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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

Thank you broseph

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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Design Your Favorite Class

hey look i made 1

I tried to be creative. What’s great about FFT classes is that they’re all so wildly different and each pretty awesome in their own way, which I’ve treid to recreate. So in tribute to the angsty wolfaboos of the world, I give you…

The Predator

This guy’s gimmick is leaping, pouncing and ambushing. I tried to make a speed-based striker class that isn’t bullshit like the blaster. It ended up as a ground-based sort of cross between the blazer and assassin, which is pretty cool to me. Imagine a blaster-sized powersuit dude done up in the most emo black/purple paintjob possible, then make the suit look like a bit like a wolf. That is the Predator.

(Alternates include Beast or Feral, which don’t really suit the FFT naming conventions as much but somebody’s probably already used the name.)

Chassis: Striker. 3000 HP, 1500 Shield


On ground, acceleration is just slightly higher than other strikers, up to a higher cap of 50mph. At above 30mph, whether running or sliding, the Predator visibly shifts to movement on all fours. The jetpack is a jump-pack with a slow recharge and charge-up, able to cross the shuttle bay at a full charge. Rather than going up as much, the jump is more like a leap, exchanging altitude for forward momentum. Aiming up or jumping at 0 speed results in a rather weak sort of jump, and usage in midair barely hovers.

As a pouncing melee fighter, The Predator is laughable in the air but formidable on ground. Agility is still average for a striker however, and strafing can be somewhat lacklustre.

Weapon 1: Graviton Cannon

The less-useful weapon, as always. Two shoulder-mounted graviton cannons (a la Tech turret) fire at about the speed of the railgun, very accurate up to a medium range, at which the beam dissipates. These cause a Suppressed debuff up to 5 stacks, which last for a shorter time than from the Suppression Turret. 200dmg each, 8 shots in a clip. R reloads.

I put this in to give back some advantage against hovery classes like the gunner or blazer, since Weapon 2 is next to useless off the ground. Also good for team combat.

Weapon 2: Beam Claws

Glove-thingies that project two sets of laser/energy claws. The Predator’s killing weapon, and the one that technique is built around. Standing still, slashes deal 500dmg each, at the same rate of the other melee weapons. When locked on, AND travelling at over 30mph, the Predator can execute a leaping pounce a bit like the the Assassin’s Engage. If the attack hits, damage is doubled to 1000, and the target flinches.

R will execute the special ability Eviscerate. At a long cooldown, this attack completely negates the Predators momentum and he goddamn BITES the target while slashing with the claws. Massive damage if it hits, maybe 2000-2500, but because of the short range and momentum loss, is very easy to avoid if the target is moving away. Which they really should be doing, honestly.

Q-Ability: Primal Instinct

Longer cooldown than the Blazer’s Spectral Optics, has about the same effect but only highlights enemies. Lasts 10 seconds.

E-Ability: Prey Leap

A rising ability with a medium-short cooldown. The Predator boosts vertically and gains a brief ‘Prey Leap’ buff at the height of the jump which, if used with the Beam Claws, increases the pounce damage to 1500, doubles the max distance, and knocks the target down.

Good combination with Eviscerate can kill a light or wounded unit outright. This also helps level out the Predator’s weak aerial capabilities a bit, but does nothing to make it a better aerial fighter.

F-Bomb: Scent Vial

The Predator tosses a vial of Biotech tracking nanobots, adding a ‘Scent Marked’ debuff to any enemy the explosion reaches. The effect is fairly long and sends position, heath and shield information back to you like any debuff, while also critboosting any of your attacks, and Targeting boosting (a la Gunner crouch) any attacks made by teammates that lock on to them.

This further complements the Predator’s strong points; in group-to-group combat, anyone marked will be more quickly cut down by you. Anyone who tries to run, especially by jetting away, pose easy targets to your ranged buddies, and show up for you to chase after later should they manage to escape.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Petek the Fake Marine!

Seems like an okay guy but the clan name’s a bit silly imho. I’d probably join if it wasn’t

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Remapping keys?

I’m surprised this hasn’t been suggested yet. At least I think it hasn’t.

Basically if you’re like me, which you probably are, you use your three middle fingers for WASD while your thumb and pinky are conveniently resting on shift and space. Bad news is, neither of those do anything.

I have to stop moving, or limit movement to one direction, whenever I want to use a skill or nade or turret or reload. And to make things worse, 1-2-3 are right next to each other, and get reassigned if you have less than three skills. The other day I used a precious respec to remove Hold the Line (among other things) … only to put it back the next level, because I always died using the orbital strike whenever I meant to use Die Another Day.

