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Topic: Galaxy Online / Agility and Steering Power, what do they do?

What do agility and steering power exactly affect? It says in game that it decreases damage received and increases damage dealt, respectively. Is this true?

This leads to my question of whether the Agility Booster, Infrared Scanner and other electronic modules are worth putting on a ship.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Compound and Neutral Armor (in Ballistics research)

What is “compound” and “neutral” armor when researching “Depleted Uranium Bomb Research” and “Fire Bomb Research”? I searched the wiki, but nothing turned up.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Missile vs Ship-based Weapons

Which option seems better for long-ranged support?

Missiles have the option to scatter, knock back the opponent and guarantee reload in 2 rounds. Lack of any damage boosts nor a range extension.

Ship-based weapons have the option to increase damage according to distance, extend the range to 15 squares, guarantee reload in 3 rounds and in addition chance to immediately finish reloading. Lack of any scattering.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Update Requests

Didn’t see this thread before I posted my suggestion. Since I’m here:
Just like “Concurrent Construction”, add “Concurrent Research”. Why should the technology center be limited to research only one thing at a time?

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Topic: Galaxy Online / Technology Center Suggestion

Just like the “Concurrent Construction” research, how about “Concurrent Research” research allowing the researching of two technologies at a time. Would really appreciate it.