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Topic: Reactor idle / My thoughts with Lifetime upgrades

This is a small thing and won’t help everybody, but just wanted to share what I learned on the Lifetime Upgrades.

I took a longer time switching from gas to nuke (pre-water) than I probably should have because I was running the numbers with gas at 3200 ticks and nuke at 800. Gas was a clear winner at such a high longevity that nuke was always getting beat. With each longevity upgrade the net profit per gas jumped significantly on paper, but that didn’t sound right and it certainly didn’t match my nuke tests. The flaw in in the tick count. I realized power output/reactor should only be calulated at the base tick count. When I compared the gas and nuke on a 1:1 tick basis, gas was clearly the loser.

The trap is that when the lifetime goes up by 100% you are assuming you get a 2 for 1 profit boost, but, as with all traps, this is a lie. Because you are doing the same amount for twice as long instead of two simultaneously, the benefit is smaller. With no other variables, a lvl 1 upgrade is merely a 50% discount on the reactor cost and at lvl 2 a 75% – half the effect of the first but 8x the cost and no refund. This cost is completely independant of it’s power output.

My suggestion: Get the lvl 1 upgrade, but never the lvl 2. The 50% is significant enough to get your generators upgraded faster to the 1:1 status; but, by the time you can start to afford the lvl 2, you should already be getting close to the next reactor and the upgrade will only push you back.

Thoughts? Corrections? I’ve only been playing for two days so in the higher reactors it might be different.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / tips tricks and questions

Originally posted by SkuineaPig:

I just destroyed my bloontonium storage tanks with the intent of removing all of my mvm buildings. Now I can’t seem to remove any of the mvm buildings. Is there some secret to this?

No trick. MvM buildings aside from bloontonium generators and storage tanks count as upgrades and thus cannot be destroyed just like all of the other upgrade buildings.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / CT - Get rid of mass waves

I would say that there is a power pull built into the CT, only the players themselves are not prepared for it. The past few weeks I have gone from never winning the CT to getting 4-8 or waves ahead of the pack for the whole week. This change came from my investment in the proper upgrades. Before I didn’t have what it took, but now I do. Had you invested in moab maulers (easily gotten at T3), 10 moabs would not be a problem and you would separate yourself from the pack. The current CT for example: 5/6 of my group is stuck on wave 31. I made it to 35 pretty easily and believe I can make a few waves beyond with practice.

There will always be a level cap of course (why there are different tiers), but it is pretty much always higher than the average player will get to. Smart play and smart investments are what it takes to always come on top in CT. If no one can figure out how to get past that one level then that isn’t really the games fault.

Mdntblue’s suggestion is quite good btw. That is the mark of a good player

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Pacifist mode defend -.-

Pacifist Mode has worked quite well for me. Only the occasional revenge attack came in the first month after the switch, but I didn’t mind that. I got a message that an attack I sent was successful two months after I went Pacifist. IMO the Pacifism mode works properly, it is just that there is no time limit on the attacks sent. But really, just defend or dodge the attack. It really isn’t hard peoples.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Sticky Sap Plant

I did this map without using the sap ability (I regret it since I never saw the animation) but it was pretty easy because the bloons go through the middle so many times. I put two 2/2 ice in the middle to cover the whole center. I used a 2/3 mortar to flame, de-camo and de-white all the bloons. I also put a 2/2 glue gunner on the left side to slow the pinks and get extra damage on the zebras.

Build in this order: Spactory>Ice>ice>mortar>glue on the left> 3/2 boomerang on the right.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / MvM attack expired too early

I put my laptop to sleep mode when I’m away, during this time I stay logged in to the NK server. Two incoming attacks from last night still had 9 hours left when I got home just now(17hrs this morning). A minute later I get notice that both attacks swept my defenses and all the bad stuff that goes with it.

Don’t care about the money, but any idea what happened so I can avoid it?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / How to handle rushes ?

OK, so the others had some good tips which you should follow but don’t really address the question. What you are facing is a large rush maybe 20-40 bloons closely clumped together. These bloons are likely zebras or rainbows which turn into zebras. Later you will deal with Ceramics rushes which again turn into zebras. The key thing is you need something to kill the zebras. Rainbow and ceramics only purpose is to push the zebras past your front defenses. You are using Lightning wizards (weak to rushes), power ninjas (weak to rushes) and rockets (it’s zebra, not that effective.)

First off, like Goontra suggested a 3/x engineer at the front is a basic strategy that everyone should use. Regen is a huge problem with rushes, but Engineers can nullify it. Other option would be a Flash Mortar (x/3) this will at least remove all camo and start them burning.

Now then, you need to pop those zebras which means a lot of pierce. 3/2 Boomerangs are good at this if you can afford them as they go down the line popping only 1 layer removing the zebra. 2/3 wizards, multiple 3/2 tack shooters are decent. Glue and napalm are also good. After they are broken, then it’s just cleanup with your AOEs. This is where you would use your Lightning mages, Ninjas, or a 3/2 rocket (which are awesome btw). NOTE: If using Ninja, use more then one so more bloons get distracted.

Rushes won’t come until you have a bit of time to prepare so plan ahead and expect them.

The Glue(2/2)+Ice(2/2) combo is well known and extremely effective. The way this works is rainbows and ceramics get snap frozen by the Ice. They are then glued with acid. The ice will continue freezing them until they get to zebra, the acid will then break the zebra. If the map works with it, you can use a second Ice to catch up the zebra remains.

Rushing to 4/2 tack shooter is highly advised. It will take care of most non-Moab rushes and isn’t that expensive in game.

