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Topic: Shop Heroes / Downgraded

i suppose someone left your city. evryplayer take his investissement back with him when leaving.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Skills?

Originally posted by Kihene:

Does anyone know how exactly skills work?
What does it do, what do the numbers on the recipy page of an item mean and why should we upgrade the workstations?

i suppose it means minimum requirement for crafting at 100% speed or something like that (because i never get stuck in crafting a stronger lvl item than my workstation). With better lvl you should be abble to craft items faster, but i can’t swear this info is true, just my feelings about it.
Anyway you should take into consideration the lvl of crafter should not be stronger than the worstation or it would be a waste of the crafter skills available.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Late game isn't rewarding / rant

> i suppose it would be helpfull to have a buying (x5) (x10) hplvl without any modification in the price, instead of the actual +1 hp lvl.

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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / 20 years after Armorgames!

Originally posted by Ravensvoice:it was sponsored by armor games. that came with contractual obligations for extendable exclusivity (wich armor games extended until release of the steam version, smart on the part of armor games, unfortunate for us kong lovers). I certainly dont blame gameinabottle for the late kong release, heck I dont even blame armor games for it, since their sponsorship helped the game development in the first place, wich to me is more important than wich game site gets it.

i would prefer to see kongregate (and other website too) sponsoring more often good games instead of those bad game self-advertising for the “hot new” game spotlight trough the website. (sorry if my sentence is not correctly constructed).
Would help developpers in their work, and stop the PaytoWin rush that ruins most games today.

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Topic: Kongregate / [SUGGESTION] Better Vote System

you all have good ideas, and we probably need a mix of all this to find a good solution.

I’m sorry about Tukkun or cargo11900 but ??? how and why don’t you have any level… ? Member since 2008-2009, 7K post for the first & 1K for the 2nd.
I suppose you don’t have update your accounts or something like that because you’re supposed to be around lvl30+
Or perhaps there’s a problem with your player & developper account, i’m not sure.

I don’t want to exclude anyone from the voting system,
i would like to see a better result,
i would like to see cool games showing up again in the rating system.

not only “PtW games” or “bot boosted games” who don’t deserve to be on first pages.
I would like to see more player voting
because they support a game,
because they want to share a good game…

but you’re right i don’t have the solution, but with all your ideas i’m sure we’ll find a great one :)

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Topic: Kongregate / [SUGGESTION] Better Vote System

It’s not about who is the brighter or not.

For example You’re lvl 65. If you vote for a game as 4/5 i can probably thrust this vote for what it is, and perhaps even a little more because you’re an experienced gamer (or a developper who earn more Kong Point too). And because you’re level 65, i’m sure you’re a real person and not a bot. And that’s the most important point here.

A lvl 1 account in kong is most of time a fake account, an alt account or a bot for spamming false rating. The result is some game have very hight rating (due to fake and bot) and very terrible comment from real person.

You don’t need “to try to earn” badge to win them. Most of time, badges are easy to get (easy and normal). A “normal” player in Kong for few years have already a high level.
Actually the level have no purpose, perhaps it can give it a usefull one.

Experience is something i want to thrust, someone who plays thousand game before and says “this game is great…” i want to try it.

Because we’re “not sure”, should we let this like it is now ? instead of making it better.
Actually the game rating system is a complete failure.

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Topic: Kongregate / [SUGGESTION] Better Vote System


A quick and easy feature to make the vote system better and “safe”.

Use the lvl of Kongregate member to influence accordingly the final vote :
- a lvl50 member should have a 50x vote count for example.
We all give more credits to our older community member.

And even if a 50x vote is nothing compared to 10.000 bots it’s still consequent if you add all the “real” community of Kongregate from lvl5 to lvl50+

In the same spirit, you can make the vote accessible after lvl4.
Making bots and fake players unable to influence the rating anymore.

Lvl4 is still very very easy to reach for a real player.

