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Topic: Reactor idle / Basic Beginner Guide

Originally posted by bioboygamer:

Also, how can I know whether or not it is risky to upgrade my heat generation?

That’s easy, just copy your save data somewhere temp (like a notepad++ file), upgrade and see what happens. If it fails, paste your previous save and reload. If not, hurray! (:

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Topic: Kongregate / Vote for the Best of 2012 Quest!

I quote like all the mentioned games, except for fancy pants and jacksmith. I’ve not had a chance to play wartune so I’m not voting for that. I love the reemus series and i saw he standing there and musaic box are great art-concept games! My favourite would have to be RPGs like monsters den, legend of the void and strike force heroes – but I’m going to vote for enigmata stellar wars! because I can save the game and import it easily, also the units there and the challenges are fun too

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Suggestions & Bug reports & Changes

Originally posted by Miggs101:

The add seems to be having trouble running and when the game loads in it is missing the scroll bar. This makes it unplayable as I can only see part of the page. Not sure if its you or Kong that has the problem.

And just after I post it works. Sorry for the wasted post.

Seems like an issue with your browser tbh, i see that happens to me sometimes – nothing to worry about though.

Originally posted by Zorrg:


Now it doesn’t work…

fighting bosses cheaper? If you mean the BL cost it can be reduced to 6BL per hunt/attack on bosses. Also i recommend you don’t do bosses until at least lv11, i didn’t start myself until lv 70ish

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Topic: Kongregate / Developer Appreciation Thread

Originally posted by MachuPichu:

I WOULD say Mosh is my favorite, but after over a month of waiting for the latest installment of TOAM, no.

To be honest I don’t have a favorite developer, but you’re all beautifully brilliant for what you come up with. Never stop, you’re the blood sweat and tears that fuel our addictions and ruin our lives! <3

Sweat, don’t forget the sweat! lol

And yeah, i appreciate all the developers on kong – esp the ones who read the comments and update their game accordingly :D

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Topic: Kongregate / Happeh Greg Month!

Originally posted by denamo:

Happy Gamestop Month

Happy GregStop month! \o/

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Topic: General Gaming / Paladog Sub-Forum/ Guide

nvm that last section. I spammed archers and won lol.

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Topic: Kongregate / Quest Suggestions! (updated 6/16)

I got another one: Lag Heaven
Then put lots of computer/resource-intensive games on the list lol.
I know Fancy Pants Adventure series lags my PC (8 years old)

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Topic: General Gaming / Paladog Sub-Forum/ Guide

Can a sub-forum be made for the game Paladog please? ( ) The game has a multitude of levels, upgrades, items etc. There are currently no walkthroughs/ guides (that I can find) and I would like to contribute to making one.

The game is recently new and I’m finding that noming boss on page 3, 2nd/ last boss. It one-hit-KOs everything and is hard to damage for me :/ Any tips? I might try spamming the weakest unit next time I play

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] [Dev] Welcome to CoB!

just a lowbie passing by :D

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Suggestions: Swords & Potions

Originally posted by TruePurple:

It would be really nice if one could click on a treasure chest or something (like the one next to your counter that currently seems to be only for decoration) and get a list of all the items you own, like recipes does, except items you own instead.

that’s kinda hard because the old versions are replaced by the new versions

The display on the right is a mess to sort through and does not give name or price or ingredients/craftman used, (and items are slightly obscured by other items next to them) I would like this all items own chest display to show all of that, plus hopefully some sorting options too.

THe bad positioning etc is because of the latest update
Originally posted by Ole00:
Here is a few of my observations:

- An upgrade button on the quest screen (When recieving rare mats) Seen this mentioned alot…
- A Quest log containing both active questers you’ve sponsored, and an icon on the returning questers with the item you’ve sponsored them with.
- More varity on the dialogue’s (need i mention the bull? or the disgust…)
- Change the dialogue with the quester that forgot to pick up the loot, cause he failed.. didnt he? And what about the questers that ran away from the monster, they should be able to return the item?
- Success rate(s) on the haggeling/suggestion buttons – Right now its 100% gamble to click the damn thing.
- And could you make the Improvement window “auto-close” when you use up all your improvement points?

