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Topic: General Gaming / Has anyone beaten STH3 Normal Level 39-40?

I’ve tried this on sandbox mode with various setups to see what could work and have yet to find anything reasonably reliable.

Does anyone know of a walkthrough or guide from someone who has beaten it?

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Topic: Technical Support / Facebook Referalls

Does anyone know if there are plans in the works to make it so that you get referral credit for those friends of yours who sign up through the facebook app after you send them an invitation through facebook?

I’ve had two friends sign up to kongregate through facebook because I’ve sent them an invite and they do not show up as referalls for me.

A possible solution for this could be to have a place in your profile where you can type in the name of the person who referred you. That way for those who made an account without following the correct link or whatever can still give the proper credit to those that referred them. Of course one you type in the name of the person who referred who you would not be able to change it to prevent fraudulent referrals and the like.

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Topic: Technical Support / Referral Questions

Is there a way to add someone as your referral after they have created an account? My girlfriend recently created a kongregate account after going through the app on facebook so I did not get the credit for the referral.

If by chance there is not. Is it possible to delete an account so that she could resignup under the same username? ’

Thanks for your help.

BTW: her username here is muppetfan85 if that helps at all.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kongregate and facebook

Agreed! This would be a great feature and seems like it would be pretty simple for them to do. Of course, I have no idea what I am talking about so it may not be simple at all. But yes, please do this ASAP!!!