You have it : a very easy solution to add to Kong ! And we all know it really need it badly.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Infinitum: Battle for Europe] Some Suggestions


About the farms, perhaps something like this can help :
- give stronger player the ability to build their own farm in the vicinity of their city.
- would be a high HQ structre, cost lot of ressource and need hight amount of ressource to lvlup

As this can give great advantage for advanced players and will spare them time looking evrywhere for new farms,
it can free more farm for new players too…

Most details need to be discuss too, would the built farm be taken by other or not. IF other can attack and destroy it, or just level it down etc…

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Struggling to get past Nonillions. Whats my next move?

Originally posted by Greenman12:

If you quick buy the game will do the math and buy all the angels that you can without negatively affecting you. Another tip is if you click on an angel upgrade and a warning message comes up then that is the game telling you are losing more than you are gaining when you spend the angels.

that’s wrong. It’s just warning for the first time purshase of a bigger sacrificing stack. Some very very profitable buyings still have a warning popup. It’s just to prevent you from a bad click but not a math telling you if you should buy or not.

An easy way to see this is either to calculate your Gold/s before and after. Easily done with the manager who give you the lemon Gold/s output for example. you can have like a x5 gold bonus (that’s necessarily a very good choice in most situation) and still have a warning before the sacrifice.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Struggling to get past Nonillions. Whats my next move?

Angel Sacrifice is how you advance faster. the only mistake is sacrificing too much (for example you have 50 billion angels and you kill 40 billion)
now that you have 50 billion you can buy all managers at the restart before buying anything.
→ you will reach stronger overall bonus (x3 x5 etx…)
Sacrifice Angel (all proposal ) until the 1 billion (Angelic selection) it will give you at last another x5 bonus (1billion is only 1/50 of yours, x5 bonus mean you can sacrifice like 30 billion angels from your 50 billion without fear and still earn more gold/s) so it’s a very good last boost (+ all the other one you get before that’s a huge booster).

Doing all this, now just keep buying every gold booster, don’t forget to reach all newspaper booster. Lemonade is what will earn you most of your cash now (with the oil company). But you will go faster when reaching overall x100, x200 etc… evrywhere.

in 10/15 min you will have more angels than you have before the restart, because you earn a lot more cash/s. Just wait a litlle to reach new gold multi and your angel stack will be soon like x50 / x100. (Few hours are enough). sometimes you earn enough angels to restart almost 1 hour after, and redo the same rush with a stronger multi (with more angels).

Only mistake —> never buy an angel booster than is too much for your stack. If you don’t want to make the math keep in mind that a x2 gold bonus is the same as 50% of your angels.
It’s more tricky with angels boost (ex +2%) but you can be confident in sacrificing less than 10% of you stack for them (never more).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / how much hs

i get past 200 quite easily with less than 100 Hsoul. —> 40 used for rawD & near 60 invested in ancient Bonus.
Doing Dark rituals with dedication, it makes a big difference after few days.
And no mouse clicker ;)

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Topic: The King of Towers / sangocosmos cheater

i would like to see the same concept TD/MMO/RPG with a payable entry only, or a monthly fee (with all other aspect free).
I won’t pay a penny in this one because of the too much PTW concept, but i would pay with no esitation if i was sure noone can buy his victory with his Blue/Golden Card.

This game… only the free way, with only strategy, grinding, competition, a great challenge… fighting pits would be epic, and this game would become Amazing.
The 1st would be a True TD King respected by all :)

I should stop dreaming.

(and this game would generate more revenue than 50 player opening wide their bank account why ?
simple calculation 10.000 $ x 50 player = 500.000 $ fantastic
→ 10.000 players (probably even more) ready to pay monthly 10$… how much this would generate oh jesus more than 100.000 every month for an incredible fun game )

but like i said : I should stop dreaming.

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Topic: The King of Towers / How to pass 95% of all maps

yes for Mashland. It works even for the hideout of the HYDRA.
My kingdom is not at level 50 yet, so i can not enter oblivion. But all other area are cleared, so i think i can share about this.

i know other technique wil work too, and will be probably better in some situation, but this one is just an easy way to go without too much to worry about.

