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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / "Too many heaps"

I get it all the time. Anytime I leave the page to do anything else and then forget to restart the browser it’s a guarantee.

Doesn’t happen on any other game on the site and doesn’t matter if I stay on the Kongregate site or go to a different site.

Annoying, but I just generally do my stuff on this game first and then move on to other stuff now.

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Topic: Technical Support / Virus scanner saying problem with css file


I’ve been having a problem today with my vuirus scanner reporting an exploit in the kongregate ie8_sitewide[1}.css file. I’ve deleted the quarantined files and run two different virus scanners. I’ve also checked other sites and kongregate is the only one coming up with the report. Thought I would pass it along for someone to look into.