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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / MECHANIST Games Still Alive and Working on the Loading Problem

Mechanist Games posted on their Facebook about the loading problem! We’re getting compensated too! I’m crossing my fingers that it will be enough to make up for the loss of Subscription days.

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Loading issue

I was able to log in with Firefox but was unable to load dungeons (got stuck at 98%). NOW after clearing cache, it has same problem as Safari – STUCK AT LOADING TITLE.


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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Server Migration and Maintenance

We need a hotfix. There are now loading issues for a bunch of people. :X

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / Loading issue

same here – on Safari browser

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Topic: City of Steam: Arkadia / RIFT WEAVER - It needs more MEAT

A relative handful of players end up killing the Rift Weaver so fast that many do not get to participate.

A minimum time duration for the Rift Weaver’s life span rather than a health value might be a better way to keep up with escalating damage rates.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / It's DOWNHILL At Level 30 and Beyond

The current state of the game:

The PvP is based on level brackets. It’s relatively fair until you hit level 30, at which point you get matched with anyone over level 30 regardless of their wins or medal tier.

As a level 32 player in 1st gold tier, I got matched against a level 48 player in royal medal tier. All of his/her cards were 4 stars with plenty of epic or legendary. It would take weeks of grind or lots of gold to match that, and this became a pattern – almost every match up was against a player 5-16 levels above.

Needless to say, PvP became not so fun due to strategy being trumped by powerful cards like Hellfire, which deals 8—>14 damage to all units.

So if not PvP, then enjoy the story mode, right? Wrong. The stages eventually start jumping drastically in challenge level, so much that one needs overpowered cards at high stars just to get through them.

Add to this the bugs in the game like the PvP rewards that were never rewarded to my account even though I had reached Royal Medal tier, and the game gets less fun.

The publishers do not communicate with the players very much if at all, because they are running a lot of different games and complaints will get lost in the shuffle due to a limited staff.

There are no announcements or developer blogs to let players know whether there are even plans to expand or fix the game in any way, and there’s no clue as to whether the server will even last long enough for everyone with determination to reach endgame content.

I’m glad that I tried the game before putting any money into it this time.

It’s almost good enough to support. It’s just not there yet.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / NO PVP REWARDS

I never got my rewards from PvP for reaching Royal Medal 9th place. What’s up with that?

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Matchmaking SUCKS

Once you hit level 30 or over, you get matched with much higher level players or much lower level players (if you’re a high level) in PvP, or have problems finding matches at all.

Fix the ranges please.

Make it easier to do PvP or change the DAILY after hitting level 30.

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Topic: Summoner's Legion / Unfair spell

R2 Games might not be able to re-balance anything since they only publish the game, not design it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

A reason for adding better story is that such a series of updates is needed to help balance against the grind factor of the game. Better stories can transform battles by giving them meaning. At first glance it may not seem necessary but the more you grind, the more you realize how much a good story would improve the game and breathe life into it.

The amount of grind needed to even try to “catch up” is a huge investment of time that could be better spent in other games that provide better immersion and better communication from the developers. Real life is an energy system as well. Do you want to grind and sacrifice time to “catch up”? Is it worth what you give up?

Getting involved with the “community” requires that there BE an available community, and judging from the history of the game so far (ex. forced server merges), the prospects of having a decent sized community in the future are not that great (signs point to shrinkage).

This game would be great if the developers had put more thought into the implementation. As it is now, the gameplay can leave a sense that it is incomplete and desperate for money.

The game may be fun in at least some aspects, but the big question is if it is worth enough to invest time and money. Will the game afford to maintain its server as it is currently? This game could close due to insufficient funding because it does cost money to keep a server running. Imagine all your hard grinding or donated money going down the drain because the developers rushed the release of this game and didn’t make the necessary changes to keep it going. No refunds on time or effort.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Astro Lords: Oort Cloud] Actual Reasons Why This Game Will Fail

Overall Assessment: The game has a lot of potential but forgoes fulfilling that potential for short term attempts at monetary gain, making one wonder if the server will actually survive long enough for investment to be worth it.

1. Microtransactions are overboard – Compared to most free-to-play games, there are just too many in this game, and too many in places where they shouldn’t be.

The Premium currency that can be attained through normal play is very limited – you can’t earn it on a daily basis or even a weekly basis, so eventually a player will hit a wall on the free side.

50-quest completion quest – This quest has an awesome prize when it appears, but then the game generates TIMED random quests that can’t be completed without spending RL money. This makes the player that earnestly tried to complete the quest feel cheated and had his time wasted, not just for trying to complete the quest but also from getting spammed by random Premium quests.

The game requires premium currency for one of the most basic city-building aspects: moving structures.

