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Topic: General Gaming / [Official] The Enchanted Cave 2 Guide

Get MP regen + heal spell asap.

When you’re ready to beat the dungeon (floor 80), i actually suggest starting from floor 1 again just to collect lots of hp/mp pots.

Save those for the final boss. He doesn’t really hit too hard (about 400 or so if you have no defense), so there’s no worry about being 1-hit killed even if you didn’t get a lot of hp boosts. I.e. you just need to spam heal/potions in between his attacks. On the other hand, he has tons of hp and def, so he takes a long time to die. That means you’ll need to eat a lot of potions to outlast him.

Note: You can’t eat crafted potions in battle, only the normal hp/mp pots :(.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / What is the purpose of the second city?

I assume its there for you to farm bloonstones on hardcore mode… seeing as both cities share bloonstones even though they don’t share cash :p.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / bloonstones utility ?

You need bloonstones to win contested territories so you can get moar bloonstones!

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bloons: Monkey City Early Game Guide

i found dartling guns to be awesome, but the fact that you can’t use them with banana farms kinda kills them. After you unlock banana farm its like.. you prettty much never use your dartlings ever again, so all the money you spent on them seems wasted.

they are kinda like dart monkeys.. awesome when you first get them, then shelved away and never seen again lol.

ninjas at least have distraction, so they are always useful.. as far as i can tell anyway.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / "Strong" priority question

I’m assuming it’ll shoot the bfb.. otherwise i’ve been playing this game horribly.. horribly wrong lol.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

Can we get a preference setting that stops you from using bloonstones for anything?

There’s too many silly things that cost bloonstones in the game and if you misclick them, you could end up losing tons of bloonstones.

E.g. When you’re trying to quickly collect all the money from your banana farms, you might accidentally click an upgrading building and end up spending 800 bloonstones to speed up the upgrade if you click too fast and the confirmation “YES” button happens to be where your cursor is. That would pretty much cause a ragequit right then and there lol.

So in light of that, if there’s a simple setting that prevents all use of bloonstones at once, allowing you to safely click away without fear of misclicks costing you thousands of bloonstones, that would be much appreciated lol.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Supply Crate Issue

seconded. Have too many friends from other multiplayer kong games, so my entire list is pretty much:

“X is not playing yet. INVITE X?!”

thanks to that i pretty much have to play without supply crates.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

Originally posted by jonneburger:

Maybe turrets using same targeting as engineer himself. When you set engineer to shoot, like last its very annoying that his turrets pop first. and retargeting turrets is useless as they disappear soon
Edit:nvm, apparently they do

its funny because i actually wish they didn’t lol. It makes sense for engineers to shoot last because you can place them at the end of a straight line and give them those massive nailguns. It really doesn’t for the sentry guns because they spawn in random places, so it’s often better to set them to shoot first (to clean up anything your engineer lets through) or strong (to get rid of the fast moving pinks and yellows early on)

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Everything FAQ

So I know that leveling up causes the difficulty rating of missions to decrease. I heard that if it decreases to trivial (1 circle), you get half the rewards. Can anyone confirm this?

Also, if it decreases from say very hard (5 circles) to easy (2 circles), is there any difference in the reward given? In other words, should I be going after those very hard tiles right now to get more rewards, or is it ok to wait until they are easy?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bloons: Monkey City Early Game Guide

Originally posted by dantose:

Why not drop a 2/0 ice tower to deal with leads and ninjas for the rest? ice towers can reliably freeze lock lead balloons and pop them down to nothing. The faster balloons get chewed up pretty well by the homing ninjas.

because ice towers can’t hit camo. so if you see a camo lead, you = screwed lol.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Suggestions Thread

can we fix the pop-ups? Many of them come with a checkbox saying “Do not show this again”. Yet even after you check it over and over the pop-ups still show up and screw up your game.

when i’m in the middle of being rushed to death by bloons, i really don’t have the time to move my mouse pointer to the middle of the screen to close a pop-up recommending me to buy things with bloonstones.. especially if i’m using dartling guns.

and even if i dont have any dartlings/bananas to pick up, that message is still very distracting.. it distracts me better than my ninjas distract bloons >_>. Especially seeing as it covers up a huge part of the screen, and could easily be hiding some very nasty bloons that i need to throw pineapples at asap…

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Bloons: Monkey City Early Game Guide

Hm, I’ve been using ninjas instead of boomerangs, but I haven’t actually tried boomerangs yet so I’ll give this a try.

