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Originally posted by sas123:

mirror force a card that destroys all of your monsters. ive played 20 games in the arena and i found 14 people with mirror forces i don’t know if its just me but i see almost everyone has it. its a bam legends and probably most people have it im just saying it needs to be nerfed or removed cause its have to play when i get a good arena roll going then mirror force messes it up.

Magic destruction is your friend

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Topic: Serious Discussion / ARE We In The End Times?

Originally posted by cloud190:

I don’t want to sound like a religious fanatic or anything but, I’ve researched Nostradamus and he predicted that when two warring mountains made from human hands fall in fire and their own rubble then we would be in the times of the third anti-Christ. Sound like 9:11? However the war of all religion comes on a year with a number 4. From here, after a long battle the world will have to rebuild itself.

None of Nostradamu’s predictions have ever come true. He has never actually been able to predict anything, the best hes managed is for people to look at his vague prophecies many years after the event and go “well that sort of vaguely fits, right?”.

Their is no society that has been alerted to any event because of his words. The times people have actually tried to act on his prophecies in advance they invariably failed to ahppen

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Topic: Serious Discussion / ARE We In The End Times?

Christians have assumed we were near the end times ever since Jesus ascended. Even the Apostles thought so.

The problems we are having today are not nessciarly the worst the world has ever had (World War 2 anyone?), so if you think about it, the probabilty that we are in the end times is low to nearly non existent.

Although Jesus told us to be vigilant for his return, the flip side of that is also to continue to do his work on earth and assume their will be no Rapture bus that will come down and help the right wing escape the consequences of their actions (does God REALLY work that way?!). Theirs a good reason the same verse then immediately warns of false prophets. ANYONE who claims to know or have a good idea when the end times are is at best in error, and at a worst a false prophey placing himself above Christi, and should be avoided and exposed. Anyone who names dates for the rapture or search is a blasphemer and a false prophet and should be called out for the good of other Christians.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Really annoying glitch

What the heck? I was trying to edi tmy series two deck but coulndt remove a gear golem card, then i refreshed and all the cards I had in that deck are gone, and I cant select the deck!

Some of my cards show up when I use the auto deck, but although my 2nd deck is unselectable, i cant use those cards, which means its basically impossible for me to move the story on. What is up with this and can you please fix it?

Edit: Was able to get into my deck by selecting from a different menu, but its still a glitch worth taking note of. Also sometimes cards wont load images or effects

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Friends not adding/showing up on my list

Originally posted by Terrilocks:

As you can see one friend this isn’t your problem, but probably worth mentioning you also need to set your Kong profile to NOT private for friends to show up in the game… Took me a while to figure out…

My profile isn’t set to private, and never was

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Friends not adding/showing up on my list

Kind of annoying, and stupid the game doesn’t mention that ANYWHERE but thanks. Though is thier any way to check those friends? Since I forgot who they are.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Friends not adding/showing up on my list

I’ve added a bunch of people, and they can see me and send gifts, but I can’t see them or send gifts (except one guy), and my Dragonunity card acts like I have only one friend. What is the cause of this? Can you fix it?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: Guns never existed.

Originally posted by Draconavin:

I would prefer if women held authority over men.
It probably stems from the hypocrisy I notice in men who call themselves authorities.
But I think as an experiment to have a complete role reversal would be interesting.

Marget Thatcher lived by privatising everything and slashing every budget she could, yet she insisted on a huge lavish and expensive funneral paid for the by the public.

Woman can be horribly hypocritical to.

I wonder if society might be more violent, but it wouldn’t be any easier for a small group of people to control everything, if anything it would be tougher.

Maybe if you remove ALL long range weapons, but even a master swordman can only beat so many dudes at once, fend off so many strikes at once, and even if he could fatigue would get him.

I do wonder if it would make much difference in the long run.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Bug Reports and Issues

I keep drawing Key Mace even when its not in my deck.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / was 9/11 really planned by the united states government?

