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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Here's How to Guild the Hero YOU Want

i don’t think you guys realise the implications of this.. It’s not just about choosing the heroes you want.. its about letting you choose the same hero over and over.

even if they add new, better heroes… the fact that you have a treebeast glided 10-20 times kinda makes it overwhelmingly better unless the new heroes are overpoweredly broken.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Hero souls

@godofallgames it’s simple really: Preparation for future updates.

In the future, they may add more uses for hero souls. They may add more achievements for world ascensions.. maybe even add decent bonuses to them rather than just a small amount of click damage.

Then you will have to reset your game, and end up losing all those dark ritual DPS bonuses you’ve saved up, while still getting a tiny amount of hero souls. On the other hand its fairly unlikely that any update will ever render hero souls useless, so investing in them now seems like a good idea.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Do you have ideas for AdCap? Share them here!

Hmm.. Micromanaging my managers takes too much effort. I need to hire another manager to micromanage my managers…and then another manager to micromanage that manager…MICROMANAGERCEPTION!!

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / We're gonna do an update soon (1.4.6)!

I understand managers quitting from micromanaging them too much, but why would your business lock out too? I mean.. before you even hired the manager.. you WERE running the businesses manually by clicking them… so even if they quit its not like you can’t take over :P

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Achievment's

Energized Clickstorm + personally spam clicking.

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Topic: War of Omens / Usury - Pointless

Originally posted by GuillermoX:

If the whole point of the card is to make your opponent sit there unable to do anything at all just waiting for you to kill him, the card shouldn’t be in the game.

lol if we followed this rule, half of the metris cards would need to be wiped out..

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Topic: War of Omens / AI intelligence

The AI does some silly things sometimes, but this is not an example of AI stupidity. If anything, that AI played like a genius.

The goal of the AI is NOT to beat you. It’s to stall for time and slow down your silver earning rate. Thus it is a perfectly good strategy for AIs to play extremely defensively and make games take 100+ turns to end.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist / Wait.. Lemonade is making more then oil?

assuming you level everything equally (by cost, not by number of investments)

it starts out with oil being the money maker.

then lemons.

then oil.

then bank.

then finally oil again (since bank costs increase faster than oil costs).

none of the other investments really mean anything, they are just there for the extra achievements to boost your lemon/oil/bank earnings lol. donut gets pretty close to being the best at some point, but its never really the best i’ve found..

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Topic: War of Omens / Countering rat deck

heres a bit of a risky gamble u can try vs rat decks when you have infighting/mayhem/malediction… let them live for a few turns.. buying tons of rats.. THEN kill them all. Now they’ll be more likely to draw nothing but 3 rats every turn, which you should be able to kill easily since its just 3 hp.

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Topic: War of Omens / 1v1v1 Multiplayer

lol blue stealing from green and red would be insane, because there’s too many broken combos that will let it go infinite super quickly.

luckily this is perfectly balanced because if its blue vs red vs green, the red and green guys would figure out they should gang up and kill the blue first.

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Topic: War of Omens / Ysadora Change - Discussion

ysa is still pretty much the same really.. in that the types of decks shes good against and the types she’s weak against hasn’t changed.

She absolutely murders rush decks.

But she gets her faced kicked in by turtles.

End of the day, all ysa’s ability does is generate additional attacks (old)/hp (new). Not additional economy. I.e. every other green hero can turtle and go hax up their economy faster than ysa with their +1 res per turn.. and then crush her flat with overwhelming economy. Red decks have it a little harder since they are mostly rush decks, but its possible to build up endgame “economy” as red too using idols (shrines mainly).

(ps. i don’t care about blue, i’m sure they have their own annoying methods of being annoying to win against ysa.)

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Topic: War of Omens / Countering rat deck

malediction/mayhem/infighting. Or just any large amount of damage to kill off the wall of rats.

basically with rat decks, once u kill their wall of rats, they are screwed.. they spend every turn drawing and playing 3 rats over and over (with no coins), so u can just kill their rats and giggle and watch as they get nowhere.

that said.. this is only for shrineless rat decks. If their rat deck has a shrine? Time to give up.. you have to somehow win by brute force on your own economy alone… defend against their overwhelming attacks while just trying to boost your economy as much as possible… if you’re green you can try to go infinite.. if you’re blue you really shouldn’t have let them buy that shepherd in the first place, if you’re red… err. >_> <_<? mirror him i guess? or rite spam or something. either way, none of these methods are consistent once the enemy has shrines. gg overpowered card of hax.

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Topic: War of Omens / Mutual Defeat Worth More?

Agreed that mutual defeats should give more rewards than defeats!

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion: New Common Heroes

@svtpro: *points to old ysa.. that made like all the green allies useless. >_> <_<.

*points to mogesh.. makes all the war herd animals pretty useless.

granted its not as extreme as these examples, but that’s why these heroes are commons. They have severe crippling defects that ruin parts of their gameplay.

