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Topic: Off-topic / Should parents refrain from cursing in front of their kids?

Also this should be put in SD.

Not every decent thread needs to be put in SD.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Post photos of yourslef Mk. 2

My snakebites are cuter.

And I’m glad I’m not the only musical person here.

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Topic: Kongregate / Cussing, Insulting, and Pornography Allowed

Doesn’t seem like there’s been a real solution suggested.

Normal banning doesn’t work
IP banning doesn’t work
They don’t want to institute captcha-esque registering requirements

What is left to do?

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Topic: Off-topic / Why everyone potrays HELL as a place thats fueled with fire?

If I remember reading somewhere, wanna say Dante’s Inferno, the 9th layer of hell is ice.

A lake of ice, filled at varying depths by people based on the severity of their treacherous sin. In the center, Satan holds Brutus and Judas in his mouth.

Very icy imagery if you ask me.

Edit: I forgot Cassius was there with Brutus as well.

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Topic: Off-topic / Why everyone potrays HELL as a place thats fueled with fire?

To add onto what stots said about Inferno, Dante suggests that in the 7th circle there is also a section with flaming sand and flakes of fire raining from the sky. Good book, was a favorite of an old friend.

Also the level of certainty people have that an omnipotent being needs his ego stroked is always eyebrow-raising. If I made the universe and all that, I’d not need everyone’s love and I’m not even a great person.

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Topic: Off-topic / arcaneCoder more like


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Topic: Off-topic / What You Think Should Be Added To OT

A way to post from the same page you play games on.

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Topic: Off-topic / ITT: Discuss School

I miss getting candy for knowing my times tables. Back when meeting people was easier and everyone was too wrapped in adolescence to feel ashamed of doing weird stuff. I remember flirting with a girl by making her origami boats and drawing hearts on them.

Now though, I’m like a less successful version of Dan Harmon, even if I do smell better.

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Topic: Off-topic / "no one would notice if u left"

“no one would notice if u left”

Welcome to the real world where you will die and maybe a couple dozen people will go to your funeral.

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Topic: Off-topic / AZN AMA AMZN

Were you the legendary guy that spammed constantly?

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Topic: Off-topic / Am I off topics "grandad"

No one is going to beat me. So I win.

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Topic: Off-topic / [PETITION] Make removed posts viewable again

some petitions have indeed worked in the past

Which ones? And FGF wasn’t created because of the petition.

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Topic: Kongregate / Split test: New navigation!

The “Forums” section is not very visible. Many new Kongregate users don’t even know that the forums exist because they are so hard to find.

This is what I think the biggest issue is. Less visible forums means less people join the forums which could easily cause a lot of good communities to diminish and eventually disappear. Sure it’s two clicks more for forum regulars, but it’s far likelier that newer users won’t even see the forums, especially Off-Topic, Serious Discussion, and Forum Games which seem to be the most active forums, yet are at the very bottom of the forums page.

As for being in the minority, look at who is having issues with the update. All the currently active forum mods of Off-Topic do not like this change. I think it’s considered appropriate to say they are Room Owners in their own right (as in they work to stimulate and better the community), so when they unanimously agree that a change is in the wrong direction, it should be looked at quite closely by the administrators of Kong.

There is plenty of room where redundant things are shown. You could easily get rid of the unread button and the profile button. I’m sure others could come up with more to cut or re-size to be able to fit a few more of the forums at least.

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Topic: Off-topic / So I'm playing D&D when this little guy comes along.

3.5e Master race.

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Originally posted by TerribleToaster:

Yes, this is where my mind was too. Gotta love the pixies.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is "vore"???

Vore is a sub-genre of guro (doesn’t necessitate guts, but it can have it.) in which the focus is the fetish of devouring and swallowing the subject. A common scene for vore pornography is a naked female being swallowed whole buy a snake.

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Topic: Off-topic / If Jesus wasn't the son of god then how did he die for all our sins?

If Jesus is dead, how is there still plenty of his blood to drink when I go to church?

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Topic: Off-topic / Photography

I really like this one VanHalen.

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Topic: Off-topic / Somebody make me laugh.

What’s the deal with airline food?

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Topic: Off-topic / Photography

Found my flickr.
I haven’t uploaded anything to it lately because I’m mainly working in film and it just became a photo repository for things I had to get to other people.


so I don’t know you are talking about most of the time

I’ll try to fill in some blanks then.

Composition is the way you fill your photograph will content. It includes your framing which you can change by moving around to unique or unconventional means. It’s like how you can take a picture of someone else at eye level (very boring composition-wise) or you can get higher, lower, etc. The photographs will have the same person, but will be more interesting depending on how you compose them.

Post-production editing could be most easily compared to how people use Instagram to mess with photos. It’s adjusting tone, brightness, contrast, and other aspects of color/detail. Photoshop is the most commonly known editing software, but there are several good programs to use. It’s great for touch-ups, skin smoothing, and whatever else needs fixing after everything is said and done.

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Topic: Off-topic / Photography

No serious photographer would use Tumblr.

As for your flickr, it is a little lack luster.

Your sky is blown out in most of your earlier work, but you seem to have gotten better about it in your recent photos.

The bear thing has absolutely no appeal and would only be appropriate on a place like facebook.

Your composition is fair, but you need to get closer for many of those photos. Don’t be afraid to take a few steps toward what you’re shooting.

Level your horizons for landscapes through cropping or otherwise.

Pentagonal bokeh is gross.

Get some sort of photoshop/lightroom equivalent and tone these photos. You need to learn post-production editing. (HDR, desaturation, and other BS Instagram editing techniques are crap, even if customers eat it up.)

Browse some forums like 4chan’s /p/ or whatever suits your fancy. People with experience show you new things you can do or try.

Shoot some portrait stuff. You seem to be good with macro/accent shots and you might like it.

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Topic: Off-topic / What it would be like if Zelda was a girl?

Look how easy it is to troll.

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Topic: Off-topic / Monopoly or Twister?

Monopoly because it’s fun to be at each others’ throats for fake money.

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Topic: Off-topic / What have you won and lost in the genetics lottery?

Trent obviously won this contest.

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Topic: Off-topic / Most Touching Moment In Movie History

All of Forrest Gump