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Topic: Technical Support / Chat connection failed!

Tried everything, from firewall ports to use of another computer. Chat and achievement servers (no matter which channel is used) seem down. Not sure if this is a Windows issue, an area problem or a Kong one. Till yesterday evening (currently 3.28 am CET) everything worked fine.
My teammates seem not experiencing the same kind of troubles, but I see I’m not alone with this nuisance.
Hope it is just a temporarily rock on the path… Certain games without continuous feedback seriously suck :(

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Topic: Technical Support / Frame does not size appropriately to Flash object

1. click white on page (not on flash window)
2. hit Ctrl + – (minus sign)
most possible you enlarged the window and haven’t set it back to default (not necessarily in Kongregate)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / The Fabled Cow of Kessov Siege

Holy Grail Cow-tapult

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / What do you hate about this game?

It isn’t just a matter of simple timelines. PST noon is the only time window where gamers can reasonably coordinate a common action (not only in DotD). Moscow people is on its way to the pillow, but most of them are awake. Europe is in its evening. Most of South America and the US Atlantic side see their first afternoon blooming, while school folks in California is about to return home.
With little efforts even Japan, east Australia and New Zealand may surf the events. The main “victims” of PST noon (being in full night there) are Central Asia states. This is a big loss indeed. Filipino and Korean webpeople are among the best players I’ve experienced to play with (and against)… but most of communication rides the atlantic spine.

Take a DotD screenshot… Time an attack against a nightmare Scuttlegore… chop it to 10% health… good players, both sides of the ocean… coordinate… coordinate… Server down due to maintenance. Please check back again soon… Ivan has to go to bed, Boris too…
once line is active again the rest of the team depletes twice their honor bar… good result… 6 millions missing…. :)… oppps.. Scuttlegore regenerates 4 Millions… :(… bad bad bad story, isn’t it?

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Sei italiano? Vieni con noi!

Ciao a tutti. Andrea, Livello 63 e “running”… La guild in cui mi sono incastrato è decisamente addormentata (e la gente quando si connette fa gli improvements a degli afk) :S.
Ce l’avreste un buco per me?

Ding! :) 68 circa 4 ore