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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: Developer / An update from Cody, AdCap Lead Designer!

My dear Kongregate Game Developer!

Today’s a big day for us! After a month and a half of playing your game, I’m proud to announce that I’m not going to bother with it anymore. It seems as though you’ve been spending your time with other efforts rather than fixing the bugs in this one. Indeed, with the last patch all offline progress is disabled, making the game basically unplayable from my point of view.

Up next: I’m not going to check back in here for two weeks, and if it isn’t fixed when I do look in again, that’s probably the end of my interest in your products, on Kong or anywhere else.

I don’t really care that the journey of AdVenture Capitalist started right here, on Kongregate, and it’s obvious you lack any sense of gratitude for all us guys. If you’re looking forward to wowing us again and again, you’d better unbreak your stuff now. And may I suggest some competent beta testing in the future?

Thank you for everything – all the bugs, the lack of patches, the ongoing internal inaccuracies in the game – which show your lack of continued interest in Capitalism.

Former Player SK

(I understand that the smarm is a little bit of contextual role play, a bit of ironic flavor to augment the game experience. But irony in dev notes is a double-edged sword. Just don’t do it.)

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Topic: Kongregate / My front page changed - how do I make it useful again?

So I guess the answer is “what the hell are you people thinking”.

The utility of seeing the front page is seeing the advertising / rating / listing of new, worthy games. The alternative to my looking at the front page is my bookmarking the recent games page, which doesn’t get me playing new games and spending Kreds on new things.

This is an eventual net loss for you, Kongregate. Are you listening?

(Also, I really don’t understand what the utility of the “activity feed” is. If these people were, you know, ACTUAL friends rather than random names I’ve linked to for gaming purposes, yeah, maybe. But they aren’t. And I DON’T CARE. Let me turn it off.)

(And needing to multi-click through the interface is not an adequate replacement.)

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Topic: Kongregate / My front page changed - how do I make it useful again?

So this morning I finally caved in and added a few “friends” in the Kong interface for various reasons. Looking back in this afternoon, my home/front page ( has been rearranged, adding this utterly useless “activity feed” thing to the top right, which in turn bumps the mostly useless “recommended badges” down the page to the slot where the extremely useful “most recent games” list was. And that recent games list has disappeared entirely. I don’t know for sure that the friending thing triggered the change, but the timing is suggestive.

I described the recent games section as “extremely useful”, but in truth about 98% of my front page clicks happen in that section and removing it pretty well breaks the way I use Kong. To make a somewhat strained analogy, this is roughly as helpful as replacing my car’s ignition with the wiper fluid button. Now I have to hotwire the damn car to get anywhere.

It’s pretty obvious that the front page is designed to be somewhat modular, but where does one go to (re)reorganize it when it’s broken like this? Or if this is an intentional design change, what the hell are you people thinking?