Soldier are very weak, that’s why we underestimate their use. But as cannon fooder they can do better than a tornado at a very lower price. They can handle lot of enemy in first waves for few gold pieces (and will make the icestorm deadly), before getting sold and rebuild in something stronger.

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Topic: The King of Towers / How to pass 95% of all maps

This technique works in all the maps where you can use barrack-arrow towers : normal, heroic and hard.

you just need 3 barracks (basic) = 3×70 = 210 gold
and 1 assassin tower 70+100+160+250= 580 gold
add +250 for explosive shot lvl1
and +250 for flying cutter lvl1

total 1080 gold.

The 9 soldier have to group, they will block erything fast & slow mobs. → Assassin in the range : The explosive fire shot will kill evrything pretty easily. If overcrowed upgrade the lvl2, this will auto trigger a 2nd fireshot. Use your spells to help.

You can pass 95% of maps very easily where you can do this at the start. it buy you time (2-3 waves) to add more towers with no stress.

If there is 2 entry : do exactly the same in the 2 different path, if you’re short on cash put 2 barracks and add the third one after. you can buy the Flying cutter after. → Explosive Shot is the most important.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Armor hero

and my coliseuum soldier get from none to low only with the armor upgrade.
it would be well appreciated if we could see real number…

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Topic: Kongregate / Questions about thegames8 (aka belugerin aka monsterplay999 aka awesomegames8...)

Trollusque you want to looks smart but you awfully stupid.
your name trollusque is perfectly suited to your troll ability. and in fact, you’re a very good troll.
You should understand that even if you are very very good at trolling, there is a limit that you’ve crossed many times like :
—> “You should be glad that there are still a few devs like Thegames8 publishing decent games!”
i have no more words after that, if you were in front of me i would probably laugh. Sadly you’re not, you’re just a useless troll with no life, far more than us who are spending times to find a solution to a real problem. You are not part of the problem, you’re just a parasit in the topic. You’re trying to be smart, but you’re just proving how brainless you are.

don’t even think i ll continue this talk with you, it’s over, from the first time you speak i know you were here to waste our time. For sure you like thegame8 games, they are like you, useless, bad conceptions, empty & recycled.

Go find friends, find another Topic, or find something more interesting to do, cause you’re completly out of the initial subject : —> question about thegame8. (not about other crappy games) . if you want to start a topic about Moi7 or iddle game, just do it, move away, and stop trying to abort every argument with your “trolly attitude”.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Fountain of youth

you don’t need 3 items but 4.
The cup, the boat, the shovel, the rope = 4

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Topic: Kongregate / Questions about thegames8 (aka belugerin aka monsterplay999 aka awesomegames8...)

You need more informations, look at the following pictures.
When i log into Kongregate i have a small window that show me recommended games depending on the ones i like (strategie/def)
you can scroll the 3 small windows, all are spammed with Belugerin Studio Games (game8, belugerin, awesomegame8,monsterplay are the same games i ll show you why if you need)

there are 4 games : 1 GameSpotlight and 3 Games from thegame8 etc… in each windows

and i systematicly downvote all those crappy games at 1/5.
why recommending me those game again, most of them have already the 1/5 rating on them.
that’s problematic, Kongregate is not working as it was supposed to work initially: it’s spam.
You should ask IAmTheCandyman what he think about it ?

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Topic: Kongregate / Questions about thegames8 (aka belugerin aka monsterplay999 aka awesomegames8...)

i am really disapointed by player_03 point of vue. Trollusque is perhaps a real friend, the brother or even the mum of thegame8/belugerin and co. But he is just talking the same way thegame8 would do if he was here. So why Thegame8/Belugerin/monster999 is not here, explaining how and why he is spamming horrible games again and again ? The only logical answer is… because he is already there (hi Troll) or someone is already doing so in his name. And That’s the same to me.

Player_03 ? are you really working for Kongregate or is it just a lie… another one. I feel like you’re protecting thegame8 and the way he cheat the rating. Why ? You are losing total credit by defending him, and i can’t believe you are supported by Kongregate doing so.

