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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / ADD FRIEND POST

Add me, I’m level 285 and I have the highest thumbed up comment on DotD (2302+ atm) :)

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Topic: Off-topic / Would you have sex with this woman?

Would I sleep with her? Well, that’s completely circumstantial, with the many circumstance being how much alcohol have I had?


Topic: Off-topic / Runescape: One-Month Free Membership (and other cool stuff)

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

Bellarius nightmare

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

At first when I played with the energy, I was completely fine with it because the missions weren’t so expensive you’d have to wait 20-30 minutes for your energy to regain in order to fight again, like some games out there. But once I got to mission three, the energy cost increased so dramatically, so exorbitantly, even with full energy I can’t do the final mission. Keep the energy cost under 20 at least please, for those who don’t want to have to invest stat points into energy.

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Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Post your Raid URLs here

Mazalu, normal.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War MMO

Originally posted by rudy_sudarto:

There is
- main campaign , this is like many ew series.
- arena ( pvp )

This, just made the game 5/5 for me. I was worried when I heard there was an Epic War MMO because my internet, well, it sucks. I’ll probably get pwned (horribly so) in pvp, so at least I get to enjoy the single player campaign. Thanks for making awesome games rudy, and keep up the work. :)

Oh, and one more thing. About the whole kreds issue, many players get angry when they need to pay for something in game with money/kreds. A lot of people will be like “This is kongregate. FREE online games.” I’m totally cool with you doing this, but many players won’t be. A way to reap in more mullah, but with less downrates and ragequits, you can incorporate a lot of aesthetic upgrades. Make it so people can buy awesome new castles, or get their heroes some badass new sword (with no bonuses, just awesome look) And a thing I would love to see incorporated would be some joke units. With some kreds you could buy a rainbow unicorn to replace your worg unit (or something similar.) Little things that people will buy to more enjoy the game, but things that wont give their enemies a distinct advantage and totally anger them. And of course the easiest way to make some kreds is to have something purchasable with gold and kreds. So players who don’t want to spend money can still get the item, but you will still make money. I understand I’m just an American teenager, and my words probably mean little to nothing, but I hope you took what I said into account, and don’t bar players from certain units because they don’t want to spend money. Even if you do do that, you’re still a great game developer and I’ll be looking for your next release all the same. :)

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Topic: Swords & Potions / The Imperial Legion Looking for members

Invite me too please. :)

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

@SpearDudezor- Poison isn’t always subtle =) The poison would be fast acting and do continuos damage. I would have given them fire arrows like in EW2, but I’m giving that to the demons.

@Carados- I’m not entirely sure what you’re raving about with goombas, but the point of this would be to give the game a more realistic feel. The second you shout charge, some units (the stupid ones) may take a second or two to realize what’s going on. You wouldn’t have to fight against your interface/controls, your stupid units would simply be a little late in leaving. As for your comparisons of playing a platform rpg and having a chance of them not jumping is completely inaccurate. It would be accurate if I had said “some stupid units may not even budge when you terll them fight, and will sit there for the rest of combat.” But however, that is not the case. Oh, and by the way, it was just an idea and not a suggestion. Rudy is the judge, the jury, and the executioner here. He decides what goes in the game, so lets just stop this pointless argument. =)

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 5

What I want, is a vast array of improvements. Here are some ideas/ suggestions. =) (I’m actually creating a storyline and units in Microsoft Office Word. Not done yet though :p)

-Remember the Elfs, Orcs, and Human races from EW2? Well, lets bring that back, but with lots and lots of more options. Each race/faction should have a specific hero, and oh yeah, I almost forgot; a special arrow from its arrow tower. Examples…

Holy Order (good aligned humans)
Hero-Some Knight
Special Arrow-Lightning

The Legion (orcs)
Hero-A giant ogre
Special Arrow-Poison

Necrotic Horde (evil, evil, people with undead minions.)
Hero-A necromancer
Special Arrow-Leeching Arrow