@zabo: yes u’d be able to steal the card on the turn u play ransack/sp/burglary, which could be useful if its a good card or just for bank denial.. or in the case of ransack just to generate gold. But all the stolen cards are destroyed on the next turn (unless its a coin). Note that this means you could still ransack cards from the enemy’s inventory for the sole purpose of destroying them.. and use sp/burglary for bank denial rather than actually gaining cards for yourself.

@busode: Hmm.. the idea is that the serf you gain each turn would just appear on the board, not in your hand. Thus you won’t draw an extra card. Otherwise yea I could see someone just buying 2 courtly intrigues and then just ending their turn over and over to reach infinite with the extra serf draws.

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion: New Common Heroes

How about this.. replace shepherd hero with:

Daramek: Slave Hero

The Daramek Slave Hero is a champion of the slaves that are always bullied and sacrificed by the other Daramek heroes. He has abandoned their strange arcane magics and idols and refuses to sacrifice his fellow slaves. Especially those poor baby sacrificial lambs! (Somewhat based on the real person Stakhanov, who allergedly repeatedly did the workload of several people all by himself.)

+ Whenever an ally performs an action: 15% chance: hero copies that action. (When an ally attacks, 15% the hero attacks. When an ally produces gold/food/skulls, 15% he produces gold/food/skulls.)
- All magic instantly disappears.
- All sacrifice cards, when played, behave as if you have no allies to sacrifice. (I.e. festivals, repops, culls, ritual slaughters, etc. do nothing at all!). War herds simply sit on the board and do nothing, even when fed. (Although they will participate in stampedes like normal.)

This ability encourages ally heavy decks, but at the same time the inability to use repops/culls/feasts make it difficult for the slave hero to keep his allies on the board, and if he’s not careful his hand could get clogged up with allies and slow down his economy. On the other hand, he should be pretty fun with serpent altars, lepers, stampedes and orphans.. with him copying his allies’ attacks and the serpent altars generating more attacks :D

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion: New Common Heroes

yea what blazing said, the resources are meant to be 7 total XD.

serf hero could spam like crazy, but everything he spams is weak and he has no real economy. I can foresee strong rush decks and strong turtle decks easily kicking his ass, but he’ll be strong against mid-game rushers.

shepherd hero also feels a bit strong to me at the moment, but I can’t think of a better disadvantage to give him..

perhaps it would be better to just be :

+ Restock 1 herd at the end of every turn.
- All magic instantly disappears.

but then now he seems a little weak.

and yea marauder hero is meant to be the burn king, but that comes in exchange for severe penalties in all the control cards.. he can’t seduce stuff properly, nor use frames/misdirects properly…. he effectively has no endgame at all because everything he owns (except resources) goes poof every turn, no building up a card pool or board control..

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Topic: War of Omens / Suggestion: New Common Heroes

Common tier could use some heroes as well so new players get more heroes quicker. The main idea this time is these heroes will be representing the poorer, commonfolk from the three factions and thus have severe crippling defects while still allowing interesting abilities.

(I don’t have names for them.)

Vespitole: Revolutionary Hero

The one vespitole hero that isn’t soaked in corruption, the revolutionary is a commoner hero of the serfs.

+On each turn: Gain a serf.
-Cannot hold more than 7 resources at any time. (Additional resources just disappear the moment they are generated.)

This means the revolutionary cannot buy any of the more powerful vespitole cards. Being a commoner he has no access to these expensive stuff like tributes and warships. He can’t even buy tithe/spy network/liturgy cards to combo with his serfs. He can’t even take out loans properly, because at least 1 of that 8 gold generated by the loan will disappear instantly.

Instead, his ability to draw more serfs to follow his cause every turn allows him to slowly gather tons and tons of allies to overwhelm his enemies.

Daramek: Shepherd Hero

The shepherd hero knows very little about the rituals of his faction, but knows how to use herds better than anyone.

+ Buy a herd, gain a copy.
- All magic generated immediately disappears.

Naturally this means the shepherd can generate lots of herds very quickly, allowing him to use cards like stampede and rat ointments very effectively. On the other hand, the instant destruction of magic slows down his economy, and reduces the gains from things like rites of brood and ritual slaughter. He is also much weaker against things like malediction and mayhem, because his inventory will fill up with herds and leave him unable to draw other cards.

Metris: Marauder Hero

The marauder hero never stays in one place for long. Strike once and immediately move to another location. Clever plans and expensive setups are not for him, instead opportunistic hit and runs are his forte. Even his underlings are merely temporary.. hired for a mere day before deserting him.

+ Additional bank restock at the end of each turn.
- All non-coin owned cards are destroyed at the start of each turn. All temporarily controlled cards are returned to the enemy’s inventory. This includes cards in your inventory, on the board, or even in your hand.. and even if they are permanent cards like infiltrate or arsenic.

effectively, delayed-effect cards like subterfuge, undermine, recon, poisons, bombs, and consolidates are all completely useless for the marauder, they’ll never activate. Clever planning is also useless since any saved cards will be destroyed next turn. Frames, misdirects and underlings merely last a single turn. On the other hand, the extra bank restock allows the marauder to play multiple cheap cards every turn, unleashing all kinds of instant-effect cards like mayhem, infighting, waylay, sabotage, deceit, curry favor, etc.

