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Topic: Stencyl / I have a *dumb* question.

Nathan Explosion needs to come lay you freshies out.

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Topic: Game Programming / Mobile Game Software?

I am a young developer with only self training, online training, and extensive computer knowledge. I am very familiar with as2, as3, and stencyl, but I have a game in progress (“cumbersome”, stencyl) and I would like to make it a mobile game… it would only need 3 buttons, and it’s very captivating. The problem is, I DON’T HAVE AN ANDROID. What software and advice can you give me?

Thank you sincerely, Blueangel911

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Topic: Game Programming / Hittest

Hi, I’m Bobby, a new developer (10th Grade). I’ve taught myself only enough to make the crappy games i have, but I need to know how to use hittest (Examples Please!), because I’m very motivated. I aspire to develop a good game, and all I need is basic information! I’ve looked up hittest, I’m using as2, and i can never get it to work properly. Are there different examples You could give me? Any help is appreciated.