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Topic: General Gaming / Ideas for Amorphous+ 2

There should also be a custamizable charecter and maybe a story mode or like missions and stuff such as get close to a void eater-this would probally be done by running in after a shock wave. Also there should be more awards. WWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY more awards.

P.S. what Sikesalicous said is true i hope they do make a sequel = P

P.S.S. I think it should be named either Amorphous+2, Amorphous++, or Amourphous-.

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Topic: General Gaming / Ideas for Amorphous+ 2

First of alll anyone who says are ideas are retarded or that this is a stupid thread is encouraged to try and come up with something better so we can all talk about how your ideas are retarded. Anyone who is just voicing that they think that idea might not work out or something are not included in that group because that is there respestive opininions and are not rude in any way.

Now i think that more complex maps would be a good idea because just the regular map gets boring after a while. Like add walls or something and maybe a level editor. I also think that there should be two swords like the first game (im not counting amorphous only amorphous+) the second you get by killing a super tough enemy. Finally here are some new enemie ideas because my favorite part of the game is finding and killing new enemies.

Shade-A regular enemy.(1 hit) can dash across large distances at you and is only vounerable after a dash. It should be collored black and maybe have red eyes that leave those lines behind when they move like motion blur, its kind of hard to explain so if anyone knows what im talking about please tell everyone else for me.

Leapie-A regular enemy.(2 hits) crawls slowly along the floor and leaps toward the screen every five seconds and you can tell where it lands by its shadow. It should have one leg that looks like one on a void and maybe be maroon or something.

Wraith-Shade + Leapie.(3 hits) It is like a leapie but when it lands it dashes after you making it alot harder. It should like a leapie but darker shade of red wich is kinda hard cause maroon is pretty dark with the red eyes from the shade.

Spinie-Regular enemy.(1 hit) It spins around and then stops and shoots lazers out of one of six stubs. I really dont care how this one looks but it needs six stubs so you know where the lazers come out of.

Larva Queen-Regular enemie.(4 hits) It has wings so it can fly it shoots spines and acid at you from the air. It lands to slam its head into the ground that stuns anything around it. Only voulnerable when it land and lays eggs. But you also have to smash the eggs or before long they hatch mini larve queens that cant fly and die in one hit but can still spit acid. It should be blue with four insect looking wings and the back end should be biger than the rest of it cause thats where she makes the eggs. It should also have pincers.

As for a game “boss” i agree with some people that there should be a razor king.