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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] Official: FO Help and Support

Originally posted by FO_Charybdis:

How do I connect an account created at to a Kongregate account?

Similarly, How does one connect an account created on Kong to FB or FO main page? Friends in game have said that they have done it and that there should be some sort of ‘Link Account’ or some such button below PLAY after loading, but there is no such thing.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Destroying the Economy could be good in the long run?

[bailouts] dont really help much, they just stall the recession process.

or, are implemented after recession (which recently was declared to have started december 07 if i am not mistaken)

But, i think, we should just let it fall.

did you mean fail? either way i think you are right, but i don’t think you are right on:

start a new better economy using what we have learned heres things we can improve on: Implement the Gold Standard, Destroy the Federal Reserve, Dont have credit card companies, Create a agency to thoroughly watch over banks and make sure their intrest rates are fair and that they dont give out loans for money they dont have.

first of all you cannot just “start a new” economy. economies are growing changing adapting monsters that are not created overnight. another reason you can not just create a new economy is because our economy is so entangled with other nations economies, in other words to change a MAJOR country’s (i.e. USA, China,etc.) basic economical structure, you would have to change the world’s basic economical structure, and we are far too bureaucratic for any widespread, quick, substantial, effective change.
second of all, a gold standard would do us no good unless we were to pay off our national debt ( which “The Outstanding Public Debt as of 04 Dec 2008 at 05:45:07 AM GMT is: $10690315906425.23” according to, also, a gold standard would create runs on banks. If you have studied any history, you should know that bank run-ins caused various “panics” that could be described as recessions throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries.
Thirdly, the federal reserve is designed to watch over banks. how thorough of a job they do, is definitely in question however. also, to skip over your want for getting rid of credit card companies momentarily, banks depend on people providing accurate information when applying for loans, and then banks expect people to pay their loans back, this is how banks make a profit, which they then pass on to the people whose money they are loaning in the form of interest on various savings accounts. Mostly the banks’ reliance on people paying back their loans is what drives the bank, so if more loans are able to be given out, more profit can be earned. and as we all know, humans are greedy sons of bitches. this is what should be regulated in my opinion, this over-extension of money, but moreso, people should be aware of how much they can afford to pay on a loan, it is up to the PERSON, not the bank to make the payments, the PERSON has to pay it. ( yes this means that i am saying it is our fault that the banks collapsed… i am aware of that… )
Next, credit card companies would be nice to get rid of, as they are screwing a huge amount of people daily, but! if used responsibly, credit cards are essential to some people. again as i said before, it is up to the individual PERSON to pay their credit card bills.

Also, some of my own thoughts…
I feel that if a person enters into a loan or credit agreement that they cannot afford, then cannot make payments or whatever, then the person has lost the bank money. if enough of people try to overextend themselves financially, then you get a bank collapse, because the bank relies on people paying interest on loaned money.

sorry for such a long reply. I really dont want to study for my finals…

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Topic: General Gaming / Please! I need a Hands of War walkthrough

shadow lord is exactly where they say he is… to the south and east…
(not necessarily at a shadow camp…)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / Should there be cheats for mud and blood 2??

Does, no.
Should, no.

If you are complaining it is too hard, you should try and be more strategic, or try new things. i recommend snipers… lots and lots of snipers…

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Topic: General Gaming / GemCraft vs. Sonny

both are pretty.
people like pretty games.
most pretty games are easy.
people like easy games.

neither should be there, though GemCraft has a better case than Sonny does.
Sonny is not near as polished as GemCraft.
Enough said.
(excuse my random train of thought.)

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

recently played games column ( on homepage probably )

Suggested games:
needs to be completely redone.

first some rants about this.
a game cannot be suggested for itself that is absurd.
every game is not similar to shift, sonny, portals, or gem craft.
going to a completely different kind of game should yield completely different suggested games.

what would be nice to see. [ as an example i will assume we are playing protector, reclaiming the throne, and put the game that should be suggested in square brackets ]
4 games sorted by similarity

the first being EXTREMELY similar ( but not the same game, or even a different version of the game, but maybe a different chapter of a game, i.e. NOT desktop TD 1.0 when playing desktop TD 1.5, but YES protector when playing protector reclaiming the throne. ). good suggestions would be [ protector, or gemcraft ]

the second should still be of the same type, but perhaps by a different site/developer.
so our suggested game 2 for protector reclaiming the throne could be [onslaught 2]

the third being in the same category, but not necessarily the same style of game.
so suggested game 3 for reclaiming the throne [Age of War].

The fourth should be of a different type ( so not strategy and defense in our case ) but have the same feel as the game
a good one for reclaiming the throne might be[Monsters Den] because it has the same melee/mage fighting action style, but is not in the strategy/defense category.

finally a last game should be suggested under some sort of new category. for a game to be suggested in this it must be a new game ( only a certain number of days old, 2 weeks maybe? ) that could be from any category ( but preferred in the same category ) that might also interest the player.
so for reclaiming the throne, a new game that fits into this description might be [Towering Forever].

Lastly, a button should be placed next to each suggested game that gives an option of wether the suggested game is a good suggestion, or a bad suggestion. and if enough % pick bad, then the game is replaced with another. i think this last little bit could do wonders for the system we have now, but im not sure how it is coded or anything. but i am tired of having to search through games to find something i like that is similar to the game i am playing, because i have already played sonny, gemcraft, and the other popular games…

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Topic: Kongregate / Holy Crap, New Navigation

its a bit easier, but not at its optimum yet… it would be nice if when you scrolled over a heading and brought up a sub-heading it would keep that sub heading up even if you scroll off of it for a bit, other than that i see no problems (besides that little beta? are we in beta? or not? )

on a scale of 1 to 2953 i would give it a pretty damn good

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Topic: Kongregate / Argue Beta Testers

I shall Test if you will have me.