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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Download this game?

Wow, I’m sorry to hear that. Make sure you check up on how much RAM and processor usage is being wasted on unnecessary background programs. In addition, you might want to change your color scheme to its lowest setting. If this does not work, you either have an at least partially outdated computer. But in any case the lower amount of background programs and colors should help a lot!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] questions

Clever initiative ^^

The inferno rating is independent from the “standard” rating (simply called “rating” in the game and in the high scores). Your standard rating is adjusted every time you finish a scaled PvP match, while inferno rating is adjusted every time you finish an inferno match which is always unscaled (i.e. does not scale your stats). Your clan will benefit from you having a higher standard rating, while your nugget count will benefit from consistently winning inferno matches (which will inevitably get you a high inferno rating).

Hope that clears up the difference between the two ratings!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Download this game?

This game uses the Unity Web Player plugin to run, which means you can download the current build and run it in Unity. Remember, a browser is only one of the many applications with the ability to connect to the internet! However, I think the developers currently are not distributing their builds, meaning you cannot download one. Also, having to re-download the build is indeed necessary as you cannot afford to have that much memory in your browser cache.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Design art! I'm trying to find a way to make a pun on Cinnamon Twist but I can't. There must've been a synonym I missed.

Cool! Interesting to see the development process, as well as the result. Here are some lame jokes I made up, probably not viable for implementation of course, but just for giggles: (Warning, I did not delete any of them, ANY, whatever came to mind is now on paper :P)

Cinnamon Twist! You can eat his legs, his ears, his face – but WATCH THE MUSTACHE.

Cinnamon Twist! Take a bite before it bites you!

Cinnamon Twist! With great power comes great edibility.

Cinnamon Twist! The last of his kind. – His mustache is truly unique.

Cinnamon Twist! We have yet to find out how it reproduces.

Cinnamon Twist! Those stripes are actually tan lines.

Cinnamon Twist! He’s not fat, he’s FLUFFY.

Cinnamon Twist! His mustache makes up for the lack of nose and ears.

Cinnamon Twist! The enemy of my enemy is my friend. That means teeth are my friends.

Cinnamon Twist! His enemy, Chocolate Chunks, met his fate on a hot summer day.

Cinnamon Twist! What’s that smell?

Cinnamon Twist! Certainly not a piece of cake.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] is there other games like this

I’m glad you enjoy match 3 games. Even though the genre of PvP match 3 is not new, Ember Strike is the very first game to introduce a match 3 that allows two players to use the same board. I could give you names of other popular match 3 games, either casual or hardcore, story mode centered or competitive-based. However, do realize this is Ember Strike’s forum. When going to McDonald’s, it is not very polite to ask if they also feature Burger King menus. If you want to find out about more particular match 3 games, you can browse the Kongregate category named “Match 3” or just do some Googling on match 3 games. As mentioned earlier, I would consider it really impolite to call out other match 3 games on a forum of a particular match 3 game.

Hope that helps! Have fun playing Ember Strike!

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Question About Sudden Death

Hi Blazestar! Can you explain what the “big sparkly star” looks like? Is it a flash that briefly prevents you from seeing anything on the entire board, or something that still allows you to see the board and the pieces? Also, you are supposed to lose nuggets when you leave a game. This is not a bug, this is to prevent players from leaving every game they lose to make sure they always win nuggets and never lose any.

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Topic: Kongregate / Game Message Spam aggravation

I would like to address the issue about the Game Message system. I also left a shout on your profile, Alsee.
The Game Message system does not send messages in bulk. Neither do the developers of games. You do however receive spam. This spam comes from your huge fan base, not from the games. If a dev would choose to send 2000 messages to one user, that would be considered spam by the developers instead of by the fans. If he gives users the option to tell other people about their game, and you have LOADS of fans, then you are screwed by Kongregate, not the games that use some malfunctioning system of Kong. I suggest if you feel like being a bigot and harassing people, do it to the Kongregate staff members. It’s probably not welcomed very kindly. This is because if you wish an issue resolved you go to the REAL cause of the problem (which is NOT simply every person that is part of the messaging system), which is that Kong is not fixing this issue. Also, whoever you think causes the problem, you do not ever harass them. Blocking games is fine. Giving 1-star ratings means you are just admitting to fully commit to bias in your rating, and personally harassing developers is out of question something you should stop with immediately. Please go to that Kong staff and start complaining, fix your ratings to what you honestly think those games deserve (NOT what you think the developers deserve and thus the game too, I mean an unbiased rating). Good luck, I hope this issue gets resolved.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Feedback Thread

Welcome back to the forums, andyk_!

