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Topic: The Arts / furry fandom?

I read the entire article. As a furry (I prefer to say furry rather than fur fan…. The term seems strange spoken on my lips….) I fully agree with you. You have written a lovely article, but I would suggest you or friends or family proofread it, and give you some writers feedback. I spotted many places where there should be periods and commas, and you sometimes had written things in a strange way that was hard to understand. As a fellow article writer, and mainly JUST writer, IF you proofread your writing and you use a multiplicity of higher level vocabulary words, it would show that YOU are an intelligent person trying to get their damn point across. Also, if you use strong words (no, not swear words), you have an even bigger chance of people understanding you. Use persuasive essay-like formatting and use evidence, supporting evidence, and more of your own comments. Some more examples would have been lovely, and instead of throwing positives and negatives about the fandom, use a counter argument and a rebuttal instead. Ask your English teacher more on this topic, and I’m sure you will write lovely, amazing, and head turning articles in the future. Overally, this was a lovely, informative article but it needs some work!!! ;)

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Topic: General Gaming / Info on the upcoming Kingdom Hearts Games

I’m pretty sure there will be KH3 because the ending of KH2 was just… BOOM! Also, if there is no KH3, Tokyopop won’t have any material to work with for their KH book series, eventualy causing a violent and dramatic riot.