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Topic: Sandbox Hero / Max coins.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but is the maximum amount of coins you can COLLECT limited to 25?

I just played tower of greed where there are many coins upgraded in value (I saw coins with value 2,9,16 even somewhere in 40). I was able to collect 2 of 2, one of 9 and two of 38 but the money count remained at 25. Is this some extra constriction? If so, I find it kinda lame to be honest. The 20 coins placement limit, that I get. But collection limit, really?

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Topic: Outernauts / Support Issue Thread

I build my first expansion in my homeworld only to see a few images appear (loading issues presumably). Then I went to Burning Tundra where the game crashed and now every time I open the game I see the loading screen for Burning Tundra (with sounds) and then it turns black (no sounds any more).

Player-Id: 56034189

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Topic: General Gaming / Searching for a game: mixed classics

Sorry if this is in the wrong forum.

I’m looking for a game I played a while ago, though I forgot the name. The game was as follows:

It was a mixture between several classics like the maze and bomb(bomberman I believe), a platformer, space invaders and others. This all due to a damaged game console.

Does anybody know the title of this game?

Thanks in advance,


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Topic: War of the Web / Researching

It’s why I have 3 launch pads, 6 cities, 2 strongholds an armory and a barracks right now (latter two for defense purposes only)

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Topic: War of the Web / NG is winning because...

I think he meant same person, but different nickname. As in my nickname is Dutcher and I make another account with nickname DutcherV2 and DutcherV3 one with an army, one with the research and one with the money (plundering myself in some weird kind of way :p)

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Topic: Kongregate / Gamestop reward points

isn’t the gamestop the april fools joke of this year?

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Topic: Off-topic / Portal 2 Challenge Help: Atlases and P-Bodys post here

Who said there wasn’t cake at the end of portal, I just got one, it’s delicious.
Edit: cool, it seems that no matter how much I eat, it’s always still complete :D

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Topic: Technical Support / Magic the Gathering Ad - Fire Effects

Same here, I can’t even scroll through the latest achievement and challanges thing on the front page because of it.