Whoever wants to read along, I’d love you to read my post, but whoever wants to spend less than 20 seconds reading this, please skip to the TL;DR!

I’ll share my opinion on the clan system in this post later on. Do note that I realize many of these claims are irrelevant as they are going to be invalid as soon as any update kicks in on any part of the clans and its function in the game. The clan system obviously holds a great deal of potential as it engages a person into improving and communicating with others which keeps people hooked to playing a game for far more than, say 10 hours. Let’s say people were to grind some kind of trials, then usually the thing that keeps players going for ages (take any MMORPG with people playing for thousands of hours) is human interaction, just being able to chat and form groups keeps people envolved in a game. In other words, clans create a community, a community is almost a requirement for long-term playing. Short-term playing I think is no problem at all. Any catchy game with a simple concept for starters (match of 3 FTW) gets hundreds of thousands plays on Kong at the moment. This is why I do realistically think this game will become really popular. Come on, there should be at least 10 times the amount of current plays into this game if Kong features it and thus people will notice its existence.

If anything I would say please make sure that you get Kongregate to feature your game or find other ways (re-release?) to reach that front page. I would be heartbroken if this game would not bring enough money to sustain long-term development due to people simply not noticing it enough. I’ve never seen any example of a game before that has extensive programming, art, design, good servers, lots of content and a potential of a community, that did not get noticed and praised. So hopefully Kongregate will be awesome and make you have the first huge increase in play count (spending Kreds I’d guess is purely a percentage of those plays, I have no idea though).
This paragraph might not be very useful but I just wanted to write it anyways, as I don’t know whether you developers are starting to get bugged out by the player base stagnating after such an incredible amount of time and effort into producing a game that is also already deemed as being top-notch (4.1 rating for a game that does not fit one of Kong’s most popular genre is just really really high and averages at almost 1 million games played)

- EDIT – I’ve actually ran the numbers. I looked at the 600 top-rated games of Kongregate. You are currently ranked 421. In the top 600 games there are TWO games that have less plays than Ember Strike. One is a game that is a sequel to a similar-rated game with 360k times played: it is also a Unity game but does not approach the level of design of this game in any aspect. It does not have a menu, high scores, competitive play or a story mode. Therefore it is not comparable to this game in any way: its quality does not match up in any way, and its rating seems to be far more odd than the play count on that game. The other one is a tutorial. It is just a screenslide which means you click “next” 20 times before reaching the end of the tutorial. No other of these 600 games have had as little attention. This I think proves that this game will become far more popular and relieves me as it proves that it’s not just me over-hyping a game because I just played it a lot. Statistics back up my gut feeling of “How does this game have SO LITTLE plays with such huge game design?”.

Sorry about these earlier paragraphs, hope anyone who reads this is a quick reader and didn’t waste more than half a minute on this piece of text. I’ll now actually get on-topic, giving feedback about the clan system.

Currently the clan system has little support – by no means does that mean it is not awesome already as it is – in terms of functionality and player base. One can only battle another clan through a champion, there’s nothing for a clan to substantially gain from those battles yet. Also, on a very practical level there’s the issue that one cannot attack unless all defenders are down. This means that numbers > skill and attacking a champion will only last for a couple of seconds. I don’t know how, but something should allow defending and attacking to be more versatile and attacking should not be instantly denied by whoever is also participating in a clan battle. Also, the health of champions I think needs some sort of logarithmic scaling. I mean, I could probably still 1-hit 100k health, but 1000k would just be fearsome and make you feel like individuals don’t have much impact. Most team-based activities are both allowing everyone to participate properly, while still allowing every individual to have a big impact, and I think most people don’t like the feeling of having little to no power. Another thing is the timer – I usually run out of time with 5400 hp left out of 5573, having done 15k damage or so. It would be cool if either the battle lasts less long, is made to be more extended or there is a reward for having a certain % health left when the timer runs out. Just to name an example: Wartune has world bosses that have billions of health, with hundreds of players participating every day in those bosses. You get a gold reward when the boss dies based on how much damage you did, with even bigger bonusses for the epic Top 10. The similarity is stunning and it also is the perfect example of what works: it functions well, rewards individuals, doesn’t lose track of it being a large-team effort, uses the in-game mechanic which is what keeps you occupied during these events.

