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Topic: Serious Discussion / What if a God does exist?

Originally posted by Guo12345:

God doesn’t exist therefore this will never even happen. Yet if it did i would tell him/her that they are stupid to send people to hell if the person had no proof or anything that supported their existence.

Nice thought. If this god was that of the christians or jews (as I don’t know much of the other religions’ gods) I wouldn’t care as I would get along with the devil better, due to the fact that God is all-knowing which means he knew I would make certain choices before I made them and knew I would be Atheist. Just as he would know upon Lucifer’s creation, even before, that he would betray him and be cast into hell. So, if you are watching God, “Screw you. Where’s Satan at?” (For the record I am not satanist, even though that is a satanist-sounding remark.)

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Do you believe in heaven and hell? And if so where are you going?

I’m atheist, so I don’t believe in either heaven or hell. If I’m wrong, well the devil and I can hang out. I don’t believe that a “loving” god will really send you to a place of endless pain and turmoil.

Originally posted by Flypurplehamster:

So you doubt God then.

So you blindly follow your preacher-man and magic book then? Hurts, don’t it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / YOUR religion?

I am atheist. I do not know a whole lot about some religions, but I know much of Christianity, and have found many flaws in it, and after reading up on the other mainstream religions, I see nothing that I would really be willing to believe in. But I know I do not believe in a magic, all-powerful, “loving” man in the sky that sends you to a world of pain and suffering for being a bad person.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Should we just rid this world of religion?

I, being an atheist, believe that there is no need for religion. All it does (or at least most of them do) is keep people in fear of angering their god(s). Religion can become even worse when a fanatic shows up. Think of all the wars, all the deaths, fought over people’s own vision of what controls what they are unable to comprehend. The morals that religion has, such as loving thy neighbor, are very good and people should follow them. The thing is is that people don’t follow these morals just because someone worships a different man in the sky, and they think that the person doesn’t deserve their respect. Religion is not needed whatsoever.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why is the human on earth?

Ahh. The ultimate question. Why are we here? I believe that there could be the possibility that we are just come from evolution and the big bang. I do not, though, believe in any god or gods that were just sitting up in nothingness and one day said “I’m bored. I’ll make a universe!” I think there is a possibility that what brought humans into existence is from an outside source. There is a missing link between humans and our close relative, the chimp. It could be possible that the thing that links us either was never on this planet, and some higher race of beings put us here after the first humans were born, or that said link was taken from this planet, and is somewhere hidden in the universe, waiting to be found by its DNA brother.