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Topic: General Gaming / Half life Vs. Mass Effect

The thing is that if you think that any game is better then half life your more retarded then a person who wears his grannys underwear on the head in he mental asylum while singing dancing in the rain

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Topic: General Gaming / Tf2(Im begging)

Hello my name is pimpmyuni(on steam Shaking@readytocharge) Im looking for old tf2 players who arent playing anymores old items il be really happy if you were to give them to me. And please dont bash on me for begging im only asking

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Life Rpg

Name:Wrath Khan Age:0 Gender:Male Status:Healthy Occupation:None yet Money:$0 Strength:8 Endurance:3 Dexterity:3 Intelligence:8 Charm:3 You are born you are put in a crib What do you do?? --------------------------------------- Name:Lyria Gender:Female Age:0 Status: Healthy Occupation: None yet Money: $0 Strength:4 Endurance:4 Dexterity:6 Intelligence:5 Charm:6 You are born you are put on the floor what do you dooo`??
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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Terror island rpg

You land on an Island after a storm, after you were on a boat. The storm washed you out.You must survive on this island. Others are probably on it, so you must choose: Friend or Foe.
Shelter and food are required to survive. Be careful, dangerous creatures may be about.
Human- You are very lucky, but very weak. +3 Luck, -2 Strength

Werewolf Hybrid- You are half (wo)man and half wolf. you are like this the entire time. you are super strong, but very dumb. +5 strength, -6 Intelligence

Undead Skeleton- You are a skeleton, and you can move. You are incredibly fast, but very unlucky. +4 Agility, 4 Luck
Age: (Human: 15-30, others can be anywhere under 1000)
Agility: (Add bonuses or un-bonuses to all)
Intelligence: ( Helps you build, hunt, forage better and faster.)
Strength:(Very important if you plan on fighting everyone, or protecting friends.)
Luck: (Important. Good things happen to those with high luck.)
There are three parts of the island,
Part 1
Lots of possible shelter, including a broken down shed, a cave, and a canopy.
Part 2- Lots of food, a pond, rabbits are everywhere, and some preset traps.
Part 3-Freshwater, and many weapons such as, a thick branch, a slingshot, a rusty axe, and a pair of holey gloves.

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Life Rpg

It seems that there are many RPGs like this, but since I haven’t seen any in a while, I have decided to make my own!

For those of you who haven’t played these kinds of games before, you basically have to go through life, solving problems as they come.

Here is the character sheet that you will use:

Status: Healthy
Occupation: None yet
Money: $0
Now distribute 25 points among the following:

I will post more stuff if I can think of anything else.

Have fun!

-Mr. Stuff

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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / Medival Life rpg

This is just like any other ‘Life RPG’ but there is a very big twist, it’s in medieval times. As you grow up and train, big battles and sufferings await you! Battles will be turn-based Again, this is a ‘Be Original Project’ RPG.


Name: (Full Name, try to be Medievalish please)
Gender: (Male or Female)
Age: 0
Origin: (Read below and choose one)
Strength: 1
Agility: 1
Endurance: 1
Vigor: 1
Magic: 1
Melee Damage: 5
Ranged Damage: 5
Health: 20/20
Power: 20/20
Energy: 20/20

IMPORTANT: As you progress through your age, many more things will be added to your sheet such as Abilities, Equipment, Title etc. Your stats will increase too depends on what you are training at. This is just the starting sheet as you are only a baby.


Rovalg Mountains – Living in the cold winter chills of the Rovalg Mountains grants you a permanent resistance. (+1 ENDURANCE)

Archvault City – Being born in a wizardy land marks your soul filled with spellpower and thinking. (+1 MAGIC)

Falcon Castle – Suffered a little cut from a shortsword once you were born, you felt power then. (+1 STRENGTH)

Deep Forest – Found by the animals after being thrown away from your parents, you know how to survive in the forest. (+1 AGILITY)


Stats Meaning
Strength: This is how much damage you deal with heavier melee weapons and fists. (1 Strength = 5 Melee Damage)

Agility: This is how much damage you deal with ranged weapons and throwing weapons. (1 Agility = 5 Ranged Damage)

Endurance: This is how much health you have. If your health reaches 0, you die. (1 Endurance = 20 Health)

Vigor: This is how much Power you have to cast Physical Damage spells only. (1 Vigor = 20 Power)

Magic: This is how much energy you have to cast Magic damage spells and how much damage you do with them. (1 Magic = 20 Energy)


Final Confirmation