That said, how do you handle camos if they appear early on? There are many maps where they can appear as early as round 1, so there’s no time to buy the signal flare mortar.

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Welcome!

how is divinity gain from killing monsters calculated?

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Topic: Idling to Rule the Gods / Creation Speed vs Build Speed vs Multi Creation

does the multi creation thing affect shadow clones?

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / a little question about morghulis...

you get morgulis whenever you decide you don’t want to get any more ancients… i.e. after you buy everything else that you’ll use. Usually that means it’ll be the last ancient.. but if you’re an idle player you can go ahead and get it before stuff like click/skill ancients.

alternatively just get it when you’re drowning in so many hero souls it doesn’t really matter (like 100k+ souls or so).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / DPS after all levels

Originally posted by nerfgunz42:

Ok, thanks! I forgot about the 4x bonus, so how do I get money fast enough to get Treebeast level 1k? Because it takes me like 1 minute to kill 1 monster and they only give 2,000O gold and I need 140N to bring TB to 1k, but I don’t want to ascend becasue I am waiting for a primal.

you don’t really have a choice.. the gap between treebeast 1k and frostleaf is one of the biggest in the game, and only method i know of is ascending over and over to stockpile hero souls in order to make the gap smaller. I don’t think leveling your other heroes will help much either, if i recall correctly, nothing even comes close to frostleaf in DPS until treebeast hits lvl 1000 (for the same gold cost). Like.. frostleaf is pretty much 99% of all your damage until you have the gold for treebeast lvl 1000 lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / What is the best ancient build?

pro tip: Always export your game before you do anything with ancients.

That way if you royally screw up, you can import your save file lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / DPS after all levels

After heroes reach lvl 200, they start getting a x4 damage multiplier every 25 levels. So go back to treebeast and level it up, it outdamages frostleaf (for the same amount of gold) once you get treebeast to level 1000.

If that takes too long, then yes, ascend for more hero souls so it becomes faster.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Help? Again...

by build i just mean which ancients you get.

in general the suggested build to start out with is libertas → siya. I don’t remember off the top of my head, but there’s a link in these forums somewhere to some calculations some guy did on the best method of leveling those ancients if you’re interested.

personally i would just go with getting 7-8 hero souls per ascension (from 14000+ hero levels) until you are strong enough to reach zone 120ish in under 30 minutes. How many runs this takes depends on whether you’re actively clicking and using skills, and whether you’re lucky enough with ancient summoning to get good ancients.

Once you can reach zone 120+, most of your hero souls will start coming from primal bosses instead of hero levels, and personally I would aim to ascend about once or twice every hour, regardless of how many souls you actually have. The reason for this is that the number of hero souls you get per ascension will vary a lot based on whether you meet primal bosses or not. So if you just set an arbitrary target like 100 hero souls, it may take forever to reach that if you’re unlucky. Instead, you should just ascend whenever it starts taking a long time (personally: 5 minutes) to kill the next boss, EVEN if you have barely any hero souls so far (from being unlucky with meeting primals).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Development: Reincarnation

Originally posted by NicolasRei:

The idea is ok, but doesn’t work.
How about, if at 4100, He gains Reincarnate: Reset an individual hero to 0, gaining souls for that hero immediately.
So you could maintain most of your DPS and gain a few souls at a time to buy Ancients with, without doing an Ascension. Perhapse limit it to only himself and set the Souls gained = 4 x the number of Reincarnation.
So first time he reaches 4100, 4 Immediate Souls, Next time, 8, then 12, then 16.
Slower than full Ascension, but lets someone to slowly keep gaining power without having to start over and do the climb again.