It’d be nice if we get to choose what does what.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / How much does it cost to fire your weapon

for twelve seconds?

CM505: (11+11) Rps * 12s * $0.6 = $158.40

Ronson 70 RED: (6+4.8) Rps * 12s * $12 = $1,555.20

Now you try!

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Wrong rewards

Originally posted by amyntor:
Originally posted by lee06400:

So, I just received the rewards for the 2 events, I was both platinium on them, but I received only 4 neodyium boxes, in alpha virus event there was a thulium box ofr platinium rewards, and I didn’t get it, why ?

I had the same thing happen.


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Topic: Freefall Tournament / Tips for Each class

Okay… I’ve been playing this a little while now, and I’ve kinda managed to get a single-class focus going, so that should be appropriate for this thread. I’m… okay with it; I can’t boast the experience some people have had, but I can go in-depth here.

A lot of people don’t seem to roll assassin much. And yet I’m specialising in it. So, saying that, maybe my input will be useful! ~

So some tips I’ve put together, in an arbitrary order of importance:

1) Your greatest weapon is your jump-pack. You are the most maneuverable class, but possibly not the fastest; from memory, the scout runs only a m/s slower than you at top speed, but has fancy boosts and kicks and chops and so they are generally faster than you on average…. on /land/ that is.

A quick jump (a single tap of the space key) will charge a jump that speeds you up to 45 m/s, so, pretty fast. With that said, you should generally spend as /little/ time as possible on the ground. You will also have very good air-control, so you should be moving and jumping from perch-to-perch like a ninja. Flying, even. A fully-charged jump can get you almost across an entire map, and extra adjustments with the pack in midair means you should be able to move from any one spot to another in one or two movements.

2) Do not expect to do direct damage. Your needlers’ damage is miniscule, on-hit. Still pump as many as you can into your target, but remember the real purpose is to get a stack of ten toxins into them. These are going to burn away at an enemy’s health, keep their shields from recharging, all sorts of mess. But you’ll die if you try to go one-on-one with anything from the time it takes, unless you’re good with your jump pack and can keep firing without getting hurt. (Which is also recommended over diving in and swinging your blades around.)

The way you /can/ do direct damage centres around both your positioning and those toxins, and your two abilities at that. Up close, the ambush blades can do a /lot/ of damage, and you can close in from a short range with the ‘engaged’ attack. (Locked-on, like the saber dash. Recharges after a second or two.) When you’re close, the knyphoon (‘r’ key) can take even the biggest classes down by 50% or more health, but that’s only if every hit lands. Try not to knyphoon a moving target while you’re standing still.

Catalyze Toxins, on the other hand, is used to bring down a poisoned enemy at very low health. You use it mostly to kill a running target before the effect wears off or before they grab health, but you can also quickly kill an assailant before they kill you, in a pinch. Do NOT use this ability for anything other than killing someone. That would be next to useless.

3) Cloaking is cool. You use it to either get in, or get out, or confuse a big guy. Cloaking and running for health /will/ save your life on many occasions. Cloaking and jumping into an encamped opponent (gunners and shockers) will normally kill them, using the blades, and cloaking to get around a tank you damaged (especially while he puts his shell up) will probably give you the edge you need to take them down solo.

4) The troll bomb — I mean, Panic Bomb, has a specific use. Don’t pop it at a single guy; that wastes your time when you could be pumping in more needles. You should use it in a large firefight, and hope that a pair of your enemies attack each other. If one kills the other, you’re awarded with the kill, as well as a well-deserved sense of smugness.

So to sum up, your job is very much spreading chaos and taking out HVTs. Snipers are top of the list, since they’re bad for your team and heavily disadvantaged against you if you put your skills together right. Always stay in the air; as soon as you touch down you should be charging another jump to a better position. In the air you can’t be bombed easily, and you can swoop down on your target by holding shift. You want to jump away quickly if things get too hot, and surprise your enemy if you want to take them out. You’re best off moving around and shooting needles for fast classes, and using the knyphoon on slower ones. And since blazers can counter all three of your strengths, you’ll want to use some mixed tactics to bring them down.

And please correct me if I’m wrong, those in a better position to speak. This is how I play assassin, and how I rack up a good number of kills even though I’m a support class. But at any rate, I hope this helps!

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / Vongola Clan

Ooh… oh boy. I’m in charge. Never been in charge of anything before… um…

Okay, first directive, soldiers:

Someone make me a sandwich. Please. :o