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Topic: Clicker Heroes / super super 10k+ soul late game idle combo

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Topic: Astroflux / Glitches and Bugs

I have a disconnect problem. Every second time I blink my eyes my screen displays the disconnect notice. I am thinking either my hardware is linked to my eyelids or this game dumps me/us out on purpose in order to get their ‘plays’ number up for false popularity.

I have to be frank, its making the game unplayable. I have seen people who have paid to play moaning about this and constant lag. Needless to say they also say they wish they had NOT paid. Luckily for me there are lots more games on kong that have their act together compared to this, and I will have no trouble playing a game that is fun as this is, but without the frustration.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [NEWS FLASH] Berzerkers disbanded/catfaced

Catepillar, how dare you change Prabh’s words like that, twice. Maybe only people with dignity should have the right to free speech. I guess you are an adult, I guess you are not.

If account sharing is done just to score points during ‘offline’ times then I can tell you I am up late UK time and If Prabh is in the Indian region as I understand it then he should be in bed at that time. I dont see him score points then. Aneki, Evocati or our recent opponents could clarify this pattern from their records. Im no expert, and Im sure there are alts about more than we realise but I have not seen or heard anything indicating there were account sharers, bots or alts in our faction, I would not defend us and Prabh if I thought otherwise.

Nicolbolas, you were the leader of my first ever faction. I was loyal enough to still be there when you left and your faction imploded. Your comment made you seem to me less of a man than I thought you were. I want to say directly to you that I believe prabh to be an honest player and your words are insulting.

I am not happy about getting disbanded, but I am busy and need more time in RL…. so I will actually thank the person who did this and say that this is just a game and all you people (I mean anyone reading this that may care) who take this too seriously should evaluate your lives and ask the question of yourself: Is my (online) gaming productivity costing me REAL LIFE productivity?

For me the answer has been yes for years.

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Topic: Technical Support / Where's my save file hiding?

I am changing laptops and would like to move as many saves as poss, is there an easy way to do this or would I have to select each game save individually. I have basic pc understanding, but no code understanding.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Pitch fork time.

Can I just add…
“We opted for 21 levels, over the previous 5, as players were required to save for a long time to Upgrade. "
You are implying that the reason there are now 21 levels is because you decided players saving up resources for a long time was unpleasant for the players.

This is clearly either a LIE or total false logic.
Add the time of all levels assuming resources are infinate and realise there is a larger burden of time placed on the user. Even though resources are finate, there is still a clearly larger burden of time and management on the user.

You should just come out and admit that the reason for this change in room levels is to make people impatient for their upgrade and pay for it. You are treating your customers as stupid, this is not a good business model.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Pitch fork time.

We opted for 21 levels, over the previous 5, as players were required to save for a long time to Upgrade. In that time players would use these Resources for other items, setting themselves back further. The entire time they were sitting at a lower level, not gaining any benefit from the Resources they had already acquired.

You mention ‘time’ 3 times in this paragraph, this makes what sharkhunter is experiencing very relevant. You claim players time is a reason for the update of these room levels, please take note of suggestions to lower upgrade time and/or add queue system if the 21 level system is to continue.

If you didnt notice, I am waving my pitchfork and looking for something to set on fire.

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Topic: Anti-Idle: The Game / Opinions wanted - Lost file replacements

I think this is a great idea. :)

…And I’m not just saying that because a few hours ago I somehow lost my savefile (maybe due to flash crashing??) for the second time!! minus 2000ish levels in a flash! :(

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Topic: Technical Support / Finding members

So they are. Thanks, much appreciated.

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Topic: Technical Support / Finding members

I have been shot some portals (without asking for them, lucky me!) and I wanted to thank those that sent. Trouble is that in my messages kong has informed me that portals have been sent, including the name of who sent, but no link to them. I looked in community to see if I could search for these members but to no avail. Do I have to wait for these people to come online and spot them just to send a thanks message, or am I missing something?