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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for testers is looking for testers –

We are looking for people willing to share some of their time to help us developing and shaping our current production, a tactic-puzzle game. Unlike majority of our previous games it is not a small flash game, but a try to become more indie.

You’ll get:
– Early access to our game.
– Ability to shape the final product with your suggestions and critique.
– Free copies/licenses of the final game once it is released for you and a couple of your friends.

We expect:
– A decent knowledge of English language.
– A couple of hours of free time a week.
– Willingness to take testing seriously.

If you are interested drop me a mail at telling us a bit about yourself. Do keep in mind that our current project is a Tactic Puzzle game, so unless you enjoy these two genres, you might not enjoy the testing. Keep that in mind. In the future, when working on new projects we will make new calls for testers.