One more thing, if clans get big, maybe the battles would need to be shorter? Or perhaps there should be multiple types of battle. Obviously if there would be a world mode there are infinite possibilities. Puzzle Pirates provides an example of how ridiculously imaginative game designers can be when they have the freedom of creating a virtual world combined with mini-game style mechanics which is again what people spend most time on in that game too. There is no better thing I can imagine than creating a game that has its own world and economy, with wars and pacts spread over it, while not losing track of the essential game-play. What I’m saying is that I think clan wars succeed most in a context, just as the actual mini-game which is the center of Ember Strike. The latter is hugely attractive on its own too, but the former I think only really flourishes when there’s a perspective: a world to dominate or a tournament between clans to win. Being a winner (or having to cope with losing) or dominating (or realizing you need more firepower to regain territory) is exciting and keeps people engaged into the clan system. A number alone is not attractive.
Excuse me for having to call out names of particular games, I only did so because it has succeeded at using an element such as a clan system and is hugely successful in general. The conceptual similarity was also just so stunning I had to mention it.

For now I am hugely enjoying the game, eagerly waiting what happens next in terms of player base change and updates. I might soon start streaming the game for a while to see if 10 or more people are willing to watch me. If after 10 hours or more still less than 3 people are watching I would simply wait for the game to gain players before re-attempting to stream, as then it would not have any significant impact on either myself or the popularity of the game.

TL;DR YAY I have proven my claims about play counts statistically. insert alternating between cheering and criticizing the current clan system here. Will attempt streaming to see if that catches some viewer’s attention, maybe that will be a small advertisement towards the game (and of course I like attention, rofl, a lot), if unsuccessful I’ll wait until lots of people start playing the game so that if you were to organize a live event, people would want to watch and/or be a part of it. Then I could still stream separate from that, but it would be only for my own sake as the small advertising function would be insignificant (10 viewers, 3 start playing, 1000 player base, not very effective). And you can bet that I’ll sign up for any live event I can attend practically (read: online events :P).

Thanks for the response and bearing through my critique! I hope my perspective is worth the long read!


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Feedback Thread

@danl9rm: the AI had been reset, which means they all had 1500 rating again, it will take some time (read: tons and tons of games played) before it balances out appropriately again, I guess.

The update had been long foretold and I could not believe it when I found out you actually patched the game! The concept of trials and clan wars is amazing, and sure those clan battles pose a competitive group-environment that a game needs for players to not get bored after reaching a rating cap from playing a few hundred games.

I do recall that basically for a lot of the “maxed-out” players the update would mean new things to acquire or explore. As it stands, I can 1-hit every champion in clan battles and run through all levels of trials without ever failing a match. I also have to sell all acquired boxes since they simply do not even approach the strength of my current equipment. Hopefully when more players start getting involved in the game, trials might be extended to perhaps 50 levels? Also, extra usage for clan tokens (e.g. for champion upgrades) would give extra depth to playing the game for an extended amount of time.

I would never want a reset; that would simply mean doing the same process of acquiring items, levels and rating all over again. Even if I would enjoy resetting my account, I could just as well start an alternative account if that is not against the rules. Anyone who becomes maxed out would want new ways to progress, through items, levels, rating, entirely new things (such as champion upgrades and clan wars) or skill gain. As it stands, I could become far more skilled, but at no reward other than a few extra floom levels. Trials that would have no cap and would always increase in difficulty is an example of making skill improvement more rewarding than seeing a number grow with 1 over 30 times and then have it drop by 30 if you lose once.

My only hope is that in the future (not necessarily soon, but some day, I will not be capped in skill or items, and can for instance see what my maximum trials is if it were uncapped and ever-increasing in difficulty. The latter I understand might not be possible or at least needs ways to not allow for indefinitely strong gear, but I intend it as an example of something that would make me have to go through trial-and-error again, rather than beating everything first-try.

I hope my criticism does not overrule my opinion that this game is amazing, and the update even more so! The new interfaces, sound effects, the new hero, all this content updating, the graphics updates, it’s all really amazing. I really hope for you developers that this game becomes incredibly popular.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Is the game pay to win? Experiment time!

@el_boncho: Sorry for responding so very late, but I think the only thing you need is practice. You’ll get more nuggets and items in that meanwhile so your rating would even improve when your skill would not, but you will easily hit 2500 elo just by practicing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] multiple moves/AI

Originally posted by ncObserver:

There is no possible way a human player is that fast.