Just a few things i’d like to see improved :)
G’day Sir or Maam

These are great! Especially the “I forgot to loot” and " I got scared an ran off" parts of the adventurers – give us our dam items back! Or when they “forgot” about our quest and sold the items to another shop … o.O

>A guild chat on the chatbar would be good

>THe upgrade resource bins at quest completion is nice (I missed out on some rares :/) as the only way to do it is refresh the screen with F5 then upgrade the bins and talk to the quest guy..

>How about a lottery or weekly/monthly contest on the forum to get some tokens? :)

~I’m about lv50 ingame btw

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] Errors

my “waiting for card module” problem is back once again (not always this one, sometimes its others, sometimes its random and works) – any solutions? (and yeah i’ve done the usual refresh, turn ad-block/security off etc)

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Charity Event - Swords & Potions

Originally posted by NeilSenna:
Originally posted by Danaroth:

It’s not a win for all the games you would play in place of S&P during the time you use to get the gifts. I surely would find this much more reasonable if S&P would do their own part in providing money to charity as well (which could already be; I just don’t find it stated anywhere).

100% speculation, but I expect they paid Kong for it. Or alternatively, provided some financial boost to the charity pot.

I reach that hypothesis purely because I can’t imagine S&P receiving such a gigantic boost of publicity and players without having paid for it.

well, the advertising and stuff also helps with the money – and the game gets more plays so win-win situation for most

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Topic: Dream World / Badges pl0x?

Originally posted by mrwiggs8:

Well, the kong badges are fairly easy. Beat either the old man/dragon thing or the fake emerald princess is one of the ‘hard’ badges, along with killing 2000 mobs. The easy one is succeed at 5 puzzles, and the medium badge is to complete Emerald City.

hmm… I guess I’ll go for it when I have time, maybe next summer or something — thanks for the info!

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Topic: Kongregate / Kongregate Charity Event - Swords & Potions

and back to playing S&P… and waiting out that horrible time limit :/

but it’s great to see an in-game objective produce RL results, gratz Kong! =)

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Topic: Dream World / Badges pl0x?

Originally posted by glekon:

He says he is to lazy to play the game. Why would he want the in-game badges?

because i’ve played the game for more than one year (since the game started) and icba to do everything again… because its too boring! (and I haven’t actualy looked at the DW badges thoroughly) I got most of the in-game medals on my fb version

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Originally posted by juanpy:
Originally posted by truvo:

People keep on calling me a hacker in the game, they say that they will report me and things like that. im really playing farely and i dont even know how to hack anything. do you think i will get in trouble ???

Dont trut them,they are just jealous because you play better than they..Me too i remeber when i killed so much times a higther level and she start swearing about mi country and sayd she gonna report me for being a hacker…And dont later nothing happened with my acc :)

Originally posted by CandyCastle:

Once, a person called me a hacker when he killed me. I lol’d.


LOL! I remember that too, a month or so ago I was in a room with some woman on the leaderboard thingy and she threatened to report me/ban me for hacking because SHE SUCKED so bad! either that or it was the lag but meh~ Anyway I loved tdp4 when it first started, 1xp per kill fair and square no-way to cheat or anything!

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Ak47 or m16?

Originally posted by juanpy:

@Pikachu1337 No offense but you probably are worst than the newies of tdp4 forums,stop spaming if your thread is dead :3.

as he said, and others it’s obviously m16 – I don’t see why so many people get ak47 (it sucks badly!) but personally I think I skipped it (don’t remember because it was over a year ago) I got AUG (the best wep in the game xD) and currently using SAW (machine gun) and RPD as back-up when I run out of ammo

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / The new weapons

Originally posted by Royal_Gangster:

My mistake, lasors should be stronger than most guns in this game, but still the new pg mark 1 is a better weapon than the barret which makes logic sense.

please stop using the word logic sense, logic is basically a type of common sense (it’s liek saying logic logic twice, don’t do it!)

and I hope there’s a christmas sale! There was one last year and the HW sale was just awful! So many low levels using barrett .

