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Topic: Call of Gods / Refunding? HOW LONG

Originally posted by trickyrodent:

Well, this morning I had to take my son to the doctor. I’ve been working for the last four hours answering emails I received yesterday and sorting out some problems with the refunds I’d started earlier in the week. I’ll start replying to the new whispers just as fast as I can! :-)

Edit: if you do whisper me, please include an email address that’s current. Most people have not been doing this, and it slows down the process. Thanks!

So you refund some, but not me? It’s getting better by the day… FUCK kongregate and their policy, refund my MONEY (not kreds) and delete my account as you said. If you don’t I’ll just have paypal charge back EVERYTHING.

You just lost one of your top customers and community supporters, good job kong…ever heard of ‘goodwill’?

And yes, I made this public for a reason: People, check kong’s terms of service CLOSELY, and think about spending on it…I guess I’ll be banned soon anyway.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] <Devs> Would it be great if you could get random loot for 5 wins instead of silver, experience and healing potion?

How about additional rewards, for each 2x 5 consec. wins you get you get a free spin on the wheel? :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Official bug thread

…at least it should be, the game needs one on this forum. Mod? :)

Whenever an opponent uses victory roar, I take damage at the exact same time (usually 12), it is NOT another/simultaneous attack (which shouldn’t be able anyway), I looked closely.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] We have removed energy from the game completely.

Originally posted by XenaoGames:

Gathering and crafting will completely reworked. We will add jobs and trading when they game hits rating 4 or higher.
Skirmish will become the major source for gaining the rating.

Any news on that? ;)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Doom Forge] Help us to steer the game in to the right direction

  • get the game stable, with kong players ‘flooding’ in (never underestimate front page promotion on kong ;)) the game lags, chat disconnects etc. are horrible.
  • Mods/chat policy are too strict
  • Expand crafting (potion-making etc…)
  • improve jobs
  • improve tutorial (incl. equip upgrading and the like)
  • improve skirmish (max +/- 1 lvl, more battle-points, silver and XP)
  • give silver bonus on fatalities as well, else you get less silver/lvl for achieving them (this was suggested on facebook MONTHS ago…why wasn’t it implemented?)
  • balance losses! Repair costs increase when you lose, AND you get less silver, worst case is one can’t repair anymore until you do jobs…
  • I hate repairing in general (I even liked the energy system better….)
  • more XP/battle or less XP/lvlup
  • extend trading (full-fledged auction house?)

  • give us quests and events :)

  • get the game fully working on kong, today I logged in again (24h+ after I started playing it on kong) and I neither got to spin the wheel nor did it count as the 2nd day (for the 5 day bonus), also no friends, alliances on kong (yet). But we got the jobs now, great!
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Topic: Tyrant / so inorix

Originally posted by daanus:

Bitch, please…

Yeah couldn’t find one from the original “Arabian Nights” edition…

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] VOTE TYRANT UP!

Originally posted by Astralion:

Im at 2/5… (cos they made level rewards)
…next expansion is WB…. back to 1/5
…next expansion is Gold… 3/5

Ps. that they edited the game tag voting made me wanna throw up as well :(

Agree on all parts.

Originally posted by Furbaa:

30% house cut
removal of good daily boxes
adding mostly wb packs
no more 25 wb for new wb pack release
no more wb for serious downtimes
overwriting the tags that the player voted for
deleting and locking all threads that ask for change / contain protest
free 500wb packs given to chosen people
letting cerealguy live

tyrant -99999999999/5

But on those too… :D

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Topic: Tyrant / so inorix

The one and only REAL Nicol Bolas…

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Topic: Tyrant / [Poll] Homeworld - what if WB only?

Originally posted by Moonfrost:

So very simple question, what will you do if Homeworld will be WB only pack?

a) definetely will buy few packs: “it is awesome!”{5}
b) will quit Tyrant: “4th WB pack? NO WAI!” {3}
c) will play as before: “w00t?” {6}

Either b) or, if info on the next (gold) expansion is available, see if that can ‘counter’ homeworld.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] Pimp old cards - Restore balance.

Of all the cards in 1st post, the following really could use a buff (rest is fine): NONE!

