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Topic: Realm Grinder / 1B Faction Coins Trophy

Originally posted by why_amihere:

Depends on your gems – I did this with 4 spells earning about 270M faction coins each, but I waited until just before reincarnating.

the right way to do it.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / this gem become hard to play

Originally posted by NippelodeoxD:
Originally posted by ArcanisX:

tiem sent on idol gem sum piple cud use mach betta leanin Engrish

best post here so far

well, I missed the ALLCAPS. shame on me.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Unlocking dwarves/drow?

Originally posted by BeardFist:

For the invitation requirements:

650 Dark Temple
10k Spells cast (total)
325 Trophies Unlocked

7k Buildings (current game)
800 Inns
50k Treasure clicks (total)

Thank you!!!

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Topic: Realm Grinder / this gem become hard to play

tiem sent on idol gem sum piple cud use mach betta leanin Engrish

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Unlocking dwarves/drow?

OMG. a full thread of clueless.

thank you for stating the obvious aka copying things written ingame.

WHAT ARE THOSE “individual steps”?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Unlocking dwarves/drow?

So, I sit here on two “invitation” upgrades after the fairly straightforward excavation stuff (always nice to see people who can’t figure that part out).

Dwarven says something about architecture, treasure and beer,
and Drow one mention dark gods, magic and great deeds (!?)

Both are unpurchaseable because “i don’t meet requirements”

So can anyone tell me, pretty please, what exactly, and technically, these requirements are?

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Scarab of Fortune

good luck figuring it out
in 7 days.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Rebalanced Stats

Originally posted by buzan:

Get a couple of galvs,aurochs,dirges are going to do you much better then just spamming Fury,Zeus,Oni units.

only, fury/zeus/oni was a key source of actual damage for all them non-attacking galvanizers/aurochs/dirges.

Stop being hypocritical. You want to buy yourself good units? Fine, buy it. It’s perfectly okay to support devs who nerf free units leaving paid ones reign supreme instead of, say, ones who actually develop balanced games with monetization not based off extortion. It’s your full right.

But if you want to BS wider audience to “stick around” so you have someone to smash – well, sorry, out of luck. As said, you can’t fool everyone forever.

Look above, watch the chat: most people are already overwhelmed and stuck. Fury/zeus were actually their best hope of playing some. That’s, by the way, why Fury got hit the hardest (going from SA2 to SA1 on that level is devastatingly brutal): people should realize what kind of game they are playing early on.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Rebalanced Stats

ah well, forgot to mention.

before these changes went live, people were spending 152 SPs and a total of 6 hours 40 mins on upgrading, plus a total of 2 hours fusing, to get one Fury.

they also were spending close to a day busy Command Center researching it.

now a generous Synapticon kindly increases the salvage by 2 SPs less then it costed for a limited time, and as for 7 hours busy troops bay upgrading and the whole research time/cost – zilch.

that’s a way to threat players!

well free players at least.

This game is officially about tridents and crushers now. And about pay to win, since both units are paywalled hard.
Funny how those people who actually pay for it will quickly discover the bore of fighting among them several same guys in hopes of finding out who’s got more cash for more tridents and crushers.

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Topic: Global Assault: General / [Dev] Rebalanced Stats

So, basically, nerf further Zeus fusions on strike all such that they are utterly useless compared to Onis of the same up level, and overall nerf the fury-zeus-oni tree which was the only way for free players to combat the ridiculous pay-to-win Trident.
Good job!
People should be paying or suffering hard!

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Topic: Game of Thrones Ascent: General (Westeros Discussion) / The blood for medicine

IE users are supposed to suffer.
Which they should be well used to by now.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Dark legion vs Conquest & Black-ops

This is a necro of epic proportions ;)

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Topic: Clash of the Dragons / Way of destroying fist banish glitch?

op? a tactic you need to both draw and hold onto your hand, that punished absolutely-never-OP multicasting? And which presently bugs out to work like 50% of time anyways?

Meh, I’d say it needs 50% on every tali, that way it would actually be a tier-1 card adding diversity to the metagame, which is, like, “multicast or die” presently.

(and it’s nothing to write home about by any measure even like that, stuff like bortha, last round, sarax and relic hunter been around for ages. Depleting 3 talis very conditionally can’t break nothing by definition.)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Selling Blood Diamonds 4k per piece (sold out for now, until there is donate stuff I want)

100 BD for 400k please,
IGN – Zresh Vrum

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Chronicles of Blood] Bloody Valentine quest?

Any idea what it counts?
Not in description, not in wiki, and I seemed to do 2 effortlessly but 3rd ain’t progressing for a day…

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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

Final boss is quite plausible with massed Korazons (backed up by all the buffs for atk and effect resist). You will have to micro ass out with spawned blocks (and orbs, and occasional ZAK Fighter) to throw’em in a way of those annoying shield-bearers.
On the plus side when boss itself appears, if your walls (and base) didn’t fail earlier, he goes down fairly easily – just make sure to have an EMP stored for the moment he starts raging. I actually killed it during the “rage EMP”, only loosing 2 teslas to bad luck.

