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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Zone connoisseur?

i estimate it takes about 600 energized dark rituals… so 300 hours of active play if you don’t ascend lol.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is it just me?

omeet got omitted :(

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

ancient ideas:

A Quick Ascension Ancient (for hyperactive players): tiny chance (with a very small cap) of performing a quick ascension instead of a normal ascension every time you try to perform a normal ascension.

An Offline Farming Ancient (for idle players): Think libertas, but only works while you’re offline (basically increases that gold amount you gain whenever you load the game). Now you’ll make leon’s worries come true :D

A Dark Ritual Ancient (for endurance run players): very small increase to dark ritual, but no cap on the ancient lv (gives them a reason to actually reset the game every once in a while).

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / How To: Never fail a Boss again for dummies

Originally posted by mnbvcxy93:

sry, energize is already booked for dark ritual and reload, so basicly i disagree with all the dicussed “combos”.
here is mine (with 75% cd-reduce) 123457869 – wait 15 min – 89123457 – wait 15 min – endless repeat.
i´m simply going for a boosted dark ritual every 30 min, which becomes much more powerful as it stacks than some temporary boost.

there’s 2 reasons why people don’t all do this:
1) Not everyone is hyperactive enough to focus on the game for a full 30 mins+ or return precisely on time so they can double reload dark ritual.. usually a single reload is good enough if you’re only checking back every 50+ minutes or so anyway.
2) Dark ritual isn’t really permanent. it lasts 1 ascension. (Unless you’re the type that goes for one endless game, never resetting and never having fun with ancients.) On the other hand, knowing how to get a huge temporary dps boost can allow you to quickly kill bosses in much later zones, netting you more hero souls right before you ascend.. now hero souls: those are the REAL permanents :)

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Clicker Heroes Idle game?

Main difference between CH and AC is lemonade gets ~2-4 x multiplier every 100 levels (which costs about >900x more money to get)… while treebeast gets 4x every 25 levels (which costs about >5x more money to get).

needless to say. CH advances much much faster… which means the ratio between idling and active play is orders of magnitude higher for CH than for AC.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Clicker Heroes Idle game?

i think the main problem is those x4 boosts every 25 levels, it turns idle time into wasted time for the most part.

Example: Idling for 16 hours at lvl X is only as effective as Idling for 1 hour at lvl X+50.

In other words, if you don’t level up ASAP, all the time you spend idling at a lower level is more or less completely useless since they are orders of magnitude less effective than active playing.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Question About Morgulis (and fun with word problems!)

Morgulis is NEVER awesome. Even if you are at super end game and have a million hero souls, morgulis will AT BEST multiply your damage by X 1.1.

X1.1 is okish, but definitely sucks in comparison to a large number of other ancients:
-Bhaal, Argaiv, Fragsworth, Siya, Liberts, Mammon, Mimzee, Solomon, etc all can give arbitrarily large multipliers the more souls you put in them.
-Dora is about X 11 when maxed (assuming you have a strong mimzee).
-Dogcog, Fortunas, Atman is about X2

The only real benefit is what snugglebunny said.. but frankly you can do the same thing without morgulis too with a little more effort: Just save your game before you spend any hero souls.. and if you mess up your hero soul spending simply import your save file.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Cid a hero?

Originally posted by Bobz08:

Not useless i got her at lvl 580 and does 1,298q 50 hero souls

I don’t think that 1298q is coming from cid..

i have a lv 2000+ cid that still only does 500k damage… meanwhile ivan has ~2500& DPS. That’s like.. so many orders of magnitude higher that cid doesn’t add to my click damage at all (literally. even the stats window just rounds off my click damage without going into the "k"s).
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Topic: Clicker Heroes / thusia ancient

Thusia is useless for idle players since they can’t use golden clicks properly,

As for active players, while getting a full duration golden clicks on a chest is awesome, you can actually do it with bhaal instead of thusia.

After you get bhaal to a high level, your DPS (including clicks) when using skills will be about 60 times your normal DPS.. effectively you’ll be able to smash in just about every boss you meet once every 15 minutes. That means you’ll get into much further zones even while your normal DPS is still suck.. So once those skills turn off, even normal monsters will each take like 1 minute to kill, so you can easily blast off a golden clicks spam for a full minute on a chest without needing thusia at all.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Powersurge + Siyalatas

if u really wanted to.. you COULD get the +duration ancient for your powersurge…. then it’ll last for 1:30, giving u 30 seconds of 2x siya.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Morgulis not working

seems totally pointless.. regardless of how many HS u invest in morgulis, it’s effects are at best just ONE free energized dark ritual per ascension.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / WHY NERF SOLOMON?

*cleverly refuses to ever close his browser, so the game remains at 0.12b, without the solomon nerf lol >_> <_<.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is Fragsworth broken?

