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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kingdoms CCG] Suggestions Thread

Well the in game chat thing I think is more for their “main site”. This is rather problematic for kongregate users.

Kongregate already has a chat system for games, so having 2 different chats up on the same page causes quite a bit of unessary lag. The game gets unstable on limited enough so honestly there is no point. (Unless the attempt was agian for kongregate users to chat with their main site / steam / and so on and so forth , like ROTMG for example)

I can’t say its a bug, and I can’t say its a feature. Since there is no way to challenge friends (which actually is a draw back to the kongregate community, we actually kept trying hard to get matches arranged on limited) a chat feature isn’t “as nessary”. However, definatly a “close chat” button would lower the lag rate that has happened when your starting a new match.