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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / No welcome back gift? Darn

Haven’t played since last august, come back to hear there was some Edgebee Nookie where players got ridiculous amounts of items for quitting for a prolonged period of time or something.

So jealous ._.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

1. A player market.

Stuff to trade with eachother for in-game currency (not gold or kredits). A plain idea. I’d have no clue what one would trade because I don’t know if it would break game mechanics or not.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / (unofficial) Player Council for SP3

If no one else is up to it, I wouldn’t mind being someone who would volunteer for such a position. Sounds like doing opinion polls, surveys, and moderating which are all things I have done before. The only disadvantage on my part is that I have not been involved in the S&P 2 forums on kong (chat on the otherhand…).

Anyways, back to grinding precrafts.

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Topic: General Gaming / Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead

Originally posted by H8teStorm:

You almost got that game done yet, lol? I got online and its gone (what gives)?

It got removed because of copy right issues.


Get the websites that host your game to remove it. Change the music, rename some of the things, and upload with different user details and a different email. Worth a shot, eh?

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Topic: General Gaming / Lead for Dead: Call of the Dead

what the hell

i wake up in the morning and find out that this game is gone from kong


back to doing nothing again

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] Please people, behave!

Originally posted by HuaiDanA68:
Originally posted by canshow:
…and reply to people’s comments with the grammar of a second grader.

Grammar of a second grader, I never said anything about typos. ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] Please people, behave!

Zworp really should have asked Kongregate to be an official sponsor. I bet they would’ve said Yes regardless. It’s sad to see how a game with such potential can go down the drain due to one decision. The rating already went down more than .10 points. That’s what happens when you bring a good game into a medieval society who still use chamber pots for toilets.

Guys, if you really did care about the game, you wouldn’t take the effort to argue fruitlessly about one simple tank design, and i bet that’s what at least what 5 pages of this topic are all about. It doesn’t matter if your tank looks more terrible then everyone else, all that matters is how you play the game. I rather spend a game killing, or trying to kill, 3 people, rather than choosing something to make me look more like one of those things from candystand and get myself teamed on by my own Kongregate brethren.

Well, actually, that’s not true. I wouldn’t bother playing the game anymore since I’m usually cussed out, KS’D, or killed before i can reach round two.

By the way, i don’t see how getting another tank design is being more cooler than everyone else. Who the hell do you actually think will think your cool because you have a smaller tank than someone else? Hell, the only people who are thought of as “cool” are the people on the leader-boards.

Unless you guys wanna have a UMAG Tank Beauty Pageant. Then people will think your cool. (Probably not. But they will think your something else.)

Anyways, time to kill off some boredom and play a 1 star multiplayer flash. That way i could soar in coolness as i post illogical topics about it and reply to people’s comments with the grammar of a second grader.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Mud & Blood 2] Wtf moments

An arty strike took out a soldier filled bunker. Then, radar spotted a v1 rocket. Ha, what do you know, radar is useless, so are snipers! V1 rocket drops 5 seconds after the radar spots it, and takes out half of two of my two trenches on the right side. Then, my bazooka shoots and blows up my tank. Of course, he and another zooka get taken out by a plane. So, my frenchi, officer, signaler, scout, medic, and two gunners retreat. You know what happens next? 5 crates drop by the top and get captured by enemy. My last 3 Special forces and 2 riflemen get slaughtered in the next way by a special blitzbergwhatever wave.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] Please people, behave!

Haha yeah i agree with all you people who are sick of the teaming.

70% of games i find myself double or triple teamed right in the beginning of the game. I dont care, as long as these new players from Candystand are still around not following the unwritten rules, i’m going to be teaming them with other kongregate players, not cursing at them, mind you all. I’m nice, but i do occasionally let out a swear or two if i’m KS’d repeatedly in a short amount of time. (I am still P.O’d if i do get KSd or teamed on)

Candystand and Kongregate games should be separated. IE, you can’t play against people on the other website. If it costs you money, then do it. You just made a bunch for posting this game on candystand. (mistake)

You should never have moved the game to Candystand. My respect for the game and the developer(s) has been destroyed by 3 noobs my first game on the reset. Games like this that depend on the player not being a total jacka** , should not be on every single possible website. One website is well enough. We already had some players that didn’t like playing fair on Kongregate. But moving the game to Candystand increased that by 2000%.

Yeah. You made money out of it. That’s what you want, or any human, wants anyways and you have to make money.. But did you even bother checking the people who go on Candystand? This could’ve done many ways, putting up a seperate alpha or beta game on there, observing other games that require player fairness, etc.. (You also lost that extra 15% ad revenue from kongregate)

I take one look at, and i already see problems. It’s not unique and it’s generic like most other gaming websites, which attracts bad sports. Look at kongregate’s homepage, and it already looks unique.

Did you try expanding this game to a unique website instead of that generic one? I would’ve guaranteed the noob numbers wouldn’t be this high if you did.

Sure, it encourages competition, and sometimes it means easy kills, but the line has been rampaged over by a huge horde of unfair new players. And im starting to think game dynamics have been changed on the original snow map.

Im sorry man, but this was a great game before it went over to noobstand.

And btw, tanks are only cosmetic. Nothing to wait for except for the superweapon, which also would seem to spoil the game. I’m glad the noobs that left kongregate for candystand are gone. At least i won’t have to see them brag about their tanks on the chat (even though the people who swear alot on the chat are still there.)

You might as well just put a swear counter in the game. If you swear too much, your permanently banned from the game. ALso would be a great idea to get rid of the guest feature.

My $0.02.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] Do you want the "shotgun" (1 hit kill Impact MIRV) back?


I get double teamed every game, and the last thing i need is for them both to shotgun me. Ill just quit if ya do re-add that bug. ;|