I’m averaging to 550 with dummy AI (so not the elite 2300+ ones), and you could win perhaps 95% of the games against the best AI’s currently implemented. The remaining 5% would be way too unlucky cascades and other forms of bad luck (mines in corner, etc.). AI is quite slow and wins from humans by superior stats, some forms of cheating and if the human is bad enough, superior mechanics and skillshots.
It is definitely possible human players are that fast, some of them are much faster than the fastest AI at the moment.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Feedback Thread

@SirDuck36: I agree fully, but of course that’s not the reason I dedicate my first paragraph to your post (that would be useless). I just wanted to say that you said the game is not skill-based. If you meant with that rating, then no, as you will progress as you get a hang of mechanics, more speed, and more focus on the right orbs. If you meant that it is not based on skill whether you win or lose, that would be only applicable when considering you keep playing at your own rating level which means you keep having a win/loss rate of 50%. However, this is totally logical and if you’d want to see if winning or losing happens unfairly you have to keep the opponent’s rating the same, and then of course you will see higher and higher win/loss rates as your skill goes up.

@MightyM770 and @ThorAsunder: I have not been able to gain any support of Thor’s theory on AI becoming significantly stronger when losing. The effect on the human brain when one is losing a fast-paced game however is HUGE. Thor may support his propositions on AI becoming obsessive with winning if he can, but for now my best guess is that this is purely a genuine claim that comes from frustration (I don’t mean to demeanor your claim to be made while frustrated, I just mean I think it was formed out of misjudgment caused by frustration). I myself thought this for a while but I managed to overcome the rating gap between me and yoshi and now have played numerous game at 2600-ish rating without AI going more off-balanced than at 2500. At the moment improving rating at 2600 is just a matter of improving the win-rate against the best AI’s currently implemented.

In the same way (I really intend this paragraph with the same explanation around my counterclaim as previous to this, so I won’t repeat it for the sake of not repeating myself), I have looked for the AI using spells that weren’t filled with mana, or magically creating mana without matching the appropriate orbs, and I’ve watched it for around 100 games now.

@MightyM770: Whenever the game is in a state of pause. I would want to say “This for humans is currently when any animation outside from the board is playing”, which would make sense (as this also includes the flipping of the board), but is inconsistent for different events. Katsu’s first stage ultimate seems only slightly giving AI an advantage. Katsu’s second however gives you control over spells and matches even before you can properly see the board. Because I can’t view the board, I don’t know whether the AI in this case can move before, after, or in sync with humans. In most cases, though, the AI can move quicker, and curiously too: it seems to be VERY eager to. Its normal matching speed is not that high, but when I used Captain Fang’s El Perico, I remember I could always view the board quite some time before being allowed to move by then, and the AI would always have done 1 or 2 matches by that time.

Hopefully you can figure out a consistent way to time the moment when the AI and human regain control over the board and their spells. Good luck :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] AI's: How to Uncover Them

I’ve been hanging around the chat, playing and playing on, in the meanwhile noticing how many people complain about mainly one thing: the in-game AI’s. Yep, you’re playing against AI’s most of the time and there are many ways to notice them. I’ll tell you how. Why? Because it’s not only interesting to know (curiosity, in other words), but it also enables you to anticipate on the behaviour of your opponent, and to actually judge the AI’s and their balance compared to humans better.

Just a quick note, all the AI-unveiling aspects I will cover are INDICATIONS. Treat them like that. The more indications you come across, the more probable it is that your working hypothesis (the opponent is an AI – or – the opponent is a human player) is in fact corresponding with the truth.

So, what’s the very first thing you do when you’re about to play a game? You pick a wager and thereby get queued into the matchmaking system of this game. How does this matchmaking work? Most of that will be irrelevant to this post and it so happens to be all written down already in a topic about AI’s and some explanation regarding them: The aspect of being in queue that actually matters to the aim of this paragraph – learning to be able to tell whether you are playing against a human or an AI – is nothing more than the time it takes before you get hooked up against another player. At the moment it takes 10 seconds before you automatically get hooked up against an AI.

This is already a VERY strong indication, but immediately after being matched up we get the second, and also second-strongest, indication: the name of the player. I guess the developers love number-typing, as most (perhaps all, I don’t know!) AI’s have names such as strongb34r, and just from what I have seen so far, the numbers AI’s have seem to be 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7. I can’t remember seeing a 0 instead of an o, for instance.

Now you could well be playing a guest, all of whom get auto-assigned names in the same way as the AI’s. You already have the time it took for getting matched up as reference, but if you still doubt, the game-play hasn’t even started yet!

