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Topic: Wartune / [Announcement] Wartune Now Seeking a Kongrgate Moderator

IGN: Ioron
Lvl: 35 (And growing)

I know most of the ins and out of the game by this point, I help players when I can in my guild, ForceHonor, as well as in chat. I’m generally a polite player, everyone has their off days. I was a game sage for 3 months for Aeria Games’ Eden Eternal. Which is a community manager spot, I stopped due to a severely overwhelming occurrence of events. However, I enjoyed helping people out in that game and would love to help in this game.

I enjoy being able to help other players, I get it, I’ve had the same questions as just about everyone else. People just want answers and help so they can enjoy the game as much as those that understand, without any confusion.That’s why it is a higher level players duty to aide the beginners of the game, they are at a disadvantage, as far as knowledge wise, then veteran players such as myself, or anyone applying in this thread. Even in game the veteran players should help beginners, but only a handful of people ever do. I’m not very active in the Kongregate forums, but as far as game wise go I am.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Known Issues for Kongregate Beta

^ Implying Dreamworld was ever good.
Anyways, the prices are absurd for keys. By the second area you get as many uncommon boxes as common boxes, so you leave commons behind and keep uncommons. You’d be lucky to pull 900 coins from a dungeons, depending on who you match up with you can get far less, which means you have essentially run a full chain of places and through a boss, just ot open an uncommon box. The ratio of boxes to coin gain is simply absurd, I abandon so many boxes and even uncommon boxes now just because my storage is full of them, what can I do about it? Unless you start getting absurd amounts of coins 3rd area and up I’m very displeased with this factor.