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Topic: Serious Discussion / What would you do during a zombie apocalypse?

The whole zombie survival thing will really depend on how the disease or infection spreads…
1. How is it spread? Through the Air? Water? Food? is it pass from person to person through Blood? Saliva? etc?
2. How Contagious is it? How long before you become “sick”?. Is the tranformation from human to zombie fast or slow? If it’s slow (let’s say you’re sick or in a coma for 2-3 days before you turn into a zombie) you could pick off the pre-zombie’s before they’re full zombies.
3. How much intelligence the zombies retain… can they open doors, use weapons, drive cars? or do general problem solving skills, or the ability to spot traps, bait, etc?
4. How much punishment can the Zombie’s take? Are they susceptable to the same injuries as regular humans? or does it have to decapitation?
5. How mobile are they? Are they “28 weeks later” adrenaline freakazoids? or draggin’ their carcass around slow?

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Topic: Kongregate Labs / Where Can i download a full free flash game maker?

Where Can i download a full free flash game maker?with no trial and easy to use?so that i can post some games that i can upload in kongregate?..

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Topic: Game Programming / [FAQ] Making Games. READ FIRST!

Where could i down the flash game maker??..please private massage me when have a link where to down a flash game maker..ty.