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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Alright, now I know something is wrong on my side

I’m still getting candy canes now and I refresh a few times a day. Perhaps the event sticks around until I get 5000.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / How Do You Feel About Free Gold?


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Topic: League of Angels / Clearing a Section

When the game talks about “clearing a section” on the map for rewards, how exactly do they mean? Do I need to blitz each area all 30 times in one day, or am I missing something here?

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Topic: General Gaming / Game Announcement: Survival Idle

Hey, looks good.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Super Monkey Lair

On the iOS version of BTD5, I’ve just built the Super Monkey Lair at level 1, but at level 4 it says “A dark secret for the Temple of the Monkey God”.

Anyone know what this means? Is it something performance related, like attack speed, or maybe just cosmetic.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Romney Bullied Gay Student in HS and REPEALS Marriage Equality

Originally posted by issendorf:
Originally posted by JaumeBG:

Isn’t it a curiosity how Romney was very for gay rights in 1994 but not today? Because there is no way MASSACHUSETTS would get a homophobe into federal office nowadays (or at least not often). So of course, Romney was on that bandwagon in the 1990s.

But today? Today this man is against gay rights on the most part, mostly because he is appealing to conservative audiences. This man uses whatever political position he can to garner votes. He does not have official positions; he does whatever will get him elected.

So Romney can change his views from 18 years ago and you criticize him, but the President can “evolve” on gay marriage in four years and it’s no big deal? Got it.

When his candidate does it, the candidate’s views are evolving. When your candidate does it, he’s flip flopping around.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] HATE THE STUPID COP ADDs


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] What is the Point of Playing the Game Now?

Originally posted by timtwins:

He didn’t buff number 2. You automatically get 1 exp from all fights now so he removed number 2.

What I meant was that the karma item drop rate seems like it was increased to make up for removing them from tournaments.

1 xp per fight doesn’t destroy number 2. 19321 wins per level (nearly a third of the wins of Brahmin, the player with the highest win count) isn’t devastating.

Edit: They’ve definitely cranked up the drop rate of Kaiken at least. I’m getting one about every 50 fights, about three times as often as before.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] What is the Point of Playing the Game Now?

Before, there were two methods of catching up to kredders.

Both involve staying at the same level for optimal power increase for your clan, and they work best when you did both of them.

1. Do tourneys for Drills every 4 hours for the 15 karma.
2. Fight NPC (and human players, if strong enough) 3+ levels below you, so you don’t get XP, but can still get drops. Fight and get karma weapon drops for more karma.

Now BrokenBulb has completely eliminated Tactic 1 and slightly buffed Tactic 2. A bad move overall, I agree. If anything, this will promote making scripts/bots to fight NPCs since that’s now the best and almost only way to get Karma without leveling now.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] How is it fair for the people who dont pay?

It’s a road to improvement. If you play for free, you walk barefoot down the path. If you give some money to the developers, you get a car to drive down the path.

There are ways to work around it. Do third-party offers for Kreds/karma so you don’t pay actual money. Or stay at the same level and do tournaments and farm karma from drops and achievements to catch up with spenders.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Challenge Fights(for fun)

Level 48, 1565 karma net worth

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Guide to the perfect start

If you become level 3, fight the level 1 NPC’s for a very easy first 50 fights. Doing this, I got to about 130 before I got attacked and defeated by someone.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] tournament questions

It seems like the game picks players around your level, and makes up some npcs to fill the tourney lists.
The game picks a set of opponents for a tourney, and you’ll face those same opponents every time you try, until the rewards switch up. I usually have to try a couple times to beat someone with ludicrously powerful weapons and 4-6 karma relics, I know the feeling.

Unfortunately, yeah, if most players around your level pay, you’ll be fighting those payers and npcs of similar strength in the tourneys.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

Is it possible to turn a Spirit weapon (Sword of Ascendant, specifically) into a normal one, so I can have my Mana back?

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

What constitutes a reward? In the Epic Skills, Double Progress, it says you get a chance to get an insta-progress when claiming a reward. What things count as rewards toward that, besides the Progress Bar? Killing something in BA? Winning a Stadium race? Doing an adventure?

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Topic: Call of Gods / Calendar daily rewards

Originally posted by YamNoOnus:
Originally posted by LukeSimon:

With fairness, also the other players should received daily rewards, even because who play on Konggregate is penalized about rewards.

They want people to make new accounts on other servers. New accounts = more gold. They don’t give a crap about the players, just making money.

Hello, Mr. Jaded. Didn’t see you there.

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Topic: Off-topic / How depressed are you?

Major Depression: Very Slight
Dysthymia: Slight-Moderate
Bipolar Disorder: Very Slight
Cyclothymia: Slight
Seasonal Affective Disorder: Moderate
Postpartum Depression: N/A

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official E3 2012 Thread

Originally posted by waffle_god:
Originally posted by Lightningcould:

E3 started off with a big bang huh?
To all those skeptical about Halo 4’s campaign, or otherwise, Enjoy your delicious crow, motherfuckers.
AFter them showing that demo, I knew 343i didn’t let us down. Just want some news on the Multiplayer, though.

it looks awful

Generic corridor shooter with metroid ripoff enemies, the multiplayer is like call of duty now too.