Although microtransactions are necessary to keep a FTP game running, they have to be balanced with building a community by getting more free-players joining in. If it’s not balanced that way, then the game must have quality design to compensate for it, because it invites comparison to subscription-based games like Final Fantasy XV if the money demand reaches too high. Why pay X amount of money to play this game when you can spend the same amount to play another game that has potentially higher quality design?

2. Shallow Story Immersion – The game focuses a lot on its interface and flashy impact but not enough on the story. There are no memorable characters and very little plot. The game could do so much on this end that it’s a shame that it does so little. If the game developers would just hire a writer or open it up with contests in the community there would be so much goodness to enrich the game.

3. Lack of Communication – The game developers need to show that they are committed to receiving feedback from the players and willing to make big changes if need be, but there has not even been a single suggestions thread on the Kongregate forum as of this post. Fixing bugs is nice but that’s not nearly enough to keep a game like this flourishing. The game devs also have to spend more time actually communicating with the players.

4. Mangled Exploration – Asteroid movement is insanely slow, so much that it kind of ruins the exploration aspect of the game. In addition, the variation of discoveries is too small – it’s not very exciting to just get crystals from the vast majority of discoveries. This is one area of the game where story-based quests (as in real stories, not the generic mush normally given) could also be generated but sadly they are not.

5. Rushed Beta – The developers focused on looking for bugs and testing out the monetary transaction system rather than collecting feedback on the game’s actual content, which is a big no no in MMO design work. This shows a lack of commitment to improving the game in future updates. Why should players pay money to support a game whose developers care more about short term monetary earnings than long-term enrichment of the game?

Come on, Devs! Make us believe that you care by actually changing the ways you do things here!

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Topic: Forge of Gods / Add Friends (ID ingame)




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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Heroes of the Banner Maintenance on 2/11 @ 19:00 PST

Wave 5 and wave 10 on map 13 seem to have gotten switched. Boss on wave 5, no boss on wave 10, which was kind of surreal. :S

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Heroes of the Banner Maintenance on 2/9 @ 04:15 EST

The mail sent had 5000 gold and 345 gold – no summoner tomes. :S

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Topic: Heroes of The Banner / Heroes of the Banner Maintenance on 2/9 @ 04:15 EST

In the future, it might be nice to get a warning a wee bit before maintenance actually happens so that players can wrap up what they’re doing.

That said, it’s good to know that there is an actual support staff for the game. Thank you for your hard work.

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Topic: Card Hunter / save the trees

If you avoid the golem while taking out its minions, you can rack up enough points to win the battle. Took me like over a dozen tries but somehow made it to the end.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Clicks per second

open up a second or third tab in browser to create lag spike

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / GEORGE BUSH?! WTF?!

I just had my idle DPS take out a boss that had George W. Bush’s head on the body of a Kappa.

It was a photograph headshot placed on the boss’ body.


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Siyalatas is pointless(?)

Siyalatas doesn’t boost your base DPS alone. It boosts your TOTAL DPS after Hero Soul bonus.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / picking cards after challenges

You get to keep all your picks.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Ideas and suggestions

The Urd-Nag boss fight would be a lot more fun if he started from the farthest distance instead of the closest distance. Make it a protracted battle that has vast numbers of minions traveling along with him to force the player to remake towers – ALSO allow the towers to be resold and remade —> it takes a lot of fun out of the tactical aspect of the game if you disallow selling towers during a battle for the purpose of adapting to changing conditions.

Less fun = Pointless and detracting from the purpose of playing a game.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Ideas and suggestions

A passive bonus to starting Prime, based on player level, would go a long way to improving the feel of level advancement in the game.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Ideas and suggestions

If certain monsters like Ghosts, or even certain Bosses, were particularly vulnerable to certain magic spells, it would add an extra level of depth to card selection for stages.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / Ideas and suggestions


You can refresh your browser to reroll the side mission levels.

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Topic: Prime World: Defenders / How I Beat Urd-Nag

I managed to barely defeat Urd-Nag on Normal difficulty. Here was my setup when I did it.

Lvl. 33 at the time with all Talents unlocked.

Maxed Evolve ALL Prime Gun, Mortar, Prime Injector, Ice Tower, Detector and Accursed Tower.

The setup is almost entirely concentrated on the final choke area on the map.

I loaded a Prime Injector onto the Range Boost.

I set up 2 Ice Towers to maximize the slowed area.

I placed 3 Mortars on the area, at least 1 of them on the damage boost.

I set up 3 Accursed towers to cover the choke.

2 Ice Towers for each inner bend at the bottom (shaped like “N”) to cover the area.

1 Prime Gun next to the Prime Injector. 4 Prime Guns lined up on the row with the Ice Tower.

Detectors are set up next to the Ice Tower and Accursed Tower on the bottom 2-slot isles.

Max leveled Prime Guns during the battle.

Had to finish off the Boss with a Maxed Rain of Fire followed by lvl 22 Summon Magma because he moved out of the range of the guns with just a little health left.

Hope this helps.