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Dear Kongregate, I want to leave you a complaint. I’m upset that there has not been enough badges as of lately that you can receive from here at Kongregate. I believe you own me a badge for today lol. I should not open a game that my computer has problems closing like today badge of the day. I do not want some idiot telling me my performance was inadiquit or a weapon that I my self would not take to a shooting range like that.
I WANT TO CALL THE BADGE OF 11/28/12 very inaduquit. This is the worst game I have played at MY FAVORITE game site here at Kongregate XD.

I do not want a game ever to call me inaduquit when the game it self doesn’t perform worth a penny and wont close when I decide I believe IT SUCKS lol.

You own me a badge of the day today.

Kongregate YOU ARE THE BEST game site on the Planet
Thank You Very Much ANGELO :)

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Topic: Kongregate / New Games on Kongregate

This is exciting, if some one can send this from kongregate it would be awesome or I think this should be on the board. Hey I think the fans do count and I would like to be involve with others who play games on my favorite site!!!
I Have A Question
I wondering I get refered to a game called (Chain Champs) and I wonder if I’m miss titling it or really it not a game out just a refered game, and has is it has happen before with other games.