Well, all right, Mr. 100% Criticism 0% Constructive.

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Topic: Off-topic / Microsoft E3 Conference

Originally posted by FG20:
Originally posted by Ohmaigawd:

Average reaction is that it sucked, but I get to see it.

So what made it so bad? Were they just unprepared or something?

well, you saw it, you should know why it was bad.

Meant to say that I didn’t.

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Topic: Off-topic / Microsoft E3 Conference

Average reaction is that it sucked, but I didn’t get to see it.

So what made it so bad? Were they just unprepared or something?

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event] Rush to rank

When it says Pass By Dungeon, does that mean I just have to kill the mainboss to get the score, or all three bosses?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Occupy Wallstreet is still going on

Originally posted by jhco50:

That last post was a desperate attempt to recover your composure on my back, fella. You wonder why Scoop called you a hypocrite and yet you just proved his point. You have done nothing but harp on your liberal ideals and how conservative extremism is bad, then turn around and accuse us of doing the same. Well? It is obvious your definition of “Preaching to the Choir” (you misspelled Choir) and mine are different as your use of it was wrong.

In a wall of text above you doubted my reference to legislation blocking conservative radio. Well, here is a link. It is called the Fairness Doctrine.

It was, and will be, used to require radio stations to have equal time for liberal talk shows. It sounds fair, but liberal talk shows are not popular among listeners of radio and these stations would lose listeners and money. Many would either use another format (music for instance) or go out of business. The Fairness Doctrine is an attempt to force a liberal voice where it has proven not to be welcome. If these liberal talk shows were welcomed by the public, they would be broadcast, but the aren’t. Ask Alec Baldwin, or the Bowling for money director.

I realize that when a form of government is not popular, it is divided into many levels. I am staying with the socialist meaning I grew up with. Government control of everything and distribution of everyone’s wealth to those who can’t seem to get off their arse and work. I know it is basic, but I feel it is pretty accurate. This is exactly what you are promoting and is why I feel you are actually a socialist.

I am not the person who is delusional here, you take that honor. You want to take the greatest country in the world and change it to a 3rd world dictatorship. You want to destroy what made America great because you are a bleeding heart liberal. Obama is another who is trying to do the same thing. I would ask you why? Why do you want to destroy America’s greatness? You know, there are all kinds of governments like you cherish and I’m sure they would welcome you. If you are so entranced with your ideals and feel so uncomfortable in a world that is different, you should actually relocate. Of course that is what I would do if I were as unhappy as you are with your country.

That’s a pretty extreme meaning of “socialist”. I figured capitalism and communism would be on opposite ends of the spectrun, with socialism in the middle, somewhere. That definition of yours about socialism almost sounds like the extreme, communism, with gov controlling everything and economic equality forced on everyone, etc.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why do the liberal Democrats want to take guns away from Americans?

Originally posted by jhco50:
Originally posted by yamks85:

accusing each other being hypocrite and closed-minded is not going to solve any problem

You should go on the “Occupy Wallstreet” thread. I was just accused of this by Karma. Your right, it didn’t solve anything.

So back to the subject. It is interesting to me that most of the people who want to ban guns are either from another society or those who are afraid of freedom. Now, government wants to ban them because they are so corrupt they are afraid of the citizens of their own country. It is for the most part, the Democrats that are trying so hard to ban guns and that damn Constitution keeps getting in their way.

Even though the Democrats are the big pushers for gun control, there are some Rino-republicans who are ok with gun-control. They are quiet about it because they know they will pay with their jobs if their constituents find out. Obama is anti-gun. It is well known that he despises the 2nd Amendment, but of course he despises the whole Constitution.

Some wonder why he hasn’t played his hand and passed legislation to ban or limit gun own ership. Well, it is simple, he wants a second term. This is when he will play his anti-gun agenda. His problem is, he may (more than likely) not get a second term. Right now he is getting desperate. This is why he has been trying to stir up the women on birth control. It is why he is stirring up the Trayvon shooting. It is why he hired a liberal pundet to make an attack on Romney’s wife for being a stay at home mother. He is desperate because his policies have not worked and he is going down in popularity…fast.

He despises the second amendment and the entire constitution? I think that’s exaggerating quite a bit. Yeah, he’s anti-gun, and I don’t like that fact (as in, i don’t want guns banned.) But, I highly doubt he’s really that sinister.

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Topic: Off-topic / Holy fuckshit

Make a new decoy account and add him on that one, so your secret stalky fb profile stays safe.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Frequently Asked Questions & Ask stupid questions here!

What happens if you master an Invisible Ally? Do you get their Passive bonus permanently?