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Topic: General Gaming / [Sonny 3] Potential Superbosses

Dark Memory: 250,000 HP, 500 focus
-Transform: Baron Brixius (gains all of the stats and abilities, [excluding health and focus], of Baron Brixuis from Sonny), 0 focus, Cosmic
-Transform: The Mayor (same as Brixuis transformation except transforming into the mayor, from sonny 2), costs 0 focus
-Chaotic strike: instantly deals all but one damage to a unit, costs 50 focus, Cosmic
-Summon dark aura: Summons 2 dark aura which will take all of the damage for the Dark Memory, both with 7500 HP & 100 focus, (costs 100 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 3 turns for each Dark Aura)
-Dark hole: Does damage of 20% of instinct over time to all units but the Dark Memory for 2 turns and gives a 20% shadow weakness debuff to the afflicted units, (costs 200 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 4 turns)
-Sacrifice: Destroy one or both of the dark aura and heal self for 10% of maximum health and 50% of focus, (Costs 0 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 0 turns)
Dark Regeneration: Goes into a state which avoids 45% of all attacks, and regenerates 30000 HP per turn & fully restores focus, damage afflicted by this unit is lowered to 25%, lasts 3 turns (costs 20 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 10 turns)
Dark aura: 7500 HP, 100 focus (from dark aura summon)
Shadow strike: does damage equal to 100% instinct, always goes first (costs 0 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 0 turns)
-Dark strike: Does damage for 165% of instinct and gives a 20% shadow weakness debuff to the victim (cannot stack),(costs 20 focus, Cosmic, cooldown 3 turns)
-Dark explosion: Kills self and does 30% of maximum health damage to all enemy units, (costs remaining focus, Cosmic, cooldown 0 turns)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Critter Forge] P.S.A.

^ also no more calamaris named sushi

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Topic: Elements / Decks for Fake gods

whats the mark for it?

Originally posted by midg3333:

Ok, here is my deck. I can win vs most gods most of the time (although rainbow and scorpio i only win half the time, maybe a bit less, seism i win about 3/4 and hermes probably about half the time as well):
17x quantum tower
6x sundial
6x supernova
2x fallen druid (optional, but i find them very handy in many situations)
2x graveyard
2x bone wall
3x elite otyugh
1x heavy armor
1x protect artifact
2x feral bond
1x fahrenheit (optional, but makes some fights go much faster)
2x fire storm
1x lava destroyer
1x ulitharid
2x elite queen
3x electrum hourglass
1x eternity (it is amazing against rainbow, scorpio, miracle, and pretty much any god that uses powerups, mutants, creature effects or that can run out of cards)
3x improved steal
4x phase shield

that’s my deck, and it works well for me. It’s pretty much just a mixture of other rainbow decks i’ve seen linked in an elements chat room or on the elements wiki page, with a few alterations.