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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

cards should be able to be upgraded by means of a new buildiing (training building) in which you can pay gold to level up your cards to highest level possible (level 10) upgrading this building allows you to level cards up by two more levels (max level of building 5) and WE SHOULD BE ABLE TO SELL THINGS! and bring bsck the wall mounted crossbow thanks for the consideration (if any of these are used excpet for selling i want 1500 crystal or 300000 gold each :) )

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Topic: Epic War Saga / New unit ideas [2]

New hero

spells:rage,bloodlust (all hits do twice damage and leech cost 5),swords of judgment,adrinaline (all units gain x1.5 movment speed and gain 100 def does not affect saber)
move speed:5.0
cost:400000 gold

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Topic: Epic War Saga / New Units

Meacha solider
hp/5000 element/fire defense/300 attack/ 500 pop/1 cost/6
its a dwarf like figure inside the cockpit of a robot has
rocket launchers to attack groups of enimes shoots 3
rockets walks at the same speed as fire dragon
has a 2 second attack delay.Obtainable by a level
5 fire temple

cloud person
hp/100 element/wind defense/4 attack/200 pop/ 8 cost/4
its a bird! No its a plane! No its a….Cloud?!! its his floating person made of a cloud has
the abilty to summon a small tornado to attack by raising its arms allowing it to
knockback any threats and has a 1.5 sec. attack delay moves as fast as sharpshooters
and after attacking lowers itself and is vunerable to be attacked

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Unit/Hero/Items Price Lowering/Highering

LOWER PRICES ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

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Topic: Epic War Saga / level 5-4 help

i need help beating level 5-4 all and any help is apperishated thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Topic: General Gaming / stick war 2?

they r in process of making it it will be done by november at most