Again i have reported lot of games of belugerin & co. I get no answer, not even a small answer from Kongregate… why ? what’s happening ? Is there something or someone interfering in the process. When i report some abuse in a chatroom i always get an answer after some days. Is there something not working in Kongregate.

If nothing is done soon about this problem, it will be worse. How much fake dev, alt dev spaming Kong with very bad games?
i will quit Kongregate before this happen and never come back here again. And if you’re not talking for Kongregate, is there someone who can ?
And if Kongregate don’t care about the player, the best thing i can do is to find another community.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Vulcanland Heroic

Really i can’t pass it in Heroic mode. I have much more lag than what the video is showing.
→ that mean even tighter pack of mobs.

And i have no AOE to help me. Tornado is too slow, it’s jus like it helps to make a bigger pack.

Witch tower is lvl 27… without lag i would have pass this level long time ago :(
That’s a penible issue. So much lag for such basical graphics and poor animation are incredible. it seems Shinezone have forget how to compress a simple picture. :(

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Topic: The King of Towers / Diamond Spending

yeah don’t listen to pvbell he can’t understand anything to freeplay.

The 3rd farm is a must, low cost and will give you each time the gold you need to use the caravan and the hero training.

keep other diamonds for events. you can buy for example more shovel to excavate with an unique extra buy (10diamonds) always give me better returns with the 10 diamonds back + other stuff you won’t find other way.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Feeling~~~~

Quote : “When I pay 10 dollars for the game, I save the time to earn 1000”
come on, perhaps you’re just working in DADY factory ? i don’t know ;)
Your activity feed show you are spending all your time on Kongregate, instead of working anyway… so i can imagine that in you’re playing on Kongregate within your working time. :D (like a lot of Kong players :) )

So, you’re not saving the time to earn 1000$ you just pay and pay more again.
→ You just pay to win because you know you can’t win in a fair way.
stop telling you don’t pay anymore, because you are cashing again.

You probably just don’t understand what hardwork is, and what is the real value of the money you are wasting there.
You could do lot of more usefull thing with it too. But that’s your money and i respect that. And if you’re happy and enjoy the game, i have nothing to say on it.

you trully think time is money ? perhaps it’s true for you, but not for me. Working time earn you money, ok, but that’s not the same thing… time is time. and the “Time” can not be slowed, stopped or bought, never.

but as you say it’s just : feelings~~~~

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Topic: The King of Towers / Honor Usage

@ pvslbell : Advice for free player ? ohhh please let free player give smart advice to other free player (yes freeplayer are somewhat smarter than PTW players), and keep spending all your cash on the game if you want.

1- Keep your honor point, don’t waste it. you can easily and freely unlock the 2nd hero in the tavern with the cards.

2- Then you will find near 1 or 2 free korina cards each week in the tavern if you try evryday. Takes time to unlock her, so you can probably decide to use some honor to unlock the last 2 or 3 heart if you want.
→ But i can tell you that you will never find the last hero cards in the tavern. If you want to unlock it, you will have to pay the 5K honor for each heart (15).
That’s 75.000 honor, and it’s a lot ! So the better strategy is probably to not waste a single honor point until you have the 75K to unlock him (DURIN).

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Topic: The King of Towers / Feeling~~~~

i m not spending 1$ on this game… and i’m happy with my result so far.
it’s free, and evry part of the game is accessible, just take your time.
We will see who win in the long run ;)
I hope more like you (pvslbell) will spent thousands, then will ragequit ;) . Thanks, you pay for me, you pay the Dev team and all maintenance fee.
I probably getting more pleasure playing this game, and i feel no shame if i lose a fight to PTW player in the arena.
One day i ll unlock all that skills and talents with DarkSouls, even if i have to get 2 (or 3 now) each 72h.
And after that we will all have near the same BR, with the same 4 heroes and skills and talents… only true difference will be : cost you 1000$ and cost me 0$.

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Topic: The King of Towers / Gold knight

enter your Hall of heroes building.
Choose the hero you want, you will see the option : TALENTUPGRADESOLDIER
→ upgrade is not clickable until your hero reach the lvl30.