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / Q: MvM amount @ risk?

Real quick, just want to verify how much of my cash is at risk if I lose? Is there a max, percentage, or all?

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Topic: Bloons Monkey City / First level-3?

Get Boomer 3/x then get the Bomb x/3

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Topic: Pool Live Pro / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

1. Please add a rule book, I have only ever played “8 ball” and even then not with official rules. 2. Please expand options in practice mode. Should be able to add and remove balls at will. 3. Greatly expand chat phrases plus emoticons. 3+ Add a chat mute button.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Secrets of the Shopkeeper's Trade (Bob's guide to the game)

Originally posted by Thought77:

Doesn’t it also affect how likely that customer is to visit in relation to other costumers? Which could be an interesting strategy, actually: if one customer is always asking for stuff that you rarely keep in stock, instead of catering to them, offend them so they’ll come around less often.

That is a common strategy. Only cater to the customers you want to keep, as the greater affinity the higher chance that they will appear. The chance ratio however is not so different that they wont show up. it seems like a 65/35 difference.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Suggestions and Ideas

A Furniture Drop Box:

NVM – Didnt know you could use the street.

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Topic: Swords & Potions 2 / Secrets of the Shopkeeper's Trade (Bob's guide to the game)

Is there a way to change my shop keeper appearance? He looked really neat in portrait but in game it looks horrible.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Selling Buildings

….. but… you get to keep the old building, your simply building another. You can only live in only one at building at a time. makes sense to me, it’s just another unlock.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / BTD5: Farm vs. Bank?

Has anyone done the math on this? Which is really better?

I use the farms just because that’s how it was in past BTDs and the gain is immediate, but in the long run is it actually better than the bank?

Also, Dartlings is the only tower that i havn’t upgraded because it’s hard to use with the farms.

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Topic: General Gaming / Should I play Majora's Mask?

Majora’s Mask was always a ho-hum game for me. Four main dungeons with a whole lot of side quests. I loved OoT so much more because everything was unique in the game, the tools, the Zora and the Goron, Epona. When they brought everything back in MM with very minor sprite updates… nothing in the game seemed original. It was like MM was OoT’s expansion pack.

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Topic: General Gaming / Bloons TD 5: Sniper Strat?

On the new (to Kong) and extremely popular BTD5, the sniper monkey is quite powerful but what is the correct way to use it?

I usually start off with a ninja and a sniper on the single lane maps as that can take me to the late twenties by themselves, but after that the sniper pretty much gets ignored.

I would like to build more snipers, but what is stopping me is the AI. In my experience, as they all can target the same bloon at the same exact time, they all fire at the same exact time, thus only one shot actually counts. What strategies do you use to correct this problem?

Note – I know about targeting settings, but naturally i want to put my snipers on strong.

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Topic: Kongregate / Kingdom Rush Challenge! if KR is too easy...

If Kingdom Rush was too easy for you like it was for me then try this.

Beat campaign only using Spell Upgrades! This is much harder but doable. I just completed it with No-miss. Heroic and Iron should be even more difficult, but that’s next up. : D

I’m also going to try only researching a single tower type. Probably Magic for starters.

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Topic: General Gaming / Just wondering if you know these games

I don’t see how you could call yourself a gamer and not know about the first two… but the third? yeah havnt hear of that either.

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Topic: Stencyl / Scrolling Shooter Questions

I am still quite new at this and will have to get this question answered for my own game.

My initial thought would be thus:

-At interval create Projectile at Front.
-Set Initial Angle to Player
Set Velocity to X

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Topic: Stencyl / Space Shooter: Matching Scroll Speed

My Goal: to make both ship idle and scroll speed the same so that screen will scroll without moving the ship.

Using the Camera pack given, the fighter always moves ahead at M speed when idle to keep up with the scroll speed. However scroll speed is determined by distance of (Y / Slide duration), Y being the length of the map. Since these two numbers are not the same type – one is an integer, the other a fraction – it will be extremely difficult to make the speeds match over various distances of Y. How can I adjust the scroll behavior so that scroll speed is based on the M constant so that the screen scroll and ship speed are the same?

I sure hope that makes sense…

I tried to replace the Camera slide behavior with a Force behavior to move at the M constant but then it will not scroll at all.

It should also be noted that the presented facts are based on my experiments. I can be misunderstanding the pre-made scroll behavior.

This is the Behavior script for the camera.

And This is the Behavior Script for the idle movement

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Topic: Stencyl / Screen Size?

I am extremely new to this. What is the normal screen size for a kongregate game?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] SELL feature

: ) im sorry, but that is actually pretty funny. But in a way i do agree that knowing beforehand what we will get when we sell would be helpful. On the otherhand, as item sell values are partially randomized… shrugs

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] Item Stacking

things get sent to your mail. you can also use your upgrade slots for extra inventory

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dragon's Call] Shut it down from kong?

Originally posted by saftcore:

hey all

since I experience lagg on the game (on kong and the original site). There must be a reason why. So my guessing is that kong is causing all the lagg.
So if kong could be so kind and shut down dragon’s call here then we can live a laggfree life.

this topic should be discussed really.


ok… serious logic issues here. Let me repeat what you said back to you.

1. Because YOU are getting lag, it is Kong’s fault.
2. Because it is Kong’s fault for lag (completely ignoring the dozens of more logical reasons, including you may just have a poor connection) they should remove it.
3. By having Kong shut down DC it will instantly remove all lag.

yeah…I’ll let you think about that for a bit