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Topic: General Gaming / Orbital Decay -- now with essential advice in 1st post

Presence’s guide was uber-awesome, finally made it to last level on hard, except I keep dying against boss. Ultra gun is all upgraded, repair dudes are all upgraded. Got a bunch of lasers upgraded a bunch. What I am doing wrong? That Big dude comes near, I hear some painful noises, and my life get’s decimated. By time he goes around third time, I’m history. GRRRR!!!

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Topic: General Gaming / Bible Fight

ahem meant noah…

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Topic: General Gaming / Bible Fight

Agree with Moses Z spam plan. Once you get the rhythm, its all gravy.

And btw, moses is SO annoying! With an attack where you get trampled with 2 of every animal and its mother (not really…lol) it should like just ko everybody…lol. Ugh, using this guy is pure pain.

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Topic: General Gaming / Pandemic 2: Better 100-day Strategy

This method totally works. Madagascar was most often cause for a restart, getting everyone else. When I got Madagascar it would be Peru or something that would mess it all up. I just kept restarting until a “best start.” The first time I got everyone infected, was the time I won in like 82 days. Kudos to the very thorough strategy guide/walkthrough.

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Topic: General Gaming / drone wars walkthrough

Hopefully this walkthough or strategy guide, rather, will help everyone out with survival mode of Drone Wars:

Disclaimer: I’m not saying this is the only way, or the best way, but hell, it worked wonders for me. I’m sure little tweaks here and there could make the following better. Try to refrain from criticizing my gamer vocabulary, for example, my referring to cash, rather than ore, I mean, really, refrain, no…like really. Take the following for what its worth. If you don’t like it, don’t use it. The strategy will work, so long as you follow my detailed instructions exactly. If you can get the card or the badge without this trick, all the power to you. You can gloat if you want, but I know I can’t do it without the trick, and I’m not ashamed to say it.

I can’t recall what I did which level, but i remember the order in which i did things, which is more important. Before that though, just need to describe the “trick” that some have referred to. I couldn’t do it without it….got as far as maybe wave 10 without it, and got to wave 25 using the trick until i made a fatal mistake with the controls (which suck anyway)…so I definitely would’ve gone further. Essentially, keep all you’re ships under the command base or whatever you call it. Do this by causing the selected ship to move to a point beyond the base on a trajectory that passes directly under the base. Click the stop command to cause the ship to stop exactly underneath the base (and verify that the ship is within the shields of the base). You can still shoot from there, but your ships won’t get damaged, as the enemy hits your base instead. Do this for EVERY ship. This way, once you get a repair ship going, you’ll only need to repair your base (for the most part). Hot key each individual “aggressive” bot (you should only be using the cruiser kinds throughout mainly). And when you get your fighter ships underneath the base, know which direction each hot-keyed fighter is pointing. This way, you’ve be able to tell which ship to fight each enemy (saves precious time since you wait less for your ships to turn in the right direction while you’re taking damage [cuz time means extra damage which means more repairs which means less money to work with after repairs]. Don’t let you’re ships do the thinking…they’re idiots. You must micro-manage them and tell them which enemy to attack. Make sure you take them off guarding status, otherwise they move from underneath the base’s protection and die (see, they’re idiots….eager, but idiots nonetheless). Wait for the enemy to fly right up to your base before you issue the attack order. Once they’re in range to attack you, you’re in range to attack them. Don’t issue the attack order too soon, otherwise they’ll move and die (making you the idiot…lol). Make sure each of your fighters are attacking a different enemy, namely the one that’s in front of them, depending on which direction they’re facing. After each round, take them off guarding status, and readust them, again, taking note of which hot-keyed fighter is facing in which direction. Also, make sure that when you issue the attack order, you MUST click on the enemy ship exactly, otherwise you’ll issue a move order (controls are just crap, not your fault, it will happen inevitably). This is the general “trick” to getting the card and badge.