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Topic: War of Omens / AI Flaw

the ai isn’t actually able to see frames, it plays the same way regardless of how many frames u have on the board.

the ai also loves to hold its arson to drain resources instead of attacking.. which is perfectly fine imo. sure it may give up a chance to kill you now and then.. but so do players (very often unintentionally since they just didnt do the math to figure out they could kill that turn).

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Topic: War of Omens / New Ideas


Red Deck = Daramek
Blue Deck = Metris
Green Deck = Vespitole

And we already have Silver, Gold, and the rumored Diamond.

Now for yellow, pearl, ruby…. >_> <_<.

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Topic: War of Omens / Most satisfying feelings of the game

sneaking a few lepers into your giant wall of allies, so when the enemy finally plays malediction he kills himself.

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Topic: War of Omens / Coin Rarity Heroes and Cumulative PvP Rating

clarai you can’t tell yet in MP because unupgraded, the hero cards aren’t too great.. they are above average, but the cost means u can counter them with faster cards…. its their fully upgraded form that’s game breaking.

the difficulty of GM mode jumped up a ton since their introduction, since GM comes with those hero cards fully upgraded. you can still win by abusing the ai’s stupidity (such as how they don’t recognize wagon bomb as a threat), but its not very fun now.

especially those shrines of rebirth are problematic… recovering discarded cards instantly is a huge boost to red’s gameplay, and only available if you have the coin rarity hero. There’s nothing non-coin havers can do that remotely matches that.

To put it in terms you can understand for the other factions.. its like if synod or subterfuge was a coin rarity hero card.. major game changing concept card being coin rarity is just :S.

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Topic: War of Omens / Coin Rarity Heroes and Cumulative PvP Rating

as feared, the new coin rarity heroes and their hero cards are too strong.. its making this game really feel like a pay2win now considering that’s the only realistic way of getting them.

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Topic: War of Omens / Pack stats


feel free to count that, i’m exhausted from opening them all in one go >_>. Oak packs btw.

no coin rarities sadly :(

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Topic: War of Omens / Rampart

why do people not understand how awesome rampart is :S. It’s not just for seduce, its a decent card against all 3 factions…

In green vs green, allies generate resources faster than spells, so whoever has board control generally wins (unless someone is haxing diviners and rng haxing spell chains). Getting board control is a matter of draining your opponent’s skulls faster than he can generate them, which usually just means playing high hp cards/embargos. So the only thing that matters is how much hp you’re getting per gold, in which case rampart takes the cake at 9 gold for 4 hp. It’ll quickly drain the enemy skulls to nothing, at which point u can take over the field with allies and win the res generation race. Also, did I mention walls don’t count for malediction? Yet another advantage to consider in taking board control there.

In green vs red, rampart > knight for a very simple reason: It’s not retarded. Knights are dumb attackers that will blindly charge out and attack in all situations. As if killing themselves on lepers wasn’t dumb enough, they also kill allies with powerful onplay effects like rat catchers and scriveners, (and almost every red ally can fall under this category thanks to overseer boosting onplay effects). You will literally have red players THANKING you for killing their stuff so they can replay them again. Thus for shielding purposes, its far better to use ramparts than knights, and put courtesans behind these ramparts so u can generate skulls to manually kill the stuff that actually NEEDs to be killed (e.g. overseers).

In green vs blue, there’s the obvious advantage that walls can’t be seduced. But they also can’t be mayhem’ed or infighting’ed. This makes them a very powerful shield against mayhem damage rush tactics (usually by using coordinate on bombs after mayheming). While they can still be drawn via impersonates/subterfuges and such, at the very least they don’t help blue so much, since they don’t attack and are weaker than frames anyway.

EDIT: This is now outdated by the new changes! >_<

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Topic: War of Omens / New AI Opponents--Not Worth the Trouble?

imo aline and tazin are fine, both heros have proper weaknesses and counters:

aline has no real ability, she just starts out a little ahead, so standard harassment decks quickly destroy the courtesans and close the lead, even on GM level. meanwhile she deals with slower , more defensive decks very well, since they can’t build up walls of defense faster than she skull rushes

tazin destroys decks which attack directly, like by using bounty or blue rush without defense, but easily gets owned by attacks from allies since he’s basically a leper.. reflects attacks to the ally instead of the hero.

On the other hand: Marsh is too easy, the ai isn’t able to play him properly, it only occasionally feeds allies, barely enough to really make use of his ability.

Whereas loquori is downright murderous.. its bad enough that blue cards are insanely oped on GM level with their fully upgraded rares and rare coins to back them up, that 10% steal activates often enough to allow bad luck to severely screw over many strategies. There are some “counters” such as using embargo to drain everything he steals, but they don’t work so well in practice.

I suggest boosting marsh’s ability to trigger even on benediction and marshal, not just feeds, so that the ai can use it better.

On the other hand, Loquori’s ability should either be nerfed to COPY resources instead of steal, or have some sort of limiting cap to avoid RNG hax issues: Something like: Every time a resource is stolen, the next 3 resources cannot be stolen.