People all across the world have been trying to prove it for years. To qoute the post above me “don’t hold your breath”

Its possible they knew about and let it happen to justify the war, or they didn’t take their intel seriously thinking no one would really do it but eh.

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Topic: Off-topic / is the world really gonna end?

Yes, Haruhi through a hissy fit, destroyed the world then rebuilt it again.

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Topic: Off-topic / December 21, 2012

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Recommended Games: Not so much recommended as popular

Their needs to be a way to filter out all these facebook esque freenium that come down to grinding and paying money rather than being an actual game. Would it kill you to let us block the multiplayer tag?

I want to play good Towder Defense games and rpgs where you use stratergy to win.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / 2 Marines killed in Southern Afghanistan

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Are the Merits of a Meritocracy Meritorious?

As long as the “lowest” classes are not left to starve or do nothing. If they are then its no better than now, and possibly much worse.

Also the defination of merit needs to be clarified. If your system would defend bankers and reward absurd bonuses for even doing your job so so at best, then its doomed to fail.

Who would actually judge merits and how would people be held culpable if they failed?

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Topic: Serious Discussion / The Moral Argument

Most atheists realize that morality promotes a better society. Its all that really protects us from people doing their own thing and walking over others.

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Topic: Off-topic / I Hate Very Religious People

These people repersent a very very very small portion of religous people, their just louder, easier to notice and draw attention to themselves. Its like saying all the hardcore aethists are angry teenagers try to destroy religion with words over the internet

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Tulpas

I don’t think Tulpa is really real. Looking it up, it seems like something trolls came up with and desperate fools rolled along with.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Does suicide mean you are going to hell??

Originally posted by MyTie:

It’s for God to judge that. No one knows a man’s heart, except that man and God. Perhaps a person is stuck in a hopeless situation, with no fate but certain death in a short amount of time, and nothing else to accomplish.

For instance, if an astronaut were to get stuck in a situation where the capsule were spiraling into outer space, with no control, no communications, and no power. It’s only a matter of time before that astronaut freezes to death, and in the meantime he is stuck in a tumble dryer. That situation is hopeless, and painful, and slow death. If that astronaut had a gun, would God send the person to hell for skipping the last few days of slowly freezing to death in a dark Popsicle on spin cycle? That’s really up to God, not the Catholic Church, nor Atheists, both of whom would normally insist God is a vengeful awful intolerant being.

The way to Heaven is through Christ, and doing what He wants you to do. I can’t imagine Jesus would desire you to off yourself, but I also couldn’t imagine Him not being understanding to some circumstances. That said, it’s still not my call to make, nor anyone else’s.

I came in to post something like this and you’ve said it better than I ever could.

Contray to what japenese rpgs may teach you, we do not worship a callous and evil God.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do We Feed Trolls?

Originally posted by NintenCROW:

If you dont feed trolls, you are making them starve.

If you are making them starve, you are no better than the african governments that are letting their people starve.


I think theirs a shelter for tramps and degenerates that will feed starving trolls. Its called 4chan

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Is having sex at the age of 12 right

Its a troll thread, look at his other posts.

12 is too young, but fortuntly trolls dont get laid that early

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Why Do We Feed Trolls?

I try to expose and rip them apart, or post in a way that encoruages people to stop feeding the troll, thus cutting them off from their food supply (doesn’t always work admittingly).

Sometimes its hard to tell the difference between an emotional teen with an ill informed oppinion and a troll, and sometimes ripping apart the opinion and exposing the lack of real arguments can be an effective anti troll tactic, if you don’t let yoru jimmies get rustled.

Why do people do so in genereal? SOme enjoy arguing, some don’t see the obvious troll, and some just can’t resist the bait

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Important new free games

If its annoying then don’t drag it into serious discussion

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Topic: Off-topic / Eight capital sins.

I was going to post “can’t tell if troll or idiot” but considering how many of your messages have been deleted, I’m incline to vote troll

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Topic: Serious Discussion / How can we deal with the Muslim overreactions?

Did I have the right idea? I like to think I encompassed both points