It says +20% more click damage, so i went crazy and dumped a ton of hero souls into it for +400% click damage (so its like having permanent energized super clicks).

but my click damage is still shown as the same 3.5% of my DPS, and when i click it doesn’t seem like its doing +400% more damage..

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Here's How to Guild the Hero YOU Want

i don’t think you guys realise the implications of this.. It’s not just about choosing the heroes you want.. its about letting you choose the same hero over and over.

even if they add new, better heroes… the fact that you have a treebeast glided 10-20 times kinda makes it overwhelmingly better unless the new heroes are overpoweredly broken.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hero souls

@godofallgames it’s simple really: Preparation for future updates.

In the future, they may add more uses for hero souls. They may add more achievements for world ascensions.. maybe even add decent bonuses to them rather than just a small amount of click damage.

Then you will have to reset your game, and end up losing all those dark ritual DPS bonuses you’ve saved up, while still getting a tiny amount of hero souls. On the other hand its fairly unlikely that any update will ever render hero souls useless, so investing in them now seems like a good idea.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

Hmm.. Micromanaging my managers takes too much effort. I need to hire another manager to micromanage my managers…and then another manager to micromanage that manager…MICROMANAGERCEPTION!!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / We're gonna do an update soon (1.4.6)!

I understand managers quitting from micromanaging them too much, but why would your business lock out too? I mean.. before you even hired the manager.. you WERE running the businesses manually by clicking them… so even if they quit its not like you can’t take over :P

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Achievment's

Energized Clickstorm + personally spam clicking.

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Topic: War of Omens / Usury - Pointless

Originally posted by GuillermoX:

If the whole point of the card is to make your opponent sit there unable to do anything at all just waiting for you to kill him, the card shouldn’t be in the game.

lol if we followed this rule, half of the metris cards would need to be wiped out..

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Topic: War of Omens / AI intelligence

The AI does some silly things sometimes, but this is not an example of AI stupidity. If anything, that AI played like a genius.

The goal of the AI is NOT to beat you. It’s to stall for time and slow down your silver earning rate. Thus it is a perfectly good strategy for AIs to play extremely defensively and make games take 100+ turns to end.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Wait.. Lemonade is making more then oil?

assuming you level everything equally (by cost, not by number of investments)

it starts out with oil being the money maker.

then lemons.

then oil.

then bank.

then finally oil again (since bank costs increase faster than oil costs).

none of the other investments really mean anything, they are just there for the extra achievements to boost your lemon/oil/bank earnings lol. donut gets pretty close to being the best at some point, but its never really the best i’ve found..

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Topic: War of Omens / Countering rat deck

heres a bit of a risky gamble u can try vs rat decks when you have infighting/mayhem/malediction… let them live for a few turns.. buying tons of rats.. THEN kill them all. Now they’ll be more likely to draw nothing but 3 rats every turn, which you should be able to kill easily since its just 3 hp.

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Topic: War of Omens / 1v1v1 Multiplayer

lol blue stealing from green and red would be insane, because there’s too many broken combos that will let it go infinite super quickly.

luckily this is perfectly balanced because if its blue vs red vs green, the red and green guys would figure out they should gang up and kill the blue first.

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Topic: War of Omens / Ysadora Change - Discussion

ysa is still pretty much the same really.. in that the types of decks shes good against and the types she’s weak against hasn’t changed.

She absolutely murders rush decks.

But she gets her faced kicked in by turtles.

End of the day, all ysa’s ability does is generate additional attacks (old)/hp (new). Not additional economy. I.e. every other green hero can turtle and go hax up their economy faster than ysa with their +1 res per turn.. and then crush her flat with overwhelming economy. Red decks have it a little harder since they are mostly rush decks, but its possible to build up endgame “economy” as red too using idols (shrines mainly).

(ps. i don’t care about blue, i’m sure they have their own annoying methods of being annoying to win against ysa.)

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Topic: War of Omens / Countering rat deck

malediction/mayhem/infighting. Or just any large amount of damage to kill off the wall of rats.

basically with rat decks, once u kill their wall of rats, they are screwed.. they spend every turn drawing and playing 3 rats over and over (with no coins), so u can just kill their rats and giggle and watch as they get nowhere.

that said.. this is only for shrineless rat decks. If their rat deck has a shrine? Time to give up.. you have to somehow win by brute force on your own economy alone… defend against their overwhelming attacks while just trying to boost your economy as much as possible… if you’re green you can try to go infinite.. if you’re blue you really shouldn’t have let them buy that shepherd in the first place, if you’re red… err. >_> <_<? mirror him i guess? or rite spam or something. either way, none of these methods are consistent once the enemy has shrines. gg overpowered card of hax.