Seriously, they all still have their plaace, even Nightmare (remember, it’s non-unique and BT – rally-faction).
Pummeler, Mech, heal all 1 commanders, the uniques…all fine. Even bolide (it would be OP with evade, more HP, less delay or whatever).
Even Helios (compared to apollo), since it’s Imp, more HP and higher attack.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Bug] Need help? Find a bug? This is the place.

Originally posted by IlliniJon:

As a followup, it was suggested in chat that I check my mail to see if it said I bought it, and I didn’t have any mail.

However, the item is gone from AH, immediately after I thought I bought it.

Unfortunately, I don’t know what my starting gold was this morning, so I have no idea if any was subtracted or not.



You usually get a popup if the item you ‘bought’ sold out just before. When you regularly buy it you only get a mail…did you click away a popup?

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Topic: Tyrant / A suggestion too epic to be in the Suggestions thread.

Originally posted by ladolcevita:

cerealguy is not stupid. he’s aziraphale’s disciple aka trolling genius.

He as a person might not, but (the majority of) his posts/threads are.

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Topic: Tyrant / A suggestion too epic to be in the Suggestions thread.

One of the most stupid threads I’ve EVER read in the forums….and I’ve read LOTS (remember, cerealguy is around…)

Now pls no more posts here. troll…feeding, you know.

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] Update on the next card expansion

Yeah thought so, so juxta’s questions are legit. :)

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Topic: Call of Gods / Can't get the Attachment from my System Mail

Originally posted by setec:

Uh.. i want free BoA too!

callofgods sent out the prizes for halloween (and/or haystack?) so not a freeby for everybody.

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Topic: Tyrant / [to Devs] Update on the next card expansion

Originally posted by End_Of_Ends:

I’m not a dev, but I think I can answer your questions!

1. I remember them saying Late November – this means early-mid December in dev speak.

2. There will be two expansions, one will be WB-only, the other will be for gold.

Did they say they’d come out simultaneously?!

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Topic: Tyrant / Manual raiding deals less damage than auto

Maybe they changed it, but when I was still doing Behemoth (e.g.) I got 25 on manual most of the fights…

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Topic: Tyrant / Manual raiding deals less damage than auto

Apropos…auto in raids shouldn’t be capped at 20 pts/win, but be 25 as well. If you can make a great auto deck you shouldn’t be punished for it.

Debateable to do the same for faction wars…

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Topic: Tyrant / Homeworld: New expansion spoilers

Refresh isn’t OP, even on a (8 HP) commander. 3 GS with a bunker or 2 WH still kills it in 1 round…doable vs. slowrolls.

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Topic: Tyrant / [PETITION] Make Solar Powerhouse buyable @ level 125

Originally posted by End_Of_Ends:

I still don’t understand why everybody thinks Solar Powerhouse is so great anyway.. It’s pretty much a Support Carrier with Armor 2 instead of Flying, and Rally Righteous 3 instead of Siege 2. It’s unique, so you can’t even spam it, and of course it has that level-150 requirement. Even if I was at that level, I wouldn’t even think of buying this card.



More like: with better survivability, THAT’s why it’s good, it can actually kill stuff (unlike carrier).

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Topic: Tyrant / Is anyone on tyrant level 150??? anyone?

I got lvl 104 today, playing since day 3 or so…and stopped doing raids loong ago, farming missions is better ;)

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Topic: Tyrant / NEW! OP Hades Deck

Originally posted by aanuel:
Originally posted by pacachomp:

The only question to be answered is how well it does in tournaments. Soular, if you want to convince people, post your results in standard tournies only using this deck.

Agreed, BTW this will only make people jealous… For most people Dracorex and Hades are impossible to get.

Draco is rather easy to get.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Event]Halloween

I just got 1 BoA and 1 key…so I guess they’re sending the prices now.

No price for 3rd place for me though, but I don’t care anymore anyway…

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Nah callofgods commented on my first list (page 3) as well.

And Idoubt he can do much more than passing it on, he always says he’ll notify the devs, so I guess he’s somewhat the community manager…for all sites hosting CoG I bet.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Where's my refund Part 3

Good thing I bought kreds via paypal…they can charge back.