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / [DEV] 6/15/2012 Create your own Tyrant Card Contest

Name: Apotheosis

Card Type: Assault
Faction Type:Unique Bloodthirsty
Cooldown: 2
Attack: 2
Health: 5
Skill 1: Mimic All
Skill 2: Cleanse
Skill 3: Regenerate 1

Backstory: Bloodthirsty shapeshifters are an expendable lot: those who are not felled by enemies tend to expire because of biological instabilities cause by different natures and energies passing through. There is only one known instance of a shapeshifter surviving multiple transformations and prolonged exposure to plain hardships of combat. It transcended fixed forms becoming an all-encompassing amalgam, apotheosis of adaptation. The miracle is how it manages to maintain a semblance of singular identity…

Art description: A swirling Bloodthirsty-styled gory, biological mass forming something like a fleshly hybrid of Aegis and Apollo – “power shield” surprisingly present abeit in dark-red colors – with a tentacle-like protrusion from it that starts more along the lines of Tremor Wurm but has a technology-looking bore and shot of Bolide Walker.

Balance Reasoning: A “asymmetrical answer” to ability-heavy decks like tiatlapred variants and certain breeds of “stonewalls”. It’s devastating efficiency in those cases is balanced by relatively low health and even lesser regenerate value. Cleanse is here partially for flavor purposes (the “keeping self-identity” part) and partially to make it slightly less then useless against activation-less decks which often pack Disease.

I’m not entirely sure of balance here, might end up needing upping to 3 Cooldown with a minor stat boost.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Critical hits on magic

the trouble with crit build is that it’s “all or nothing”, e.g. you either stuff all available slots with crit shards, or you shouldn’t bother to begin with.
And since mages REALLY want to pack mp-regen shards… you can probably get his MPs to 200+ via relevant tonic and then make a critmage, but it will still have limited capacity and be utterly unfit for actIV. Could make a fine encounter-pwner for other acts, but then again, so he is even without crits;))))

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Coup de grace should really be a 100% move

The same way as creeps miss you with poison clouds, lightning storms and swings of knotty sticks tvice the size of your heroes.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Best act IV combinations

If you can assemble a proper Listuny Cleric, other 3 dudes could be whatever ;)

Takes a whole bloody lot of quick elixirs and mp regen shards tho.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] noob question

Elixirs are the best way, but you’ll need to get to party level 100+ and be plowing through at least hard diff already to reliably farm for’em.
The point is, if your quickness is based off Elixirs, you can use sockets for crit/mp regen which are impossible to boost much otherwise.

Early in the game Quickness is the defining stat so be looking for two shards that give it (+2Q +5Stam and +2Q +25% start) and don’t waste’em – they are more rare then most items ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Man this is hard

Get a quality tank like a shield wall warrior and beef his def/ass with all ya got. Shouldda make it a hell easier.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Just for fun


Gosh, a hit from this dude will not go unnoticed…

Is there anything in the game of his level he doesnt oneshot 9/10 of times?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] == VOTE FOR PVP HERE ==

You’re going too deep. For starters, the level would be impossible to balance.

a) match exact levels? Ages to wait for a game. Match total party level and/or individual levels within some intervals? Hello tedious gridings for “lvl 9 exactly dudes”…

b) If Spirit Guides are not banned…. you figure.
If they are, probably along with all other item enchancements, still even at lvl 9 a specially-bred party that took 9×4 Quick elixirs while growing up will have tremendous advantage over those who didn’t. So hooray “the most tedious grinding wins” system ;)

c) most skills are not balanced for PvP at all. I don’t even think mass damage is problem per ce, but a Listuny Cleric will be hypermeh – the whole game gonna quickly degrade to getting him to x000% starting and max quickness, probably with Keep Up support.
Cuz even if one of your dudes somehow Evaded him, it won’t make a whole lot of difference since 1v4 is not a huge game.
Notice how “action reduction” is applied even through all sorts of immunities.

I would go as far as to say there will likely be the One True Setup that’s nigh impossible to counter (which definitely includes Listuny Cleric and a stunning ranger, and I’d expect the rest to be a warrior for Keep Up / occasional Shield and your massdamage wizzie). But that part is discussed already.

So what would be the point? See whoever can grind himself 100+ elixs of quickness to grow a party which acts two times to “normal” one? Or would it be 5-mana elixs for casting 4+ 50mp-cost-spells in a row?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Monsters' Den Chronicles] Spark of legend

Originally posted by ArcanisX:

Let’s be frank: Spirit Guide + char reset / alternate lowlvl party is more of a legitimate cheat then an “option”.

Originally posted by zz1000zz:

ArcaniX, did you really just ignore the fact the entire point of my posts was to exploit the ability to reset characters?

You really should not talk about “ignoring posts”, ever.

As for grinding Sparks, my “top” party presently plows through any max difficulty quests with mostly 50-levels-outdated gear, aside from Sparked weapons and massive quick elixir use. Without party resets, Spirit Guide things and whatnot: repeat, severely outdated gear.
The real reason I’d love to Spark it is to be able to safely put rare runes (crits and manaregen) in there. Little more.
So I don’t quite see the point of the whole “grinding efficiently”. 4 Sparks needed to Spark yer weapons come more or less naturally, and you can pretty much screw bothering with apex forges, much less char resets.