The game has just started and you can now see your opponent’s Warble and Champion. The Warble is the furry little creature that is “you” in-game, which you equip to gain stat bonuses. Your Champion actually fights and takes hits while your warble stands back. Now you know what these two are, you might not yet know how much it costs to buy champions. Well, a lot. It’s nearly impossible without Kreds at the moment because of the broken nugget/ember ratio. This means, especially at lower ratings, it’s very unlikely for humans to possess another Champion than the shark. In other words, any non-standard Champion indicates heavily that you’re playing an AI. Any standard Champion indicates lightly that you are playing a human, all of course never unrelated to your other pieces of evidence. One more thing before the actual playing begins is the Warble’s equipment. Again, the lower the rating, the stronger the indication: if your opponent’s Warble is INSANELY well-equipped, it’s very likely an AI, notice the previous remark though. Having standard items only makes almost no suggestion in one way or the other, including one legendary/epic (resp. purple/orange) item and mythic (green) or lower besides that.

Finally, your opponent is making moves, and hopefully you are too. The developers are currently working on the AI (I think/hope) so this paragraph might be the most subjective to the notion of “for the time being”. At the moment there are three major ways during gameplay that discover AI, because they are forms of cheating, meaning that it is certain that you play against AI when you come across one of these three. They are quite elaborate and sometimes subtle (especially at lower ratings, say less than 2000, but if you get to 2100+ you will surely see this behaviour every game you play against an AI. As it would be too long to cover the three of them here, I’ve got to refer to my post about AI improvement suggestions:, all of which are not only cheating but also ways to be sure you’re playing against AI.

Besides cheating, what else does an AI opponent do different in game-play at the moment? Well, even at very high ratings (2300+), the AI is still quite slow at cannon. We humans know that there’s going to be a next shot right after we’ve placed the former, if we haven’t already shot three times. The AI however will keep taking a bit of time between shots, so if you see the cannon of your opponent being slower than it has to be, it’s quite likely you are playing an AI. This does not work for slingshots though, as they are harder and humans themselves differ quite much individually in how accurate and fast they shoot them, and when also figuring that it matters what rating you have, I would not take slingshots as any indication unless you’re sure that the shots your opponent took were totally not human, or, too sloppy for an AI.

FOR TL;DR: AI is mainly uncovered by numbers in their name, replacing “base names” like Earl, meaning commonly AI is 0arl, ear3, etc. But guest accounts also have these names. If AI does something you are SURE of that you can’t, like remove smoke during an ultimate, it’s AI.

NAMES OF AI: Animals, developer’s names (Heather) or other basic names (Joe), all of which have many “children” like he4th3r, he4ther, J0e, Jo0, 1oe, etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Feedback Thread

If I may, I’ll give some suggestions based upon what I’ve seen perhaps 100 times or more, so as to be sure my judgment cannot be clouded by a few frustrated moments.

1. The AI still cheats subtly, in a few ways:

A) When you fire up your ultimate while an AI opponent is “bombed” (which means it has to click on certain objects which name I don’t know to blow away the smoke), it will certainly cheat. I have seen countless times how I forgot this for a moment and fired up my ultimate while the AI was still covered in smoke. During the ultimate it goes away which means there must be a way for the AI to simply keep clicking, or if the AI is more abstract, the cool-down before the smoke goes away keeps running.
Shortly said, the AI can still remove its smoke while the game is paused by an ultimate.

B) When the game is paused, there’s a certain moment when you can continue your click-and-dragging or clicking on spells, naturally. This moment, however, currently does not seem to match up with the AI. As my rating went up (as I’m writing I am 2300-ish rated), it simply became a norm for the AI to always make one or two matches before I could even cast a spell (for instance a smoke screen which I delayed until after my ultimate, because of 1A). I don’t know how the code looks like, but I hope the developers will be able to trace back why this happens, as I even feel like (but this I did not make a separate letter as I am too unsure) their “target speed” goes up while the ultimate is cast. I know that there is an average target matching speed for AI’s and that it is influenced by the game. Hopefully this is just an illusion and the AI only moves prematurely, not overly quickly.

C) This one I am also unsure of so I’ll keep it short. It seems to me that AI can sometimes make a move when a pause (when they got their cannon/slingshot or ultimate) has just occurred, so adding to the last part of 1B, it seems simply as if the timings of when AI pauses compared to when humans are forced to pause, are slightly off.