Next suggestion, an awesome storyline. Since their will be multiple factions, it should be something of the good vs. evil thing. Depending on what side you choose (good, evil, or neutral) You will face different enemies. There should be missions to do a certain task (like in EW2) such as raiding an enemy’s supply carriage to weaken them, or assassinate a general or such (fighting a general would be a nice boss fight, and would put the epic back in epic war.) You may also find yourself fighting alongside allies who are of the same alignment as you, or end up facing two different races of the opposite alignment’s creatures. And of course, in the end you would have to destroy the enemies castle, and would be faced with an extremely hard boss fight vs. their leader. Since their would be multiple factions (I’m hoping to come up with 15, 5 good, 5 evil, and 5 neutral) You would have 5 different epic enemy castles to crush, making the game longer and more exciting (because really, I beat EW4 in 45 minutes.) On a side note, neutral armies would have to choose what side to fight for, their reasons for fighting could be as vast as an old grudge between races, or simply the temptation of a lot of gold.

Moving on. Now spells. First of all, their should certainly be more than the roughly 15 spells in EW4. 30 spells at least, with the offensive spells varying in elements to try and target the enemies weaknesses. The defensive spells need some improvements as well. The graphics are cool and all, but when I want my units to be invincible, I want them to be invincible now, not after a giant bomb obliterates them. I mean great, now their corpses will be safe from decaying and being bitten by flies for a minute (I learn from experience by the way. Needless to say, that fight didn’t go so well.) I do like the graphics, but could you make the graphics appear after my units are invincible?

Now for battlefield tweaks. First off, if its within your technological capabilities Rudy, can you make it so the units don’t go chasing off at every goblin that comes with a twenty foot radius when you tell the unit to stay put? Better yet, would it be possible to specify how far away the unit can roam? Also, when I say retreat, despite whatever my hero may think, I do not mean keep beating the pulp out of the goblins whilst the two titans are creeping up behind you to kill you. A more immediate retreat would be nice, or even make some units react faster than others; like what keynup said (although I didn’t like her concept of creature intelligence) why not give the units an “intelligence” rating, the higher their intelligence the quicker they react to commands. A stupid goblin may need a couple seconds to register their leader told them to charge, and likewise, a few seconds to retreat. Meanwhile, an intelligent knight would react immediately to any command. Intelligence (if implemented) would only influence reaction timing. Another battlefield tweak, the background and castle appearances. The background should change based on where you are. A city background if you’re attacking a castle, or a forest background if you’re stalking someone through the trees. As for the “castles” you’re attacking, every fight should have a specific castle depending on what race, or specific creature you’re attacking. In some cases, there shouldn’t be a castle. Such as, if you’re attacking a target, he may be standing where the castle should be, To attack him you would have to fight through his horde of monsters and reach him/her, just like a normal castle. The main difference is, this castle would hit back, or could possibly be a mage or ranger. =) Although, some bosses would hide in their castle until it was destroyed, then attack you. Oh, and how could I forget? Your castle happens to come with a fully operable, mean, arrow slingin’ machine! (called a crossbow by the way. Or for you people seeking a fancier word, how about a ballista? Or perhaps an Arbalist? Both are like giant crossbows. And unless I’m mistaken, or the castles are in fact made of legos, that crossbow is pretty darn big.)

Now here are some tweaks for the option page. First off, when you pause it you should have options to change the volume, or possible the graphical settings as well. The pause menu should also contain the revered and utmost awesome…..10x speed button (just the name makes me giddy with glee.)

Time for some non detailed-minor suggestions
-Getting rewarded for achievements (such as unlocking a new spell or unit.)
-Gett som1 to checkk oover an makke surre their aint none spellin’ errorz b4 u poste et.

If I think of something else I’ll pop in and and another post. Actually, WHEN I think of something else is more like it. I’m still working on my full post in Microsoft office word. I’ll be back… you can count on it. That is, if you can count. (if you can’t count you probably can’t read, so I don’t know why I bothered typing that.)

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic War 4

Epic War 4 was extremely easy. It took me about 2 & 1/2 hours to get all achievements (even the grindfest :p) To get gold, go to the Big bang level on epic. Use Berserk and shield and hit the thing with Popo the dwarf’s attack Then, just storm the castle keeping shield up the whole time. On average, I’ve made 150k-240k per trip, that lasts about 5-10 minutes. Hope this helps you grinders out there. =)

If you’re looking for a longer, more challenging fight, do the Goblin Madness level, without any titans or the Asteroid thing. It took me about an hour, but I got 1.1 mil gold. :p