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / lag *hack*

Originally posted by GRANJEFE:

Lag Hack + Rocket Spammer = Disconnect or something like,The core of hack is the russians,few alots of russians hacks,speed hack,coins hack,cash hack,even ammo,nades and hp hack,i have a warning for us guys: NEVER GO TO RUSSIANS SERVER EVER!

for me russians and chez (CZ) lag really bad.. russians more. Also isn’t it JUST lag and not a hack? because lag just a time delay, no hacks involved just crappy old connections (or in most cases annoying russians!)

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Topic: Dream World / Badges pl0x?

Here’s the dilemma I have…

I have a FB Dream World account…
I have a Kong DW account… (started recently)

I want to get all the badges on Kong, but don’t want to have to replay everything again… because it gets boring. So I want to ask if I take a screenshot of my FB account for each badge to show that I meet the requirement can I get the badge? :D I understand if it’s a no, but I want to try as they are both my characters and if it’s rejected I’ll probably just get the badges another day…

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [GAME] FAW; The End.

Running around in a panic, about to be devoured by the two war waging clans.
Vampires and Lycans charge… BAM A huge shockwave omits from the centre of the clash and reverses time, it all happens again.. and again.. and again.

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Topic: Kongregate / 50 ways to become a mod

tl;dr all, but read about 20 :)

Originally posted by calvindang:

1. Be level 66 or higher(lolwat?)
2. Be a Fan of 75% of users on Kongregate(Is this even possible?)
3. Be on Kong for at least 10 years(Wait a second…)
4. Be a Friend of EVERYBODY on Kong
5. Pay Kong $10000001(BE REALLY RICH.)
Do these in order, and you’re a mod!

To become an Admin(You MUST do everything in order!):

  1. Be a mod

  2. Be a fan of EVERYBODY on Kong

  3. Have been in the US for at least 6 years without moving out from the US for more than 1 hour at a time, with at least 1 month between each

  4. Be on Kong for at least 5 years, WITHOUT GETTING OFF THE SITE!

  5. Be on Kong for at least 30 years

  6. Do everything you need to do for a mod(via this post)

  7. Pay Kong $90000001

1 US dollars

that’s insane! Might as well buy Kong like how GameStop did lol!

To become a mod: >You must be a mod (contradiction?)

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Topic: Kongregate / Pending missing achievements.

Originally posted by BobTheCoolGuy:
Originally posted by charredmonkeys:

Took one to get all three :D

How would you even know what some of the things do? It took me 2 tries to even realize that the soul edge thing was an item and not a sword upgrade

I knew it wasn’t a sword upgrade because it said something like “Replace manna with Divine Edge.”. Then I got lucky and the first time I bought one, a dragon appeared right afterwards and it killed it in one move.

I didn’t notice divine edge was an item and not a sword… even after reading the top commetn “can’t beat dragon w/out divine edge, even with full upgraded weps and armour”. I almost beat the dragon first try, but took me another 2 goes before I finally noticed it was an item >.<
@Senekis93 have you got it yet? if you haven’t try replaying it again a few times past day 10 and die..?

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Topic: Kongregate / Do comments give points

Originally posted by whipper123:

If they did, everyone would just spam comments!

yep, just like this one >:P

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Topic: Kongregate / Using .sol files

Originally posted by lberger:

I am not using sol files or will

Just to let your know .sol ‘s are Adobe Flash Player Shared Objects and are created when you play or use Adobe’s flash player (not jsut games) so technically speaking you cannot play Kong games without using .sols (auto-save, manual save etc saved the file as .sol) so let me ask, will you ever use .sols?