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Topic: Off-topic / Why do people hate USA

Originally posted by cesarcurado:
Originally posted by LukeMann:

Keep in mind that the US o’ A has a higher prisoner population per 100000 than countries like China, Cuba and Russia.

Now look up Russia’s violent crime rate.

Vodka messes up with people’s mind…

Actually heroin and krokodil are what is responsible for most of russia’s violent crimes. It’s imported from the middle-east directly to russia. It seems you are only defending countries you personally like

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Gun Issues

ever hear of hunting knives, or combat knifes?

Originally posted by HappyAlCROWholic:

I think we should ban knives.

Here are some facts about how deadly knives are:
1. every year, millions of people get hurt by knives.
2. sometimes people go on stabbing sprees.
3. There is NO reason to own a knife other than to HARM OTHER PEOPLE!!!

Discuss these flawless reasons of why guns should be banned. Oops, I meant “knives”, not “guns” :>

ever hear of hunting knives, or combat knifes? banning knives would be retarded. Guns on the other hand, having a gun can come in handy for protection, suicide, murdering children, murdering your neighbors, murdering your boss, etc.
see, guns are so useful. why ban them?

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the worst band you have ever liked?


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Topic: Off-topic / I just challenged this guy to a fight...

kill yourself

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Topic: Off-topic / tumblr.

Originally posted by JoeySkywalker:

Reddit wannabe

correction, tumblr is it’s own thing. Reddit is a 4-chan wannabe

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Topic: Off-topic / I masturbate with my left hand

I find that it’s clumsy as hell trying to do it with the non-dominant hand. Yet I do it anyways because I like to smoke meth with my right hand while I jack-off