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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / how do level 6 cities score so high on contested?

If someone levels up, it doesn’t update on your CT.. e.g: There’s a guy in my CT from kongregate and it says he’s level 18, but he’s actually level 20. it’s just the level he was when he joined the Ct.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Possible hacker? (with proof)

He’s definitely been hacking, Not sure how you got that battle recording to work, Never works for me, Who knows how many cheaters like this one attacked me…

Anyways I’ll be posting a link of this thread on official forums to make sure that guy gets banned.

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Topic: Castle Clash / Stuck at 33 % loading.

It’s because of the maintenance

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / 2,000

I agree, the goal should have been 1900 all, 2000 is impossible right now.

Originally posted by Khazul:

I’ve had a go hacking the game to see just how many angels it takes to get to 2000 newspapers, and I have had to realise that there is no legitimate way of getting there. It takes 5 quintrigintillion angels to get to 2000 newspapers in approximately a month and by that stage doubling the amount of angels you have would take about 300000 years. After reaching 2000 I guess that would make it about 150000 years, taking angel gain slowdown in consideration. Obviously if you have paid hundreds of dollars in cash to the game it might be possible to take that down to a surviveable sum. Basically said, it is not possible to reach 2000 newspapers legitimately without paying 1000’s of dollars.

This sums everything up. You’d have to spend shitloads of money to get to 2000 all, Nobody is going to bother with that considering you can hack it for free.

It’s safe to say that anyone with 2k all did not get it legitimately


Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

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Topic: Kongregate / Does Kong ban for being underage?

No they don’t, I’ve been 12 for like 23years.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

Originally posted by Bluji:

Champions of Chaos 2 seems fine to me, but I have a complaint: I just completed the second chapter and already got the medium badge. This means I now have at least three more chapters (I actually don’t know, but assume there are five of them) before the hard badge. I’d like to get a second longer medium to carry on your interest to the hard badge.

Actually the distance between the medium and hard badge is not that long, If you’re lame.

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Topic: Kongregate / Upcoming Badges!

I’d love to see badges added to these games:

Pingy the Ping Idle RPG
(Even though idle game, it received a very nice rating, Developer is still active on kongregate as well)

The Gun Game 2
(The only problem with this game is that the only high scores on it are for unlimited defense, Though 1 of the developers is active so maybe other highscores could be added)

(Just a very nice game, however the developer does not seem active as of late so I have my doubts about this one)

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Topic: General Gaming / The "What was that game called?" Thread

This should be rather easy to find but I think they may have removed the badges of this game or something

Basically you where riding some sort of train on tracks and the speed of the train and distance of tracks kept increasing to make it harder, The background was like fully black and If you did some good jump it showed fireworks, I’m almost sure this game had badges, a hard badge being one of them but I’ve looked in my list and didn’t find it, I was also pretty sure I had gotten the badge so I think they may have removed the badge from the game, If anyone knows which game I’m talking about it would be nice if you can tell me the name :)

Just found out the game, comments history ftw, it was

and apparently I did not own the hard badge yet :D

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Build Versions and Updates

Em, I was not happy with the dash change either (Considering my level was completely ruined) and dash was like 5 times worse, Making a ton of maps unplayable, But things like this were to be expected, The game has and will go through some significant changes, I hated the dash change at first but now have learned to play with it, While I still prefer the old dash, It’s not just about what I prefer, I think the developer said the old dash would have been too confusing for new players and we should respect his decision on this. It’s still a great game nonetheless and I hope to hear much good things about Sandbox hero in the future =)

Oh and, Moderators dont ever remove comments by mistake. :D
Originally posted by EM1NEM:

Hi Samdc,

I thought beta testing was for the significant changes but I’m mistaken.
Does your dash do anything? Like anything? Mine doesn’t :/

Having said that, this game is cool and I also hope to hear much good in the future.

Well if I’m not wrong its a public beta right now, Hence why there’s no advertisement all over the mainpage, It’s actually not that easy to find this game right now.

I do seriously miss flying around with dash all over the place, But that was due to a bug iirc, Dashing upwards definitely has been nerfed and hardly does anything now, But maybe that’s how the developer wanted it to be in the first place, It deals damage now too, Perhaps something useful for in the future. Changes are still possible towards dash or anything else in the game so it’s best to just wait and see what happens, I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your opinion towards the Developer, but in the end it’s his decision =)

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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Unboxing Tutorial

156 Crates:

124 Common
23 Uncommon
7 Rare
1 Epic

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Topic: Kongregate / Best of 20XX - Improvement thread

Originally posted by Infusionized:

Should be a poll on the frontpage with the games you can choose and if you fill it in, you get like 15 points.

You’d have plenty of people who’d do it.

Such idea

Much dog



Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions for Kongpanions

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Slayer] Suggestion

Add a world boss with tons of health & make it have no cooldown for hitting it

Then just adjust the experience you get every hit to make sure people can’t autolevel from it, but arent to far away from level either

This would be a really needed thing, Cause at some times, I can literally not do anything on the game for like 30min -1 hour, Purely cause no bosses.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Slayer] Add Me :)


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Slayer] Post your Squad Request here


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Zombie Slayer] The OFFICIAL "Add me" link thread !!!


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Topic: Cloudstone / DELETE ALLIES

Nope, that is right Kaze. Removing them from your kong friend list doesnt remove them ingame.

The list starts at highest levels and goes down the road, Why care about the low levels? It’s not like theyr going to make you lag..

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Topic: Cloudstone / Faith lost.

Originally posted by jmb1990:

What I actually meant is there should be a way to get them in maps, like 0.00001% or lower drop from mobs or chests or a low chance after finishing a quest or even 1000 bear pears for 1 ruby from contracts, etc.

The consecutive daily and coming 10th in pvp seasons are too trivial to be considered as a source of rubies, 5 days to maybe only get 1 gem is fail, and coming 10th in pvp without a ruby set or some ruby gear is more than likely impossible.

I was second in PvP and i didnt spend any money on the game, I could have gotten first if i wanted to, But since i was in global 15 it was enough, Getting in top 10 of your league = joke

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Hero Zero] Energy Recovery

I support this, When you run out of energy refills, There is no more other ways to earn xp other then completing heroic deeds or special missions.. (Not exactly much) … Pretty much making the only thing you can do on the game is fight till the next day, Id prefer energy restore over time rather then every day.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Hero Zero] Lost my char

I see you got your account back, Just out of curiosity, Did the developer contact you or did you just refresh a couple of times?

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Topic: Cloudstone / inventory

Originally posted by lmaonadestand:

What bugs me is Facebook players start with 10 more inventory space and I think 10 more rubies. At the very beginning, they can instantly get 70 slots without even adding friends.

Actually they start with 20 more, the rubies thing is correct i believe, not entirely sure but i do know they start off with more rubies then we, They also can buy inventory upgrades for a cheaper price up to the one that costs 50. Then the price equals.. For the last 2 bags..

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Topic: Cloudstone / 4Th island complete ! Now what?

For Map fragment, Try the mission “Village clearing” (Second in Glac. island)

Then you’ve got map piece, But I really wouln’t know where to get this one, You could try the official forums of the game though, Since the game has been out there for a few months, You might be better off asking them, It can be you need to do the same mission quite a few times though, If they would be easy to obtain people could just farm them and sell for 500 gold each drop.

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Topic: Cloudstone / 4Th island complete ! Now what?

What? The 5th Island has been there the day the game came out.

Soleil seems to be reffering to the last island (6th)