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Topic: Off-topic / All the stuff you own (or was given to you, for keeps) has now disappeared.

Other than a house, a bed, a computer, desk, fridge, phone and creditcard (5 items) I don’t need much more. I’ll watch as you guys kick his ass, then take my stuff back after you’re done.

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Topic: Off-topic / I just bought Skyrim

You realize you can actually look up the requirements before buying the game, riiiiight? :p

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Topic: Off-topic / You have no inertia anymore.

I ponder what i’m doing against the wall, and after I give up and sigh. Because of the sigh, accelerate to the speed of light and due to time dilation hit the wall 5 minutes ago.

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Huh what? did I miss something? Are we still hating on me for half-year old non-events?


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Topic: Kongregate / Kong and Opera

A while ago, Kong stopped loading on Opera 9.23. Did this happen for anyone else?

Did anything change, and if so, what did and how can it be fixed.