on it. When I go to bed I check on it.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is THIS?

It’s starfish sex.

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Topic: Off-topic / One thing no one could have.

Originally posted by Unknown137:

If you could pick anything that no one could have, what would it be? And tell why :D

The skills of a professional assasin so I can assasinate annoying pop stars, movie stars and more.

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Topic: Off-topic / Knight and Day Sucks

This is a simple expression of my feelings about Knight and Day, I recommend you not to watch it. Read carefully, I recommend not to see it,not don’t watch it although you may want to lean towards that. SPOILER ALERT BELOW


My first arguement is about realism, in which it completely lacks. In one of the scenes June tries to get onto a plane but was told it was booked completely, not two minutes later she was told that they made a mistake and once she finally got on the plane there was about 10 people aboard and she didn’t even question how the plane was booked. In another scene Roy Miller (played by Tom Cruise)is ambushed by the FBI which are specialy trained, not only massively outnumbered and outgunned Roy manages to kill a large group of them and succesfuly escape with June. This is by far impossible for 2 people to escape the FBI in which have surrounded the building and sending in troops to liberate them.

Ego based
60% of this movie was based on the ego of Tom Cruise and June. None of the examples of above are remotely possible, it’s almost as if this movie was modified to one’s specific needs and what is more terrible than a movie built around a single person. This movie is filled with illogical behavior and stunts. A movie is good if you take the characters seriously (even beter if you take the entire movie seriously) it is nearly impossible to take the characters seriously if you see him doing corny bullshit every second. (Slight opinion addressed).

This movie is completely predictable. By seeing the first few mistakes you know that no sacrifices will be made, there will be more stupid events, that it’s going to have a very happy ending and ultimately the characters show no noticable changes compared from the start of the movie to the end.

Knight and Day has been a massive disappointment to me and many others I hope. To those of you who have not seen this movie I heavily recommend you to not see this. Save your money, your time and don’t support pathetic movies and organizations.

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Topic: Off-topic / ♥ hi ot i need relationship advice

Originally posted by uhhrina:

i feel so dumb for coming to you guys about this stuff but like ughh
idk what to do :(
so like, you know how when you’re in a relationship you’re both so nice & sweet & happy with each other?
but then later on you guys fight more often & get upset with each other n stuff?
do things get better?
cause i feel like we fight too much
im so frustrated ugh~
do you fight with your significant other a lot?
what should i do to cause less fighting?

get a divorce be abuse or sexual assult happen.

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Topic: Off-topic / all i want for christmas

Originally posted by DMinor:
Originally posted by TheAznSensation:

I want xxxmas.

That was on a Halloween costume site for some reason.

That looks sexy.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do you consider this justice? ( Case 20 )

Is the goverment dumb as hell? Eating one happy meal will not kill an active child and since children don’t make money it falls down to the parents to pay for the happy meal but they can say no. Maybe the problem is just poor parenting. What a waste of time and money.

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you buy this awesome wepon for $200 and use it on ur scariest enemy?

Originally posted by sosusline:

The REAL LIGHTSABRE has been invented!!
it only costs $200 BUCKSS!!!! CHEAP CHEAP CHEEEAAPPP!!!

wuld you buy one and use it to slice and dice ur enemies?

Yes so I can blow the shit out of you and so you can’t bother the shit out of us with your threads.

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Topic: Off-topic / You travel to a distance planet and your space warp went wrong. Do you still call yourself human?

Omg stop bothering the shit out of people with your threads, Also where is the dick.

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Topic: Off-topic / WHo is the dark haired girl in everyone's profile pictures?

Originally posted by Camoraz:
Originally posted by Galezaku:

No Kingdom hearts.
BAD Camoraz, BAD.

Can resist urge to post picture of Saix Puppy. It’s silly anyway. You know what? Screw it. You asked for it by talking to me as if you were punishing a puppy. Or a dog.

Don’t try to say you didnt want it to be posted. It’s your punishment.

I’ll adopt 3 please.

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Topic: Off-topic / Pretend you are God and you have only 2 choices for the New Messiah - who do you pick? and why?

first.. If JB runs into a door like an idiot i would never pick.

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Topic: Off-topic / Lock this thread. Please.

I’m in. Whats the point of this?


Topic: Off-topic / If you are about to die, what method of dying do you prefer?

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Topic: Off-topic / **** Looking For Nice People On Our Forum Staff/Members ****

Originally posted by Crawlermf:

Site Name: MyFavouriteForum
Site URL:;referrername=Crawl
Description: At MyFavouriteForum our main priority is your happiness. Tell us what you want to see and our team of experts will find, install and post it for you. We have great content such as user blogs, youtube gallery’s, image gallery’s, arcade section, VIP section/downloads, tutorial’s section,
weekly competitions and much much more.

We have been doing major updates 24/7 for the past two weeks and we hope you will at least have a look at our forum.

Thanks for reading guys Icon_smile
Btw Staff Application is open for valuable members.

Please ban this kid. Why are you advertising your site here.
Lol 0 posts

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Topic: Off-topic / If you are about to die, what method of dying do you prefer?

Originally posted by cplburner:

doing all the crazist shit you can imagine than die laughing when all the concequences catch up too you

Like helping the bomber get a fake passport?
Blowing up an american embassy?
Molest a cop.
Assasinate someone you hate.
Bribe a judge.

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Topic: Off-topic / If you are about to die, what method of dying do you prefer?

Raped to death by 5 hot sexy girls? I dont know

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Topic: Off-topic / If you are about to die, what method of dying do you prefer?

Originally posted by CanadianOverlord:

Smothered by tits.


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Topic: Off-topic / 1000 Ways to get kicked out of a library

59: Bring chili dogs and spill it all over the books.

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Topic: Off-topic / 7 Reasons Why Justin Bieber Rocks?

The most I heard is:


Notice this has nothing to do with how he sings…