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Topic: Elements / What tips do you have for my fire deck?

It looks like you are trying to go for an immo rush. Problem being, like with pretty much every combo deck, you don’t want more then 30 cards. Drop 5 pendulums, might seem like a lot but immolate should be where most of your quanta is coming from. The short sword and a single deflag, you don’t really need 4. That gets you down to 30.

Now, if you wanna go a bit more, you could drop a single photon for another dragon/seraph. Makes it a bit shakier to start, but should be fine. Or you could drop one pendulum and add one of the two in.

Finish the quests to upgrade stuff.

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Topic: Elements / Elements Goods and Bads for starters

Originally posted by Monoxdifly:

As for me, if I were to make that kind of guide, I woulds sum up each elements in one word.
Fire: Attack
Water: Lock
Air: Kill
Earth: Defend
Light: Heal
Darkness: Steal
Life: Swarm
Death: Poison
Gravity: Through
Time: Stall
Aether: Immune
Entropy: Shuffle

I think those are the best specialties of each elements.

That isn’t the best for pretty much any of them….

Fire can control just as well as attack.
waters best stuff isn’t control aside from squids.
airs best stuff is rushes.
earth does a whole lot more then just defend, having one of the best mono rushes ever, as well as amazing control options. Light is right.
darkness is right if you count draining life.
Life is better off not swarming, fractal does that better.
death is more then just poison.
gravity…. through? What?
Time doesn’t stall well at all…. it has no healing, and its control is a one turn thing most of the time.
Aether isn’t immune. Psions are its best creatures, which aren’t immaterial. And dime shield isn’t immune to much either.
Entropy does a whole lot more then shuffle. Discord is not all that entropy is. It also has butterfly effect, discord, and chaos power, none of which shuffle anything.

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Topic: Elements / Amount of pillars

Originally posted by Xoros_:

30% is enough if they are upgraded, but unupped I’d always go 40% unless you have quanta generators (devourers, damselflies, gnomes, etc).
You can survive 1-tower start, but 1-pillar start can easily lose the game.

Very dependent on deck. Even upgraded. I wouldn’t run below 14 in most upped monos even. Being able to get stuff consistently on the first/second turn is just to good.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Gem Combination.

Originally posted by Digideus:

Been playing this over on Armor games for a bit now, and the general consensus is yellow/red/white in towers surrounded by yellow amps. black/orange/Red in traps surrounded by orange amps. There are lots of in depth discussions over there about gem combinations. go have a look see for more

Black completely out does white after a point. Once you get past grade 30 or so, no more use for pool bound.

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Topic: Elements / Parallel Pegasus Deck

Originally posted by performance7777:

shard of freedom and shard of readiness => more powerfull
freedom let 25% deal 50%atk boost
readiness can use skill without any cost and using a time element can use it again same turn

Not worth making it a time splash when you could just run air mark and have a mono.

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Topic: Elements / OpenEtG - Great fanmake with 100+ new cards!

You forgot to mention that it completely changes how the game plays. Buffing/nerfing things that don’t need it, and adding other features that don’t keep to the same nature as the original.

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Topic: Elements / Possible invincibility tactic

Originally posted by RewRose:

isn’t a dark-aether splash deck good,i mean devo spam for quanta,vamp spam for life and adding an eternity =decking out is not.

Eternity is neither dark, nor aether. And you didn’t mention a single aether card.

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Topic: Elements / Death/Life/Gravity deck

Originally posted by aengis:


Thanks for that answer.
I erased spark to get less card, indeed i have less quantas issues.

I would like to keep the Boneyard/Empathic bond as corein the deck wich i think can be exploited.
I thought that Otyugh and Vultures were good choices but i’ll look for something to replace it.

If you want to swarm with bonds in the deck, you should run aflatoxin for cells instead, they are much better at spreading. That opens up offensive options as well.

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Topic: Elements / Death/Life/Gravity deck

Big problem with this: It is both very prone to rushes, and control decks. Being weak to both is a HUGE issue. Not to mention with the deck size, you have draw issues, and your life quanta is massively lacking as well. And then, with sparks, more issues arise because they would make you draw your pillars less often, which would in turn, leave you dead in the water.

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Topic: Elements / Modified Life/Fire speed deck

Cockatrices > scorpions. Same cost. Don’t rely on adrenaline to do actual damage. And still do more then double factoring in said damage. And aren’t blocked by nearly every shield.

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Topic: Elements / Check my Deck

Originally posted by IAHHAI1:

When I first started any card game I used 60 card too but you should reduce it to 30 as I learned and farming AI Level 2 would take forever,you should farm the bronze arena(recommended) or at least the AI3 if you want to get that 500 fast,you seem to have some good card in your inventory you should use them

Bronze is terrible for score. Maybe a bit better for money, but not as good for score. Go ai3 or pvp 1 for score.

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Topic: Elements / Check my Deck

Best advice there is: Keep it simple.

Using so many different cards in a deck without draw accel is suicide. You won’t get the control you need or the creatures you need when you need them most of the time.

’As was mentioned, 30 card deck rushes are very good grinders for the start. I would suggest making one, then expanding off of that if you so choose.

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

Originally posted by qazzaq123:

X.X Why oracle Why! Another Purple Nymph..

At least you don’t have 13….

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Topic: Elements / Elements-dead-game

Originally posted by yeasy:


Becouse the only content ever was, is and will be: Grind + PvP arena.

You do realize the game has a fairly large and stable player base right?

