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Topic: Dueling Blades / Warrior items and class

Im warrior now but i not get some warrior item please help

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Topic: Off-topic / Is castle crashers a good or bad game

Is castle crashers a good or bad game? I like it

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / Castle Crashers On PC!

I have played castle crashers on ps3 and i love it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Backyard Monsters] Tech Support (Not for Base 0)

Hi all….

Something very sad happened to my yard when BYM was updated 4/12/12.

All defensive towers, bunkers, Champion cage (with drull lvl 5), Hatchery, Housings, academy and monster locker etc. is gone and i have also lost about 300 shiny

My ID is: 2233494

Please help me restore my base as it was before this update….

Thanks :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Mw3, Battlefield 3 or skyrim?

I like the adventure.
Love the mods!

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Topic: General Gaming / Skyrim... Whats your level?

Lvl 42 imperial.I playing skyrim a bit every day