Other general tips: For upgrades, start with damage FIRST. Max it out, than move on to armor, only cuz its more expensive than thrust, and in later levels you’ll need all the money you can get inbetween upgrading thrust. Max out armor, then more last to thrust. For this strategy, all that matters is your ability to inflict damage, thus another reason it needs to come first. For your repair ship, when you get one, focus on repairing your base. If you’re ships gets damaged no biggie. As you buy more upgrades, you’ll need to get rid of some ships anyway and build stronger ones as the upgrades are effective only on newly created ships. If a better ship is damaged, repair it, as its more cost-effective to repair than to buy a new one. If its an older, weaker one, let it eventually die. But in general, don’t repair your ships (and you shouldn’t have to, if you’re using the strategy correctly, and not fumbling with the controls [which again, suck unfortunately]). Also, make sure that once your base is repaired in preparation for the next round, TURN THE REPAIR DUDE OFF. Again, your bots are idiots. Micro-manage him or her, or it…lol. Don’t let him repair your ships or even repair your base at will. Once the base is good, or as strong as possible given limited resources, turn him off, and keep him hidden under the base. Next tip, when you lose a cruiser, you MUST buy a replacement. Don’t take on the world with one cruiser as the enemies get tougher….bad idea. Last tip, don’t sacrifice repairs for your base at the expense of an upgrade. That’s just dumb, and you should prepare for a game over…lol.

Ok, start out with a cruiser, and if you can, kill the mine before it blows on your base, but if it does, no biggie really (damage to your base will be insignificant at this point). Upgrade weapons next round, leaving you again without any cash. Repeat strategy. Buy repair ship and repair your base (don’t bother if your ship got injuried, save your cash (cuz some rounds, you’ll NEED that extra bit of cash when things go wrong [inevitable given lousy controls]). If you have enough left over…buy a control bot, if not, next round. Essentially, you want you’re second cruiser with the first damage upgrade, while repairing as necessary. If you want, get the control bot first, then the weapons, whatever…but the second cruiser should be a better one.

Once you’ve got 2 cruisers, you’ll repeat the same strategy every round. When you can’t afford an upgrade, just repair your base. And let the left over cash remain for the next round to buy the next weapons upgrade (or another cruiser to replace a lost one, so long as it’s a better cruiser) and the rest for base repairs (again this is why you don’t repair you’re ships, you’ll need that cash for base repairs when you’re also purchasing an upgrade the same round). In general, as much as you can control, whenever you buy a new ship to replace a lost one, it should be a BETTER ship. If you’re buying a messload of replacement cruisers, you’re not using this strategy effectively (don’t blame me…lol). Keep going with two cruisers, upgrading as resources become available, and repairing your base every round as much as possible.

You should at LEAST have all weapons maxed out before you buy your THIRD cruiser. As you progress, you’ll notice that you’ll spend more money on repairs as the enemies get tougher (aren’t you glad you got the weapon upgrades first, when you need all the money you can get on repairs?). Continue with armor upgrades and buying new ships as necessary. When a weaker one is about to die, and you know you’ll be getting another one next round, you can send him off to distract enemies and take fire off your base (saving you repair money). Going with 3 cruisers should LAST you quite a few waves.

Once the HUGE rockets come out, this is where knowing which hot-keyed cruiser is pointing in which direction becomes SUPER important. When the wave begins, quickly scan the area to see where the rockets coming from, and tell the appropriate cruiser to attack it, this might be the only time that it might be ok if youre cruiser comes out a little from under the base. You have to knock out those missles. And as another exception, you can repair those ships that deal with the rockets and take damage from it (but not at the expense of base repairs, so if you got little cash, screw the ship, save the base).

I got to wave 25 with with all upgrades, still only 3 cruisers, and 1 repair bot and 1 command bot. I screwed up my hot-keys twice in that wave and told my ships and to attack the wrong enemies (one of which was a rocket). It wasted precious seconds as my ships were rotating, and that was it, nearly survived, but didn’t. If something like that happens, send your ships out to take the damage (SAVE THE BASE!). My next move was going to buy a cheap fighter (to max out my command limit at 20). I was also considering buying mines to take care of the rockets, but don’t know how well it might’ve worked. I almost got the badge, but just screwed up (I’m the idiot…lol)

Well, hope this strategy guide proves useful to you guys (now you have ALL week to get this card and badge). If it helps you out, leave me a comment and say thanks. :-) Best of luck!