When the hero is reset to 0, are the costs for leveling him also reset? If so, this is going to become a giant clickfest, since the gold needed to relevel amenhotep to 4100 can be farmed in seconds at endgame, so you can mass farm hero souls by spam reseting amenhotep.

then again, each primal boss gives like 5000+ souls at that point…. so u’ll need to be pretty insane at click spamming resets to beat that..

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Help? Again...

We can’t really answer this for you because the ideal number of HS per ascension depends a lot on your build and your playstyle.

The general rule of thumb is you should just ascend whenever things start to slow down. Like if it takes more than 10 minutes of farming gold in order to beat the next boss, just ascend.

Once you reach about 200+ hs u can probably go much faster than that even, ascending every 20-30 minutes or so to rapidly farm hs.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Late-Game Progression?

Those thoughts sound about right. siya/libertas aren’t really good for going deep, they are only for farming hero souls quickly with speed ascensions. only way to go deeper once frosty reaches 4100 is to spam clicks/skills with fraag/bhaal/jugg.

2 more alternatives you COULD try, but probably aren’t worth it:
- dump tons of hs into chronos, then you can go idle for hours while still advancing (just very slowly).
- dump tons of hs into iris, and unlock new zones in that way rather than actually killing the bosses lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Ancient Ideas (collecting Ancient suggestions)

Originally posted by Lloyd_Kitsune:

Wow okay that math doesn’t hold up like AT ALL, dude. The x4 dps bonus only applies to one hero, not your overall damage. So you gold rate increase would be much lower than x4 (unless you’re only leveling one hero, in which case you’re making a huge mistake anyway).
Leaving the tab open and leveling every so often is idling, and your judgment about that is idiotic.
Siyalatas gives way more dps than the active ancients unless you’ve got Juggernaut’s combo insanely high, which is difficult to do without an autoclicker.
So your ancient is not only a skill, but specifically built to only help one specific kind of player (note: Not a good number of players) ever and screw over newbies that think it’s a good idea? Also the fact that you can only use it for a short time, with no way to level or ascend or anything for another 20 hours afterwards is kind of awful.
Really, this just sounds like a horrible time all around.

-so just get 75 levels for all your main heroes. still pretty quick. and later on you’ll want to move all your gilds to one or two heroes anyway. Once you do that, you can just focus on leveling those few gilded heroes and ignore the others. I’m really not sure how you can even think of arguing against this point… are you seriously suggesting that the x4 bonuses aren’t significant?

Certainly I’m cutting quite a few corners in my math to make it simple, so its probably not actually x4 progression speed, but it shouldn’t be far off. Heck even if its x2 instead of x4 that’s still a huge difference between active levelers and people who only log in once every several hours.

-It’s not a judgement, its a definition. If you disagree with how I define idlers, suggest a different word for me to use and I’ll go ahead and use that. Point is, this idea is for people who are truly idling: as in literally not doing anything to their game for several hours. not those players who are really actively leveling up every few minutes.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t play that way. I’m just saying if you do, this ancient isn’t for you. And you should avoid it like plague, the same way people who never click should be avoiding fraag/bhaal.

-Lol @ saying siya gives way more dps than active ancients. For the record, I have all the ancients at the moment and i can tell you that for the same amount of hero souls: fraag/bhaal, even without juggernaut, is ridiculously stronger than siya. The whole point of idling is really libertas’ +gold, if you want dps nothing comes anywhere close to active play.

-Finally, yes: this ancient is designed to SPECIFICALLY cater to the needs of a SPECIFIC kind of player, one which has been largely neglected. It’s a good idea for THEM because they aren’t able to log on for those 20 hours anyway, even without the ancient. For everyone else (including you apparently), I’m hoping that the fact that the ancient says “force log off for 20 hours” will make it obvious to them that it is not for them lol, just like how fraags description of “+ click damage” makes it obvious for people who don’t click that fraags isn’t for them.

