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Topic: Off-topic / WHAT IS THIS I DON'T EVEN-

This is you… this is you on meth…

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

… Anways, back on track. To the guy who said we need a lot of people enforcing the rules… are people here really that dumb? Im going to make them put actual detail into their profiles, and if they dont do well enough, ill ask for a sample via PM. As it is, everywhere else ive done this, people have done decently. I didnt need to babysit them. and in a RP, there are rules as to how often you can post, mine being 3 times a day. that way people who arent here as often dont get crushed under walls of replies.

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

Depends on the genra. As for what Deriaz said, in ‘Slice of Life’ Genre, like high school RPs, or ones where you just live in fantastical scenarios.

But Since Im guessing it’ll do better here, mind will be action. The general idea of ‘Fate Stay night’ (Both an anime, and a game, and a comic ect.) is that 7 magi, summon 7 servants. The magi arent that powerful, but posess command spells that allow them to control their servant, each of which is a mythological hero, or villain, usually with a certain twist involved.

Each of these teams have one goal in mind, the holy grail, which ahs the power to grant any wish. So yeah, thats basically it, there ill be teams, two people RPing as partners against other sets of partners :3 so yeah, it should be interesting.

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Topic: Technical Support / Badge Orders

Is it really neccasary to get them in order? They are ranked by difficulty, not chronological order that you’re supposed to earn them in. You could easily earn the medium and hard, then go back to the easy, or just skip it entirely. But in your case… what Player here said, if you got them, whats the problem? Just send a report in about it, and if it happens again and u end up NOT getting them, take a screenshot and report that.

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Topic: Off-topic / Best thing to say during sex?

Are we done yet?

Meh, its okay….

Oh right, I was supposed to put a condom on!

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

Originally posted by Darkness_Shadow:

I really like RP’s, but they usually die because of

a) Noobs

b) Bad Planning

c) Loss of interest because it gets boring

d) x+13+x^2^

e) None of the above

… Ahaha… Well, Ive noticed that in RP’s a certain amount of freedom needs to be involved. If you have every single plot point already planned, it’ll get boring, RP’ers need the freedom to do what they want. I usually make a very in depth plot to start from, anf trust the RPers to keep it going interesting. If anyone is a noob, then I tell them exactly what they’re doign wrong, and help them in any ways I can.

Originally posted by walfordking:

I know they are fun. I like them. It needs a great plot.

As for that, Walford, Im pro at making plots, so no worried. I just gotta make sure I dont go overboard. Ahaha.

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Topic: Off-topic / Another Fake Chat

I loved it XD Nice fake chat. Aha, especially about the strikes.

Is this based on how it actually works here, or just to make fun of chats in general? Im pretty new here so I havent been in any. Just the forums.

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Topic: Off-topic / Stupid people under 13

… No one here knows what Coppa is, other than those who mentioned it I’m guessing?

I dont get why no one had mentioned it, but to Wiggles, the dude who went all “IM 13!!” And went all RAGE on us… well yeah, maybe you are 13, but also, maybe you act like an 8 year old. Mental age people, stop accusing people of BEING underage, but acting underage. Mods/admins should be able to ban from chats for that, or at least warn them. In the end, its their choice whether or not to ban you, even if you have ‘proof’ that you’re over 18… if they/people severely dislike your immature attitude, in the end its the staff’s decision on whether or not to ban you. Even if there are laws, this isnt a courtoom, this is a website, so its run under its rules, which are influenced by actual laws.

Being in the right of the laws doesnt mean a site admin cant get pissed and ban you, though I doubt this place would have such tempermental admins.

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

I think I got a slot, but im not sure. It isnt really clear since its worded like you’re requesting a spot, but it asks for a link to a thread… which I assume you wouldnt be allowed to make until after getting accepted…

whatever, as for what you said Deriaz, Im fairly sure I wont dissapoint you, that is called ‘Godmodding’ Essentially roleplaying things that are outside your characters control. ‘NO GODMODDING’ is usually the #1 rule in most RP’s but now that I know I have to watch out for it here, ill give it special attention when I get my game up.

Im thinking that ‘Slice of Life’ genre RPs wont work here as well as Action ones, So ill probably Make a Fate Stay Night one, to start with, and also to see how good you guys are at RPing, and how many ill have to babysit. :3

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

I was thinking here, I have other places, but most of them went on hiatus as of recently. I thought this may be a nice place, with a large userbase. The only thing I would be worried about is the capabilities of this forum, and how long a thread can get…

A lot of RP’s I make tend to at least last till… it’d probably be 70 pages? Im not sure if Kongregate forums can handle that, or if members would be active. @Walfordking: Yeah, they do take a lot of time, but they are fun. Also very worth is for the writing experience you get.

As for….. Stoics post… There is a difference between Cyber, and RP, Cyber is basically RP but just for sex, RP though it can include sex(Not any here, im assuming) Generally is paced around a different plot. We could maybe even make RP’s based on games here, who knows.

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Topic: Off-topic / Roleplaying

… what do you guys think about the possibility of a RP here on Kongregate? Meaning, Text styled Roleplays, where one person types

“Ken walked up to John and then with a cry of “Falcon punch!” he knocked him to the ground"
And the other one types:
“John felt the fist send him flying, but bend back just in time to avoid the major impact, he jumped back onto his hands and then uncurled his entire body, sending a kick directly to Kens face.”

Just… without the obviously exagerated battle scene goodness(And possibly more literacy involved). I want to know if anyone here has any experience, or would like to learn(Or if the Admin-type people would even allow it.) If it became big enough, maybe even having its own section here, instead of crowding off topic?

There must be some decent RP-ers among all you avid gamers :3

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Topic: Technical Support / WASD or Arrow Keys "stick" on moving games only on Kongregate - Problem solved, check the sticky!

It seems to me like this is a problem caused by a lot of things clashing, anyone think of reporting this to the actual companies? Then they may be able to find a fix and include it in the new update, if we all sent them this link in a report(along with a summary), it may do something.

Most likely, it seems to be Flash clashing with Vista’s security system, Im on IE7 and Vista and I havent had this problem yet so yeah, none of us really know how to work with coding and whatnot im guessing, we would need to ask the proffessionals that made it, right? I just cant even start to imagine what bug between a program and a game would affect a keyboards input, especially to make it repeat like that…

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Topic: Technical Support / I got A Badge that I didn't earn (help)

Guess I got here a bit late, and everything is solved already, hm? Oh well, I had the same thing happen and reported it. I hadn’t even played the new Crush the Castle game, so it kinda wierded me out. Glad to hear everything is fixed.