2. AI goes too slow with cannon: humans are great at anticipating, AI’s are not. The top rated humans can all throw cannon balls with only 100 milliseconds at max nothing happening. The sling of course is different as it’s not 3 times the same. On this notion of anticipation I’d like to move on to my third comment on AI:

3. AI needs some extra coefficients in move decision-making and matching speed. We humans look at the center of the board first, and then circularly move towards the edges. We skip large parts of the board that we can quickly see not to hold potential matches so of course this is quite sketchy, but generally this is how most of us would do it. It’s even better to do this as cascades (matches that appear by falling pieces) are more likely to happen when matching closer to the center. We also tend to follow up a match with another one that’s very close if there is any possible match close: while the orbs fall into place we naturally look closest around that space, making that a temporary “center”. AI does not do any of this at the moment. Sometimes it simply matches one and does not do anything with what then turns out to be a potential match, as a result of the prior match. Humans would rarely miss this, I mean, I very often click, drag, and then immediately click and drag again because I anticipated the next appearing potential match. Also, AI sometimes does do two matches very quickly after one another, with quite some space between them. This is just the same concept as earlier described, but then the other way around. I think such coefficients would greatly enhance the credibility of AI.

PS. Now I do want to tell why I write this. I think this game is great and holds great potential as well. That being said, there’s still a huge lot of complaining involving the AI, which I could not help but only partially disagree with. People will always feel frustrated and blame it on something, but hopefully a credible, non-cheating AI would improve game-play and reduce the amount of complaining about the in-game AI.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] New Character sneak peak! TDY-1000

Originally posted by skullhead51:

The Acolyte?

Yeah, The Acolyte. Excuse my spelling, I thought I remembered it correctly, but apparently I did not. It’s in the trailer as if it’s a hero, but has not made such an appearance in-game :(

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] New Character sneak peak! TDY-1000

and where’s Acrolytan? Hehehehehe.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ember Strike] Is the game pay to win? Experiment time!

You deserve an awesomeness reward. Well-written original post, your point is proven so clearly and thoroughly, and you then went on in a comment how the legendary gear farming works. Thanks, this clears up a lot!

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Topic: Wartune / R2 staff blatant lying

How rude, honestly I think someone else at R2games responded (the one saying you spent 1000 Balens), who did not have any information about the prior dialogue between you and the R2Games Support. They are really slow in understanding it seems, talking about taking a screenshot…about an event that has already ended. I guess the communication at their support is shaky. But, there’s no harm in arguing if you know you are right.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Tournaments

So? I am level 12 and could have had a lvl 35 ninja by now. I only have a lvl 26 though. If I level up 15 times, I receive 150 karma at least, probably 170 or so by achievements. Assuming you need 10 karma avg. for lvl 35-60 ninja’s it would be pretty doable.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Ninja Warz] Tournaments

This is not true. I’ve just won a tournament without buying any karma. I am however only level 12.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / pleas help DOOM BOW

yeah, btw this sounds all fictional to me
“I GOT Best weapon in the entire game IS IT ANY GOOD?”

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Help!

OMG I explained into detail the cause of the problem, the solution to it and some exceptions that could occur

WHERE ARE THEY NOW? Did greenybo just start a new post?? (wtf that would be ridiculous; ok problem solved, let’s ask another time!)
Or did they get deleted somehow?

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Help!

Yes, but as I tried to explain, the primary solution will be to press the button connected to the direction you are moving in. The “nexus flee” note was just so you would also know what to do when you are for instance in god lands and you are surrounded by gods, dying in a second if you would take the time to press W, A, S or D.

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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / Help!

Yes, I have a suggestion.

You should press the key of the direction you’re “stuck” in; if you are going up without you pressing a button, press the button which makes you go up; usually that would be W but you could change it if you are using the mouse left-handed for intance.

If you click, then go off-screen, and then go back on it, you will fire your weapon even if you do not click anything. The same works for moving; you clicked W for instance, clicked outside of the screen (when you fire you just have to move ur cursor, but now you have to click to make this getting “stuck” happen), and then inside again, your W-button is activated untill you press it again.

You’ll get used to this; if this happens to me I click on my in-game window as fast as possible and click in the direction I am moving to. If I nearly die I won’t even bother and immediatly press F (I have set the nexus-hotkey to F).

I hope this will help you :)

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Tiers

I think you should then rename the tiers since, imo, this sounds like the tiers little kids make on Tribal Wars (which is not a childish game but kids also play it)