(also note: howtf can you even claim there aren’t a good number of players who play this way? Are you kong stalking every player? Even then you’d be missing the non-registered players. Unless you’re like hacking into kongregate and monitoring all the data flow or something, such a claim is purely your own guess, and is likely to be heavily biased by the fact that since idle players are.. well.. IDLE: They aren’t online often enough for you to see them, and are probably too time-constrained to bother reading these posts and correcting you about it. Doesn’t mean that they don’t exist or are few in number.)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Ancient Ideas (collecting Ancient suggestions)

Originally posted by shadowdeath123:

It’s quite clear you havn’t actually reached the mid game, idling is nearly just as powerful as stacking Juggernaut with extremely high Frag/Bhaal, 16 hours of idle would equate 15 hours of active, not 15 minutes.

If the progress is actually as slow as you claimed, that would contradict the ancient as offline gold would then equate that of if you left the tab open.

Finally, this is a trap (like Morgulis) for beginners as using this ancient under a certain level will severely hinder your performance, perhaps even cause people to quit the game.

unless your idea of midgame = frosty at 4100+ (where the x4 multipliers go away), 16 hours of idling IS pretty much ~15 minutes of active. (That’s kinda the main reason why there’s people out there with millions of hero souls even though they started after idle players who only have like 10k tops.)

The simple reason why active play > idle play is because active players get to level their heroes as soon as possible whereas idlers only get to level them whenever they come back, which is usually several hours later (otherwise they aren’t really idling.. they are active players in disguise trying to abuse libertas lol).

Every 25 levels, your DPS is multiplied by 4. If your DPS is multiplied by 4, so is your gold gain rate (roughly, not really counting the respawn times). Effectively, if you just get 75 levels, you become able to farm 256 times faster than before. Which means what took 16 hours to farm before.. now takes about 15 minutes. And getting 75 levels on a hero really doesn’t take a long time.. (if it does, consider ascending lol).

Now combine this with the fact that active players get 3 ancients (juggernaut, fraag, and bhaal), while idle just gets 2 (siya and libertas).. i.e. active players are getting several times more dps/gold than idle players even if all heroes/ancients are at the same level/amount of hero souls spent.

But getting back on topic: This Overwork ancient is really only for the people who only get to play like 10 minutes per day.. in which case playing with a huge multiplier for their DPS for those 10 minutes seems very good doesn’t it? (I don’t mind if the ancient is changed to allow offline gold though, if that is your concern.)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / New Ancient Ideas (collecting Ancient suggestions)

Originally posted by Lloyd_Kitsune:
Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:

Rexob, Ancient of Overwork (for idle players)

This ancient is manually activated with a 20 hour cooldown. When activated, for the next 20 minutes you and your heroes will work yourselves to death, increasing your DPS by X times, where X is the level of Rexob.

However, after that you will all experience severe exhaustion. You will be forcibly logged off for 20 hours. Even if you log in, you’ll only see a screen telling you the amount of time left, you will not be able to level heroes or ascend or kill anything. Your heroes will also have 0 dps and you will not receive any offline gold/kills. After the 20 hours are up, everything returns to normal, and you can manually activate Rexob again.

Basically this ancient is for idle players who log in for a few minutes at most once a day. They get a massive damage boost to help them catch up with the more active players.

This sounds really awful and kind of defeats the purpose of idling (leaving the game up in another tab while you do things). Not to mention there is no “log off” function in this game, so it would require a massive amount of work for the devs to put in for an ancient that few people would use.
Also, since it’s activated and on a cool down, it’s a skill. That thing you just described is a skill.

Well, its not so much for the “leave window open” idle players but for the “switch off computer” idle players lol. And its not like the “leave window open” idle players are really getting much for leaving their windows open.. usually the profits from 16 hours of idling can be made in like 15 minutes of active play.

Also, the devs don’t need to do a massive amount of work for it, just use the pre-game screen and disable the play button until the time is up. And setting dps to 0 automatically erases offline gold anyway.

Well perhaps allowing offline gold and dps is fine, just disable click damage?

Finally, yes its like a skill. I believe in the idea of active ancients, ancients you can activate, or even toggle on and off. They provide much more functionality that passive ancients just can’t provide.