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Topic: Elements / Possible invincibility tactic

Originally posted by drew1017:

So, this is probably posted before but yeah.

First, get 3-4 Aflatoxins. Then, get 4-5 Empathic Bonds. Put out all the Empathic Bonds, then use aflatoxin on one of your creatures. You will heal 75-100 HP per turn, pretty much overwhelming your target because you fully heal periodically.

Now introducing pretty much every OTK ever!

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Topic: Elements / Account Recovery

If it was two years ago, and it got banned for whatever reason or lost for any other, then it is probably gone entirely now. Ask higurashi and she might be able to help you.

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Topic: Elements / FG-Specific Un-upped Decks

Originally posted by ExecutiveLimez:

This deck does not work for me for some reason, I will always run out of cards in my deck…I hate that

You are using a deck that hasn’t been viable in about 2 years now. Ask in chat if you want a god killer, not on these forums.

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

No. Purple nymphs have a small bug that increases the chances significantly. Namely, normally, a nymph needs to be spun twice before getting them. However, purple only needs the first time.

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Topic: Elements / How many nymphs do you have?

Up to 57 now, with 11 purples leading the way. Still not enough life, dark or aether nymphs though.

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Topic: Elements / [DATA]: The collection of the best decks

Originally posted by jooe15:

Great Decks

These are both decks I made a long long time ago. They both work extremely well, and are perfectly balanced. They are super annoying to face, so, if you are using them be prepared to get cursed at a lot.

Impenetrable 1

77i 77i 77i 77i 77i 77i 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 808 80c 80c 80c 80c 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80d 80f 80f 8pm

Draining Soul

5ul 5ul 5ul 5ul 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5um 5up 5up 5up 5up 5us 5uu 77j 77j 77j 77j 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7t4 7th 8pm

1 If you do not have this deck fully upgraded use Elite Immortals instead of Phase Dragons, and switch two Protect Artifacts with Aether Pillars.

While they aren’t bad, devquake is really the only nice one. There are lots of decks around that walk over it however. Even more so for the aether one. All it loses is 5 weaknesses but it loses speed as well. There are still all the other cards that go right through dime shield. And without lobo, momentum is a HUGE issue.

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Topic: Elements / Game balance for new players

Originally posted by Kelana:

While I agree the grind can be a bit much at times, I don’t think you are going about it in the most efficient way. From a starter deck, you can sell some cards to have enough gold to make a decent AI4 farming deck. Winning 1 upgraded card from AI4 sells for enough gold to be equivalent to around 3 hours of farming AI3.

There is some risk/reward/gamble there, as you are not guaranteed to win a single card after 3 hours. But imagine if you win 3 upgraded cards from every battle, and you did that for 3 hours. The amount of gold you would have would be huge. The real law of averages and large numbers would put you likely somewhere in the middle of those 2 extremes. You would likely have more than 0 upgraded cards, but you would likely not be rolling in money either.

Just read your second post – you’ve never won a card from a halfblood battle? Well go do it again. Depending on the deck you use some halfbloods will be super easy, and others will be impossible. Take note of their name (they get unique names unlike AI3) and if they are worth trying or better off skipping. Report back after 20 wins and tell us how many cards you’ve won then. The electrum from cards won in 20 battles will be between 0 and 72,000. You can get more than enough upgrades from that, and it will take way less than 6 hours.

3 hours of ai3 nets much more then 1.1k…. It should be at LEAST 2k. You will never win 3 cards consecutively from ai4 either.

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Topic: Elements / [DATA]: The collection of the best decks

Originally posted by DareTheyCry:

Qaz, (OR ANYYYONE) you like being helpful? I need help. Ive got a solid deck, but it needs some tweaks. Ive beaten a few false gods. Grinding lvl 3 pretty easy. (If I could take a screen I would, sorry) This is my current Deck.

39 Card Count
14 Aether Pillar
1 U. Spark, or Thunderbolt
3 Immortal
3 Phase Dragon
6 Dimensional Shield
1 Lobotomizer
2 Sanctuary
1 U. Morning Glory
2 U. Shard of Divinity
6 U. Sundial
Mark of Light,
Sundials MUST be upgraded to work!!

Not a solid deck. Lots of problems. To much light quanta is used, you aren’t going to be getting the 15+ you need in 90% of games. Spark is useless in this deck, the deck would also be better off closer to 30 cards.
Standard mono aether is much better overall.

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Topic: Elements / Game balance for new players

If you want responses for questions, chat would be a far better option.

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Topic: Elements / How To Get Money Fast With an Unupped Rareless Duo Deck(1.29)

Originally posted by Sciamancer:

God this is an awful deck. It can’t beat bronze arena or AI3 let alone gold. Similar to monodark but far worse.

What deck? shrieker rush? That can very well farm ai3.

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Topic: Elements / DIC (Deck Improvement Center)

Originally posted by Thepenguinking2:

4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4sa 4t5 4vd 4ve 4vg 4vi 52k 52l 52n 52n 52o 52v 55v 58p 58q 58r 590 590 592 593 5bu 5bv 5c0 5c1 5c2 5fa 5ib 5ie 5ig 5l9 5lj 5oh 5ri 5ri 5rm 5ul 5um 5up 5ut 61p 61r 8pk

I’m not sure if Quantum pillar spam is efficient, but I’m using it, and want to know if it helps. (BTW, Death marked. Death quanta master race)

To big and unfocused. Easy to rush with no draw power and so little control.